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Ad rem: [163] Die Lunae, quinto die, postquam Russi Ucrainiam aggressi sunt, gubernatio Turcica, quae et Ucrainis et Russis favet, foedus Monasteriense anno MCMXXXVI ictum exsequens et Bosporum et Hellespontum navibus longis utriusque civitatis interclusit.
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"sojourn abroad":

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abnoctāre, abnoctōspend the night out, stay overnight out, pass the night abroad

adventīcius, adventīcia, adventīciumthat is present by coming, coming from abroad, foreign, strange, proceeding from the senses, that happens out of course, unusual, extraordinary, that is acquired without one’s own effort, obtained by presents, that pertains to arrival

agitāre, agitō, agitāvī, agitātumtorment, assail with reproach, assail with derision, assail with insult, reprove, blame, scoff, deride, insult, mock, drive on a thing, urge on a thing, drive at, be employed in, be engaged in, have, hold, keep, celebrate, pass, spend, live, dwell, abide, sojourn, be

apud exterōsabroad, in a foreign country

apud extrāriōsabroad, in a foreign country

būcinātor, būcinātōris mone who blew the bucina, trumpeter, one who trumpets forth, blases abroad

celebrāre, celebrō, celebrāvī, celebrātumgo somewhere in great numbers, frequent, fill, practise frequently, engage in, repeat, fill up with something, go in great numbers to a celebration, celebrate, solemnize, keep a festival, honor, praise, celebrate in song, make something known, publish abroad, proclaim

circumferre, circumferō, circumtulī, circumlātumbear round, move round, carry round, carry about, pass around, spread around, publish abroad, proclaim, divulge, disseminate among the people, report, lustrate, purify any one by carrying around him consecrated objects

commorārī, commoror, commorātus sumstop somewhere, tarry, linger, abide, sojourn, remain, stay, dwell upon

concelebrāre, concelebrō, concelebrāvī, concelebrātumresort to in multitudes, resort to frequently, frequent, pursue vigorously, prosecute vigorously, fill, animate, enliven, cause to abound, celebrate a solemnity in great numbers, celebrate, solemnize, honor, praise, extol, publish abroad, make known

conclāmātus, conclāmāta, conclāmātumpublished abroad by crying out, known, celebrated, lamentable, unfortunate

serpere, serpō, serpsīcreep, crawl, move slowly, move imperceptibly, creep along, proceed gradually, spread abroad, increase, prevail

sternere, sternō, strāvī, strātumspread out, spread abroad, stretch out, extend, cover, cover over, spread, stretch out by flinging down, throw down, stretch on the ground, throw to the ground, overthrow, prostrate

superfundere, superfundō, superfūdī, superfūsumpour over, pour upon, pour itself out, overflow, spread out, scatter, extend, spread abroad, extended, pour one thing over another, spread one thing over another

timor externī hostisfear of an enemy from abroad, xenophobia, fear of an external enemy

timor externusfear of an enemy from abroad, xenophobia, fear of an external enemy

timor peregrīnusfear of an enemy from abroad, xenophobia, fear of an external enemy

trādūcere, trādūcō, trādūxī, trāductumdraw over, make a show of, expose to public ridicule, dishonor, disgrace, degrade, set forth publicly, make public, exhibit, display, proclaim, spread abroad, spend, pass, derive

vagārī, vagor, vagātus sumstroll about, go to and fro, ramble, wander, roam, range, rov, wander about, roam, be unsettled, waver, spread abroad, diffuse itsel

viāticum, viāticī ntravellingmoney, provision for a journey, journey, resources, means, money made by a soldier in the wars, savings, prize-money, money to pay the expenses of one studying abroad

vulgāre, vulgō, vulgāvī, vulgātummake known to all by words, spread abroad, publish, divulge, make common, mingle, confound, prostitute, name, call


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