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Engl. Fund;

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Hauptquelle: Lewis and Short
aciēs, aciēī fsheen, brightness, acuteness of the mind, sharpness, force, power, verbal contest, disputation, discussion, debate

vīs, vim, vī, vīrēs, vīrium fforce, vigor, power, energy, virtue, potency, violence, quantity, number, abundance, mental strength, notion, meaning, sense, import, nature, essence, signification

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Hauptquelle: Lewis and Short
abigeātor, abigeātōris mplant which has the power of producing abortion, ground-pine

accipiendō rēgnō adventōrush to take the king's power

adpetītus, adpetītūs monset, attack, assault, passionate longing for something, eager desire for something, power of desire, faculty of desire, passions, appetites

adstrictiō, adstrictiōnis fpower of contracting, astringency, act of sharpening

aequivalēns, aequivalentishaving equal power, being equivalent

aequivalēre, aequivaleō, aequivaluīhave equal power, be equivalent

affectiō imperiīStriving for power

agathodaemōn, agathodaemonis m (Akk. Plur. agathodaemonas)kind of serpent in Egypt to which healing power was ascribed

aiuga, aiugae fa plant which has the power of producing abortion, ground-pine

alicuius vītae necisque dominus sumdispose of someone's life, have power over one's life

aliēnārī, aliēnot, aliēnātus sumfall under a foreign power

altipotēns, altipotentisof high power, very mighty

ambitiō, ambitiōnis fexcessive desire to please, flattery, adulation, ostentatious manner, desire for honor, desire for popularity, desire for power, desire for display, ambition, vanity, that which surrounds, wrapping of cowhide,

ambulātus, ambulātūs mwalking, power to walk

anacampserōs, anacampserōtis fan herb, the touch of which was said to have the power of bringing back lost love

aneclogistus, aneclogista, aneclogistumguardian who was not obliged to give account of his proceedings, but had discretionary power

animus, animī m (cf. ἄνεμος)disposition toward any one, friendly feeling, affection, kindness, liberality, power of willing, will, inclination, desire, purpose, design, intention

animus, animī m (cf. ἄνεμος)power of feeling, sensibility, heart, disposition, soul, spirit, feeling, inclination, affection, passion, character, courage, haughtiness, arrogance, pride, vehemence, wrath, moderation, patience, calmness, contentedness, pleasure, delight

appetītus, appetītūs monset, attack, assault, passionate longing for something, eager desire for something, power of desire, faculty of desire, passions, appetites

astrictiō, astrictiōnis fpower of contracting, astringency, act of sharpening

gubernāculīs assideōbe at the levers of power, be at the helm, be in government, be in power, exercise power, hold power

rērum adipīscorattain dominion, come to power

sēnsus, sēnsūs mfaculty of perceiving, power of perceiving, perception, feeling, sensation, sense

spadō, spadōnis m (σπάδων)one who has no generative power, ßimpotent person, castrated person, eunuch, unfruitful plants, seedless plants

stypsis, stypsis f contracting power, astringency

supervalēscere, supervalēscōgrow in power

tenēre, teneō, tenuī, tentumhold, keep, have in the hand, have in the mouth, seize, grasp, comprehend, be master of, have in one’s power, possess, contain in the mind, conceive, comprehend, know,

tōtīs vīribuswith all force, with all power, with all strength

trānsitus rērumChange of power, Change of Government

tyrannidem occupōtake possession of the sole reign, seize the autocracy, seize the autocratic power

vegetāmen, vegetāminis nanimating power, vitality, vivifying principle

vīrēs in impetum valentēspower in attack, power of impact

vīrēs invictaehero strength, hero power

vīripotēns, vīripotentismighty in power, mighty, powerful

virtūs summaheroic power, heroic virtue

virtūtem exhibeōprove his valor, prove his prowess, prove his virtue, prove his power, prove his strength, prove his might, prove his worth

vīs affectōriaeffective power, effectiveness

vīs animīsoul power

vīs aurea de humano corpore cessit in amnemthe gold power transferred from the human body to the river

vīs dīcendīspeech power

vīs māioreconomic power, economic strength

vīs remediālishealing power, healing effect

vīsuālia, ium npower of vision

vīsuālitās, vīsuālitātis fpower of seeing, faculty of sight, vision

vītae necisque potestātem habeōhave power over life and death

volātus, volātūs mflying, flight, power of flight, rapid course, swiftness, velocity

volūtus, volūtūs mrolling, power of rolling, power of twisting, power of turning about


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