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"sloping surface":

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aecor, aecoris nlevel surface, plane surface, even surface of the sea, , calm sea, smooth sea

aequor, aequoris nlevel surface, plane surface, even surface of the sea, , calm sea, smooth sea

clipeus, clipeī m round brazen shield of Roman soldiers, shield, protection, defence, vault of heaven, disk of the sun, round meteor, bust of distinguished men represented upon a shield-formed surface

sinus, sinūs mbent surface, curve, fold, hollow, purse, money, bosom, bay, bight, gulf, basin, hollow, valley, the interior part, the inmost part of a thing

subvexus , subvexa, subvexumsloping upwards

summa aquawater surface, water level

summa, summae fp, surface, sum, height, substance, summit, completion, perfection, first place, pre-eminence, amount, the whole,

summātimon the surface, on the outside, slightly, summarily, cursorily, briefly, compendiously

superficiālis, superficiālebelonging to the surface, superficial, denoting the superficial content

superficiēs, superficiēī fthe upper side of a thing, top, surface, building

supīnus, supīna, supīnumbackwards, bent backwards, thrown backwards, lying on the back, supine, going back, retrograde, sloping, inclined, stretched out, extended, careless, thoughtless, heedless, negligent, indolent, with head thrown back, haughty, proud

taurus, taurī, m (ταῦρος)bull, bullock, ox, steer, bittern, kind of beetle, root of a tree, surface of the body between the anus and the privy parts

tellūs, tellūris fEarth surface

tergum, tergī nback part, hinder part, back, rear, surface, body of an animal, covering of the back, skin, hide, leather, thing made of hide or leather


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