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"remove forcibly":

1. Wörterbuch und Phrasen:

Engl. Fund;

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Hauptquelle: Lewis and Short
abdūcere, abdūcō, abdūxī, abductumlead one away, take with one, bring with one, carry off, take away, bring away, remove, take aside, carry away forcibly, raxish, rob, take and drive away

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Hauptquelle: Lewis and Short
ā complexū suōrum aliquem distrahōremove somebody from the circle of his relatives

abagere, abagōdrive away, remove

abalēnāre, abalēnōremove, separate

abaliēnāre, abaliēnō, abaliēnāvī, abaliēnātummake alien from one, make alien from one’s self, remove, separate, convey the ownership of a thing to another, make a legal transfer, sell, alienate, abstract, estrange, render disaffected

abdere, abdō, abdidī, abditumput away, remove, withdraw, banish, exile, hide, conceal, keep secret

abigere, abigō, abēgī, abāctumdrive away, remove, force birth, procure abortion, get rid of a nuisance

abiugāre abiugāre, abiugō, abiugāvī, abiugātumloose from the yoke, remove, separate from

abiungere, abiungō, abiūnxī, abiūnctumunyoke, detach from, remove, separate

ablēgāre, ablēgō, ablēgāvī, ablēgātumsend off, send away, remove, keep at a distance, banish

abstergēre, abstergeō, abstersī, abstersumwipe off, wipe away, dry by wiping, break, dash to pieces, drive away, expel, remove, banish

abstergere, abstergōwipe off, wipe away, dry by wiping, break, dash to pieces, drive away, expel, remove, banish

absterrēre, absterreō, absterruī, absterritumdrive away by terrifying, frighten away, deter, take away, remove, withdraw

ad vestītum meum redeōtake off mourning clothes, remove mourning clothes

aliēnāre, aliēnō, aliēnāvī, aliēnātummake one person or thing another, make something the property of another, alienate, transfer by sale, remove, separate, make foreign, cast off, estrange, set at variance, render averse, make enemies, deprive of reason, make crazy, insane, drive ma

aliquem dē senātu moveōpush someone out of the Senate, expel someone from the Senate, remove someone from the Senate

aliquem ex reīs eximōremove someone from the charge list

aliquem īgnōminiae causā ab exercitū removeōremove someone disgracefully from the army, dismiss someone disgracefully from the army

coniectāre, coniectō, coniectāvī, coniectātumimprison someone by force, forcibly detain someone

aliquem perīculō dēmittōfree someone from danger, remove someone from danger

alvōs castrō apumremove the honey from the hives

āmandāre, āmandō, āmandāvī, āmandātumsend forth, send away, remove

āmendāre, āmendō, āmendāvī, āmendātumsend forth, send away, remove

āmōlīrī, āmōlior, āmōlītus sumremove from a place, move away, carry away, put away, avert, refute, repel

āmovēre, āmoveō, āmōvī, āmōtumremove from, put away, take away, withdraw, cast off, take with itself

aspellere, aspellō, aspulī, aspulsumdrive away, remove

auferre, auferō, abstulī, ablātumtake off, bear off, take away, bear away, carry off, withdraw, remove, carry away, mislead, snatch away, take by force, take away violently, rob, steal, destroy, consume, kill, slay

auferrī, auferor, ablātus sumremove one’s self, withdraw, retire, go away

āvellere, āvellō, āvellī (āvulsī, āvolsī), āvulsum (āvolsum)tear off, tear away, pull off, rend off, take away by force, separate from something by pulling, part, remove, withdraw

āverruncāre, āverruncōavert, remove

āvertere, āvertō, āvertī, āversum (arch.: āvortō, āvortī, āvorsum)turn something away from a place, avert, turn off, remove, take away, drive away, carry off, steal, embezzle, appropriate to one’s self, divert a person from a purpose, make averse to, make disinclined to, alienate, estrange

āvocāre, āvocō, āvocāvī, āvocātumcall off, call away, withdraw, divert, turn, remove, separate, withdraw the attention, distract, divert, interrupt, hinder, cheer, amuse, entertain one’s self, reclaim, recall, revoke, disavow

cēdere, cēdō, cessī, cessumremove, withdraw, go away from, depart, retire, abandon, withdraw from, pass away, disappear, vanish, yield to, give place to

circumcīdere, circumcīdō, circumcīdī, circumcīsumcut around, cut, clip, trim, circumcise, cut off, shorten, diminish, abridge, circumscribe, lop off, remove

circumtollere, circumtollō remove on every side

coāctūunder duress, compulsively, forcibly

columnās commoveōtake away the pillars, remove the columns

commonefacere, commonefaciō, commonefēcī, commonefactumremind one forcibly, put in mind, admonish, impress upon, give one a remembrance

commonēre, commoneō, commonuī, commonitumremind one forcibly of something, put in mind, impress upon, bring to recollection

commovēre, commoveō, commōvī, commōtumshake, stir, remove from a place, carry away, displace, start, set in motion, move, set in motion in a place, move hither and thither, agitate, disturb, move back, drive back, distodge, refute, confute

concēdere, concēdō, concessī, concessumgo, walk, go away, walk away, depart, retire, withdraw, remove from, pass away, disappear, vanish, depart from life, die, go out of the way for one, yield to, submit, give way to, adapt one’s self to, yield to power, submit to compulsion

cōnflīctāre, cōnflīctō, cōnflīctāvī, cōnflīctātumstrike together violently, to fight with, contend with, struggle with, strike forcibly to the earth, to ruin

dē cruce dēpōnōtake off the cross, remove from cross

libellos castrōremove the obscenity from the books, expurgate the books

sēcēdere, sēcēdō, sēcessī, sēcessumgo apart, go aside, go away, separate, withdraw, remove, withdraw, retire, revolt, dissent from the opinion

sēclūdere, sēclūdō, sēclūsi, sēclūsumshut off, shut in a separate place, shut up, seclude, sunder, remove, separate

sēdūcere, sēdūcō, sēdūxī, sēductumlead aside, lead apart, draw aside, lead lead away, carry off, set aside, put by, remove, separate, divide, lead astray, mislead, seduce

sēgregāre, sēgregō, sēgregāvī, sēgregātumset apart, separate from the flock, lay aside, put away, separate, remove, segregate

sēmigrāre, sēmigrō, sēmigrāvīgo away, remove

sēpōnere, sēpōnō, sēposuī, sēpositumsend into banishment, banish, exile, lay apart, lay aside, put by, separate, pick out, select, lay aside, set aside, set apart, assign, appropriate, reserve, remove, take away from others, exclude, select

sequestrāre, sequestrō, sequestrāvī, sequestrātumgive up for safekeeping, surrender, remove, separate from any thing

sēvocāre, sēvocō, sēvocāvī, sēvocātumcall apart, call aside, call away, call off, separate, withdraw, remove

solvere, solvō, solvī, solūtumrelease, loose, remove, set free, emancipate, disengage, dissolve, take apart, break up, part, dissolve, disperse, divide, scatter, separate, dismiss, relax, make effeminate, weaken, pay, fulfil the duty, fulfil a vow

spernere, spernō, sprēvī, sprētumsever, separate, remove, despise, contemn, reject, scorn, spurn

submovēre, submoveō, submōvī, submōtumsend off, drive off, send away, drive away, remove, dispel, clear off, sell off stock, put away, keep away, withdraw, withhold, banish

subtrahere, subtrahō, subtrāxī, subtractumdraw away from underneath, draw away by stealth, draw off, carry off, withdraw, take away, remove, omit, not mention

successōrem alicuī dō (mittō)remove from office, depose somebody from his post

summovēre, summoveō, summōvī, summōtumsend off, drive off, send away, drive away, remove, dispel, clear off, sell off stock, put away, keep away, withdraw, withhold, banish

suspīciōnem ex animō dēleōremove the suspicion from his heart, tear the suspicion from his heart

suspīciōnem ex animō ēvellōremove the suspicion from his heart, tear the suspicion from his heart

sustollere, sustollōlift up, take up, raise up, raise, set upon a high pedestal, build, erect, take away, remove, destroy

tollere, tollō, sustulī, sublātumcarry, assume, bear, endure, take away, remove, bear away, carry away, make way with, take away with one, kill, destroy, ruin, do away with, remove, abolish, annul, abrogate, cancel

trādūcere, trādūcō, trādūxī, trāductumlead across, bring across, conduct across, to lead over, bring over, carry over, convey across, transport over, lead over, bring over, carry over, transfer, remove, lead along

trahere, trahō, trāxī, tractumdissipate, squander, purge, remove, clear away, draw along, attract, allure, influence, appropriate, refer, ascribe, set down to, weigh, ponder, consider, obtain, derive, extend, prolong, lengthen, protract, put off, delay, retard, last, endure,

trāmigrāre, trāmigrō, trāmigrāvī, trāmigrātumremove from one place to another, migrate, transmigrate, be removed, be transplanted, be removed, be colonized

trānscrībere, trānscrībō, trānscrīpsī, trānscrīptumwrite over, write off in an altered form, alter, forge, make over, transfer, surrender, yield, remove to another place, copy

trānsdūcere, trānsdūcō, trānsdūxī, trānsductumlead across, bring across, conduct across, to lead over, bring over, carry over, convey across, transport over, lead over, bring over, carry over, transfer, remove, lead along

trānsmigrāre, trānsmigrō, trānsmigrāvī, trānsmigrātumremove from one place to another, migrate, transmigrate

trānsmovēre, trānsmoveō, trānsmōvī, trānsmōtumremove from one place to another, transfer

trānsplantāre, trānsplantō, trānsplantāvī, trānsplantātumtransplant, remove

trānspōnere, trānspōnō, trānsposuī, trānspositumplace over, set over, set across, remove, transfer, set out, transplant

trānsportāre, trānsportō, trānsportāvī, trānsportātumcarry over, across, carry from one place to another, convey from one place to another, remove, transport

trānsscrībere, trānsscrībō, trānsscrīpsī, trānsscrīptumwrite over, transfer in writing, copy off, transcribe, write off, alter, forge, make over, transfer, assign, convey, surrender, yield, remove to another place

valenterstrongly, stoutly, powerfully, violently, forcibly, energetically

vehementereagerly, impetuously, ardently, violently, earnestly, vehemently, strongly, forcibly, powerfully, exceedingly, extremely, very much

vestem lūgubrem dēpōnōtake off the mourning clothes, remove the mourning clothes


Wortform von: remove
[21] Imp. 2.Sgl. Prs. Akt. von removēre, removeō, remōvī, remōtum
schaffe fort; wende ab; bewege zurück; schaffe zurück; entferne; halte fern; dränge zurück; halte zurück; halte ab; ziehe zurück; beseitige; lasse abtreten; behebe; bereinige; räume aus; schaffe weg; schließe aus; rücke ab; schiebe zurück; rangiere aus; ziehe aus dem Verkehr; motte ein; merze aus; nehme aus dem Verkehr; schaffe mir vom Hals; schaffe beiseite;

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