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"offer physical resistance":

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acquiēscere, acquiēscō (adquiēscō), acquiēvī, acquiētumbecome physically quiet, come to physical repose, repose, rest, come to a state of repose in relation to one’s wishes, repose in, find rest in, find pleasure in, rejoice in, be satisfied with, acquiesce in, give assent to

adolēre, adoleō, adoluī (tr.)magnify, honor, worship, offer in worship, honor by offered gifts, sacrifice, burn, consume by fire

adversante et repūgnante nātūrāagainst internal resistance

aetās adultacompleted physical development, physical maturity

affectus corporisphysical condition

alicuī dextram offerōshake someone's hand, offer someone one's hand, give someone one's hand

alicuī manum offerōshake someone's hand, offer someone one's hand, give someone one's hand

angina mentisdistress of mind, produced by physical disease

angere, angō, anxī, anctum (anxum) (cf. ἄγχω)bind together, draw together, press together, throttle, strangle, cause (physical) pain, distress, torment, torture, vex, trouble, puts in torturing suspense

animī corporisque vīrēsphysical and mental strength

ars, artis fskill, handicraft, trade, occupation, employment, physical activity, mental activity, profession, art, science, knowledge, workmanship, Muses, conduct, manner of acting, habit, practice, cunning, artifice, fraud, stratagem

auxiliō parcōnot making use of the offer of help

captus, captūs mtaking, seizing, that which is taken, that which is grasped, draught, power of comprehension, capacity, notion, physical power

caput, capitis nhead, top, summit, point, end, extremity, origin, source, spring, mouth, embouchure, root, top of trees, man, person, animal, physical life, political life

cervīcēs alicuī dōlet someone kill you, offer someone the neck

commoditās corporisappropriate physical skill

complexiō, complexiōnis fcombination, connection, physical constitution, physical habit, association, comprehension, comprisal, period, rhetorical figure, according to which one constantly recurs to what has been previously said, conclusion in a syllogism

condiciōnem ferōmake an offer, make a request, make a proposal, make a suggestion

condiciōnem propōnōmake an offer, submit an offer

cōnsiliī meī cōpiam alicuī faciōput one's advice at the disposal of someone, offer one's advice to someone

cōpiam pūgnandī hostibus faciōoffer battle to the enemy

corporis exercitātiōphysical training, athletic training, sports training

corporis īnsūmptiōphysical exhaustion, fatigue, burnout

corpulentus, corpulenta, corpulentumcorpulent, fleshy, fat, , corpulent, fleshy, fat, physical, corporeal

corpus iam corrōborātumcompleted physical development, a fully developed body

dēferre, dēferō, dētulī, dēlātumbear away, bring away, bear down, carry down, bring down, drive away, drive down, drive a ship, bring to any place, convey to any place, bring to market, sell, bring, give to one, grant, confer upon, allot, offer to any one, transfer, deliver

dēnūntiō rēgī perīculumoffer chess to the king

dextram alicuī offerōoffer someone the right hand, give someone the right hand

dextram alicuī porrigōoffer someone the right hand-

dextram alicuī tendōoffer my help to someone

meum caput offerō vīlitātīoffer his skin for sale at a low price

subsistere, subsistō, substitīstop, halt, pause, stay, continue, remain, subsist, come to a stop, cease, sustain, support, stand by, make resistance, make a stand against, withstand, encounter any one

suffere, sufferōcarry under, to put under, lay under, offer, proffer, hold up, bear, support, sustain, take upon one’s self, undergo, bear, endure, suffer an evil

suggerere, suggerō, suggessī, suggestumcarry, bring, put under, lay under, heap up, raise, erect, build, furnish, afford, supply, excite, produce, put upon, imposed upon, suggest, advise, prompt, offer, bring to mind, assign, add, subjoin

thūrificāre, thūrificōburn incense, offer incense

tōtum et animō et corpore in salūtem reī pūblicae mē cōnferōput all its mental and physical powers at the service of the public good

tūrificāre, tūrificōburn incense, offer incense

vēnditiōnī aliquid expōnōoffer something for sale

vēnditāre, vēnditō, vēnditāvī, vēnditātumoffer again and again for sale, try to sell, cry up, praise, commend, recommend, blazon

Venerī pervigilōoffer a night sacrifice to Venus, make an offering to Venus at night

victimāre, victimōoffer in sacrifice, sacrifice

vim afferō alicuīget physical with someone, do violence to someone, use violence against someone

violentia pulsandī atque laedendsacrilegious wantonness of physical insult and injury

vīrēs corporisbody forces, physical forces

vīrēs, vīrium fbody forces, physical forces

vīribus pollēnshuge in physical strength


Wortform von: offer
[21] besond. Imp. 2.Sgl. Prs. Akt. von offerre, offerō, obtulī, oblātum
trage entgegen; biete an; bringe wohin; biete dar; zeige; erweise; bringe dar; füge zu; tue an; trage an; bringe vor; bringe entgegen; gebe preis; präsentiere; stelle dar; verrichte meine Notdurft; kacke;

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