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Ad rem: [118] Omnis motus rationalis eidolo quodam indiget, quod destinata et pervulgata in se interiungit, inconsequentia autem et repugnantia adoperit.
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longae: ā ē ī ō ū ӯ Ā Ē Ī Ō Ū - breves: ă ĕ ĭ ŏ ŭ Ă Ĕ Ĭ Ŏ Ŭ

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"shine on":

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Hauptquelle: Lewis and Short
ā + Abl.from, away from, out of, down from, since, after, by, at, in, on, from, since, after

ā dexterā stōstand on the right, stand right

ā dextrāon the right, on the right side

ā dextrā stōstand on the right, stand right

ā dextrō cornū proelium commīsithe started the fight on the right wing

ā fortūnā dērelictus sumbe down on one's luck, be out of luck

ā fortūnā dēsertus sumbe down on one's luck, be out of luck

ā latereon the side, in the flank

ab + Abl.from, away from, out of, down from, since, after, by, at, in, on, from, since, after

abiēs, abietis fsilver-fir, tree of the silver-fir, wood of the silver-fir, letter (written on a tablet of fir), ship, lance

abindefrom then on, from this point on, from that time on

abiūrāre, abiūrō, abiūrāvī, abiūrātumdeny on oath, abjure

ablocāre, ablocō, ablocātumlease out, let out on hire

abmatertera, abmaterterae fgreat-greatgreat-aunt on the mother’s side

abpatruus, abpatruī mgreat-greatgrand-uncle on the father’s side

abs + Abl.from, away from, out of, down from, since, after, by, at, in, on, from, since, after

accēdit, quod (ut)...on top of that, in addition to that

accendium, accendiī nkindling, setting on fire

accendere, accendō, accendī, accēnsumkindle any thing above, set on fire, kindle, light, light up, illuminate, inflame a person, incite, rouse up

accēnsus, accēnsūs m (nur Abl. Sgl. accēnsū)kindling, setting on fire

accingere, accingō, accīnxī, accīnctum, gird to, gird on, gird round, gird about, arm, equip, furnish, provide, endow,

acclīnātōrium, acclīnātōriī nlean on the bed

acclīnis, acclīneleaning on something, leaning against something, inclined to, inclined toward, disposed to

acclīnāre, acclīnō, acclīnāvi, acclīnātum (κλίνω)lean on something, lean against something

accommodāre, accommodō (adcommodō), accommodāvī, accommodātumfit one thing to another, adapt one thing to another, lay on, put on, hang on, prepare for any use, adjust to, adapt to, accommodate to, apply

accubitum, accubitī ncouch for a large number of guests to recline on at meals

accubitus, accubitūs mreclining at table, couch, place on a couch

accūsāre, accūsō, accūsāvī, accūsātumcall one to account, make complaint against, reproach, blame, find fault with, lay the fault on one, call one to account publicly, accuse, inform against, arraign, indict

achōr, achōris mscab on the head of a baby, scald on the head of a baby

achōra, achōrae fscab on the head of a baby, scald on the head of a baby

acōra, acōrae fscab on the head of a baby, scald on the head of a baby

Acraeus, Acraea, Acraeumdwelling on the heights

actaeus, actaea, actaeumlocated on the seashore

acuere, acuō, acuī, acūtummake sharp, make pointed, sharpen, whet, sharpen, exercise, improve, spur on, incite, stir up, arouse, rouse up, kindle, excite

ad +, toward, even to, near to, by, at, close by, almost, about, unto, according to, in consequence of, for, in order to, at a definite, at a fixed time, at a appropriate time, according to circumstances, on the spot

ad summamon the whole, generally, in general, in a word, in short

adhaerēre, adhaereō, adhaesī, adhaesumcleave to a thing, stick to a thing, cling to, adhere to, be close to a person, be close to a thing, be near, hang on, keep close to, hang on a thing, trail after, drag after, to be the last

adhālāre adhālō, adhālāvībreathe on

adingerere, adingerōbring to in addition, heap on

adminiculum, adminiculī nthat on which the hand may rest, prop, stay, support, stake by which vine is supported, assistance, aid, assistant

alicuius persōnam in scaenā praeclārē tractōrepresent somebody outstanding on the stage, embody someone outstanding on stage

animum ad aliquem adiciōto become aware of someone, to focus on someone

aps + Abl.from, away from, out of, down from, since, after, by, at, in, on, from, since, after

castra saxīs praeruptīs suspendōcamp on high rocks, pitch camp on high rocks

citharā personōplay the guitar, play on the guitar

dextram partem operis administrōget the right side of the work, attack from the right side, conduct the siege on the right side

diēs violāristhe day on which graves were garlanded with violets, roses, etc

ē vestīgiōinstantaneous, on the spot, immediately

effervēscere, effervēscō, efferbuī (effervī)boil up, boil over, foam up, effervesce, ferment, grow violent, rage, light up, ont-weight:bold;'>shine out, boil out, subside, abate

eō accēdit, quod (ut)...on top of that, in addition to that

gestātiō sellāriscarrying in a sedan, carrying on the carrying chair

hūc accēdit, quod (ut)...on top of that, in addition to that

ßhumī volvorroll on the ground

in chartas trānsferōbring to paper, put on paper

in eō victōria vertiturthat is decisive for the victory, the victory is based on that

in speculīs sumto be on the watch, to be on the lookout

in trānsversā chartāon the back of the paper, on the back of the sheet

in vērō essebe based on truth

in vērō essebe based on truth

inter undāson the sea, on the ocean

istōc oculō ūtor minuson this eye I see less well

līberī commeātūs interdictiōprohibition of free movement, ban on free movement

manum alicuī adeōput someone on the cross, betray someone, trick someone

manūs alicuī reī adhibeōput your hand on something

manūs viscātaehands on which everything sticks

medicās manūs ad vulnera adhibeōput the healing hands on the wounds

mōs accommodātur prout condūcatthe custom is based on the respective need

multum (plūs, plūrimum) valeō apud aliquemhave a big (quite big, biggest) influence on someone, have great (pretty big, biggest) prestige with someone

nec citrā nec ultrāneither on that side nor on this, neither backwards nor forwards

onera umerīs accipiōload the burdens on my shoulders

pallā humum verrōbrush the ground with the coat, let the coat roll down on the ground

pedem summīs digitīs suspendōwalk on one's toes

prohibitiō prōdeundī in pūblicumprohibition of free movement, ban on free movement, curfew

puerum subeōput the boy on his back, take the boy on his back

aliquid in crīmen vertōblame it on arrogance

rēs vertitur in meō forōthe matter concerns me, the matter depends on me, the matter falls within my sphere of responsibility

scaevus, scaeva, scaevumleft, that is on the left, towards the left side

scrīptōrium, scrīptōriī nmetallic style for writing on wax tablets

scrīptūra, scrīptūrae ftax paid on public pastures

scrīptūrārius, scrīptūrāria, scrīptūrāriumbelonging to the tax on pastures

scrīptūrārius, scrīptūrāriī mone who collected the tax on pasturage

secāre, secō, secuī, sectumcut, cut off, cut up, cut through, divide, cut surgically, operate on, amputate, separate, excise, scratch, tear, wound, hurt, injure, censure, satirize

sedēre, sedeō, sēdī, sessumsit in council, sit in court, sit on the bench

seleucis, seleucidis fkind of bird on Mount Casius

sēmicanāliculus, sēmicanāliculī mthe halfchannel on the edge of a triglyph

septicollis, septicolleseven hilled, standing on seven hills

serārius, serāria, serāriumliving on whey

serrātī, serrātōrum msilver coins notched on the edge

sīgnum, sīgnī nmark, token, sign, indication, military standard, ensign, banner, image, figure, statue, picture, device on a seal ring, seal, signet, sign in the heavens, a constellation, miraculous work

sinister, sinistra, sinistrumleft, on the left, on the left hand, on the left side, awkward, wrong, perverse, improper, unlucky, injurious, adverse, unfavorable, ill, bad

sinistrātus, sinistrāta, sinistrātumsinistral, on the left

soleātus, soleāta, soleātumwearing sandals, having sandals on

solum vertōgo out of the country, turn one's back on one's homeland, leave the country

sōtēria, sōtēriōrum na festive entertainment given on a person’s recovery from illness or escape from danger; presents given on such an occasion, a congratulatory poem on such an occasion

spectāre, spectō, spectāvī, spectātumlook at, behold, gaze at, watch, observe, see as a spectator, look on, face, lie, be situated, regard, consider

speculābundus, speculābunda, speculābundumon the look-out, on the watch, watching for any thing

spissāre, spissō, spissāvī, spissātumthicken, make thick, condense, urge on, hasten an action, perform it more rapidly

splendēre, splendeō, splenduīont-weight:bold;'>shine, bright, gleam, glitter, glisten

splendicāre, splendicōont-weight:bold;'>shine, glitter, sparkle

splēniātus, splēniāta, splēniātumplastered, having a plaster, having a patch on

statim (in der Komödie)firmly, steadily, steadfastly, unyieldingly, on the spot, forthwith, straightway, at once, immediately, instantly, recently, newly, just

statūtus, statūta, statūtumpropped, leaning on a stick

sternere, sternō, strāvī, strātumspread out, spread abroad, stretch out, extend, cover, cover over, spread, stretch out by flinging down, throw down, stretch on the ground, throw to the ground, overthrow, prostrate

stimulātiō, stimulātiōnis fpricking on, incitement, stimulation

stimulātrīx, stimulātrīcis fshe that pricks on, she that instigates, she that stimulates

stimulātus, stimulātūs m (nur Abl. Sgl. stimulātū)pricking on, incitement, stimulation

stimulāre, stimulō, stimulāvi, stimulātumprick with a goad, prick on, goad on, urge on, goad, torment, vex, trouble, disquiet, disturb, rouse up, set in motion, spur on, incite, stimulate

stipulātiō, stipulātiōnis fpromise given on demand, engagement, agreement, bargain, covenant, stipulation, obligation

suātimaccording to his method, according to his way, on his own terms, on his way

subdere, subdō, subdidī, subditumput under, place under, set under, lay under, bring under, subject, subdue, bring on, furnish, supply, yield, afford

subīre, subeō, subiī (subīvī), subitumcome under any thing, go under any thing, come or go up to, approach, draw near, advance to a place, proceed to a place, come on, go on, follow, succeed, go down, sink, come up, spring up

subitus, subita, subitumthat has come on suddenly, that has come on unexpectedly, sudden, unexpected

subligāre, subligō, subligāvī, subligātumbind below, tie below, bind on

sublīmeloftily, on high

sublīmis, sublīmeuplifted, high, lofty, exalted, elevated, borne aloft, uplifted, elevated, raised, on high, lofty, in a high position

sublīmāre, sublīmō, sublīmāvī, sublīmātumlift up on high, raise, elevate

sublīmārī, sublīmor, sublīmātus sumlift up on high, raise, elevate

sublīmus, sublīma, sublīmumuplifted, high, lofty, exalted, elevated, borne aloft, uplifted, elevated, raised, on high, lofty, in a high position

sublinere, sublinō, sublēvī, sublitumbesmear beneat, anoint beneath, lay on as a groundcolor, prime with any thing, put underneath, underlay

sublūcēre, sublūceō, sublūxīont-weight:bold;'>shine a little, gleam faintly, glimmer

subnectere, subnectō, subnexuī, subnexumbind under, tie under, bind on beneath, add, subjoin

suboccultēsomewhat secretly, somewhat privately, rather underhand, a little on the sly

subsīdere, subsīdō, subsēdī (subsīdī), subsessumcrouch down on the watch, to lie in wait, lie in ambush, yield, submit to the male, subside, decrease, abate, lie in wait for, waylay, watch

subsīgnāre, subsīgnō, subsīgnāvī, subsīgnātummark beneath, write beneath, undersign, subscribe, set down, enter, register on a list, pledge by signing, pledge, engage, warrant

subsuere, subsuō, subsuī, subsūtussew below, sew on below, attach in writing

subtexere, subtexō, subtexuī, subtextumweave under any thing, weave below any thing, join on, fasten, affix, draw before, veil, cover, hide, darken, obscure, conceal, add, annex, append, subjoin, put together, compose, prepare, contrive

succēdere, succēdō, successī, successumgo below, go under, enter, come under, go from under, go up, mount, ascend, submit to any thing, march on, advance, march up to, approach, follow, follow after, take the place of, relieve, come into the place of, succeed, succeed to, receive by succession, come next

succendere, succendō, succendī, succēnsumkindle from below, set on fire from below, inflame, redden

succēnsiō, succēnsiōnis fsetting on fire, kindling, heating

sūdāre, sūdo, sūdāvi, sūdātumthrow off by sweating, emit by sweating, to sweat out, exude, sweat out, make laboriously, perform laboriously, carry on laboriously, saturate with sweat, sweat through, sweat through, pass in sweating, spend in sweating

suffīgere, suffīgō, suffīxī, suffīxumfasten beneath, fasten below, fasten on, fix on, affix

suffūcāre, suffūcōput on a little make up, put some make up on, do a little make u

suffulgēre, suffulgeōgleam beneath, ont-weight:bold;'>shine beneath

suīs annuentibuson the cue from his men, on the hint of his men

suīs vīribusby oneself, on its own

sūminātus, sūmināta, sūminātumbelonging to a sow’s udder, that has the paps on

summā glōriā flōreōbe on the crest of my fame

summātimon the surface, on the outside, slightly, summarily, cursorily, briefly, compendiously

superabove, on top, thereupon, upon, moreover, besides, over, left, remaining

super + Abl.over, above, on the top of, upon, on, during, in, about, concerning, respecting, over and above, besides, beyond,

super + Akk.over, above, on the top of, upon, on, beyond, during, at, beyond, besides, in addition to

superaccommodāre, superaccommodōfit on above, put on

superacervāre, superacervōheap on, pile up

superacervāre, superacervōheap on, pile up

superadligāre, superadligōput on top

superalligāre, superalligōtie on top, tie at the top

superbās potentiōrum forēs pulsōknock on the doors of the proud rich

supercreātus, supercreāta, supercreātumgrown on, adventitious

superficiārius, superficiāria, superficiāriumsituated on another man’s land, superficiary

superficiārius, superficiāriī mone who has a house on another man’s land, superficiary

superfulgēre, superfulgeōont-weight:bold;'>shine over a thing, ont-weight:bold;'>shine forth

superiectiō, superiectiōnis fthrowing over, throwing on, exaggeration, hyperbole

superinduere, superinduō, superinduī, superindūtumput on over other clothes

superinicere, superiniciō, superiniēci, superiniectumthrow on, throw above, cast over, cast upon

superinterere, superinterōrub on the top, rub above

superligāre, superligōtie on top

superlūcēre, superlūceōont-weight:bold;'>shine

supernatāre, supernatōswim above, swim on top, float

supernāre, supernōswim on top

supernus, superna, supernumthat is above, on high, upper, celestial, supernal, lofty, standing on high ground, northern

superpōnere, superpōnō, superposuī, superpositumput over, place over, put upon, place upon, set up, lay on, apply, place above, set over, place before, prefer, place after, postpone

supersīdere, supersīdōsit on top of something

superspicere, superspiciō, superspēxīlook on

superstīllāre, superstīllōdrop upon, pour on drop by drop

supīnāre, supīnō, supīnāvī, supīnātumbend backwards, lay backwards, place on the back, put on the back, throw on the back, turned over, ploughed up

supīnus, supīna, supīnumbackwards, bent backwards, thrown backwards, lying on the back, supine, going back, retrograde, sloping, inclined, stretched out, extended, careless, thoughtless, heedless, negligent, indolent, with head thrown back, haughty, proud

supparum, supparī n (σίφαρος)linen garment worn by women or men, small sail on the foremast, topsail

suppāre, suppōlay back, lay on the back

suprāsedēre, suprāsedeōsitting on it

suprēmō vītae diēon the day of death

sursumfrom below, up, upwards, on high, high up, above

sursusfrom below, up, upwards, on high, high up, above

suscēnsiō, suscēnsiōnis fsetting on fire, kindling, heating

suspiciōnem cōnferō in aliquembring someone under suspicion, cast suspicion on somebody

sȳcōtum, sȳcōtī nliver of an animal fattened on figs

syntonum, syntonī ninstrument of the nature of the castanet, played on by the foot

tangere, tangō, tetigī, tāctumtouch, take, take away, curry off, reach, arrive at, come to a place, border on, be contiguous to, strike, hit, beat, affect, besprinkle, moisten, wash, smear, anoint, color, dye

technographus, technographī mauthor of rules on grammar and rhetoric

tempora in venēndō agōspend his time on the hunt, spend his time hunting

temporārius, temporāria, temporāriumbelonging to time, lasting but for a time, temporary, depending on the time, according to the time, changeable

tempus cōnferō ad aliquidspend time on something

tempus in labōre cōnsumōspend one's time on a job

tempus in litterīs cōnsūmereSpend time on science

tenēre, teneō, tenuī, tentumcontrol, hold fast, guard, preserve, uphold, keep, insist, guard, preserve, uphold, keep, insist, support, bind, hold, obligate, be binding on, occupy, enchaine, fascinate,

tenēre, teneō, tenuī, tentumhold out, hold on, last, endure, continue, maintain itself, prevail

tenor, tenōris mholding on, holding fast, uninterrupted course, uninterrupted career, uninterrupted tenor, connection, contents, sense, tenor

tēnsa, tēnsae fchariot or car on which the images of the gods were borne in the Circensian games, carriage

tergum alicuī obvertōturn one's back on someone

tergum equī premōbe mounted, sit on horseback

tēsta, tēstae fpiece of burned clay, brick, tile, earthen pot, pitcher, jug, urn, piece of bone, sherd, potsherd, shell of shell-fish, shell, covering, skull, brick-colored spot on the face, sort of clapping with the flat of the hands

thēnsa, thēnsae fchariot on which the images of the gods were borne in the Circensian games, carriage

theologūmena, theologūmenōn nspeculations on divine things, title of a work by Aristotle

thȳmiāmatizāre, thȳmiāmatizōput incense on, put some incense on

Tiberim accolōlive on the Tiber, live by the Tiber

tīrōciniō in scaenam prōdūcormake one's debut on stage, go on stage for the first time

togam virīlem sūmōput on the men's toga, enter the manhood

tollere, tollō, sustulī, sublātumlift up, take up, raise, raise up, elevate, exalt, take up, accept, acknowledge, bring up, educate as one’s own, lift the anchor, weigh anchor, break up, proceed, build, erect, take on board, cheer up, console

tolūtāris, tolūtāregoing on a trot, trotting

tolūtārius, tolūtāria, tolūtāriumgoing on a trot, trotting

tolūtilis, tolūtilegoing on a trot, trotting

tolūtiloquentia, tolūtiloquentiae ftalking on a trot, volubility

tolūtimon a trot, full trot

tōtā mente incumbō in aliquidfocus on something, concentrate on something

tōtum in eō est, ut ...everything is based on the fact that, it depends only on the fact that

tractōriae, tractōriārum fimperial letter containing an order to provide a person with necessaries on his journey

trahere, trahō, trāxī, tractumdraw, drag, haul, drag along, draw off, draw forth, draw away, draw out, pull out, extract, withdraw, draw together, bring together, contract, wrinkle, draw in, take in, quaff, draw up, inhaling, take on, assume, acquire, get, drag away violently, to carry off, plunder

trālūcēre, trālūceōont-weight:bold;'>shine across, ont-weight:bold;'>shine through, show through, let ont-weight:bold;'>shine through, be transparent, be translucent

trāns + Akk.across, over, beyond, on the farther side of, through, through and through

trānslūcēre, trānslūceōont-weight:bold;'>shine across, ont-weight:bold;'>shine through, show through, let ont-weight:bold;'>shine through, be transparent, be translucent

tribulus, tribulī m (τρίβολος)instrument resting on three of its iron prongs, while a fourth projected upward, thrown on the ground to impede an enemy’s cavalry, caltrop

tribūnal, tribūnālis nraised semicircular or square platform, on which the seats of magistrates were placed, judgment-seat, tribunal, elevation in the camp, seat of the prætor in the theatre

tribus scālīs habitōmy apartment is on the third floor, live up three stairs

tribūta alicuī impōnōimpose taxes on someone, levy taxes on someone

trīchilīnium, trīchilīniī ncouch running round three sides of a table for reclining on at meals, eating-couch, table-couch, room for eating in, dining-room, supper-room

trīcilīnium, trīcilīniī ncouch running round three sides of a table for reclining on at meals, eating-couch, table-couch, room for eating in, dining-room, supper-room

triclīnium, triclīniī n (τρίκλινον, τρικλίνιον)couch running round three sides of a table for reclining on at meals, eating-couch, table-couch, room for eating in, dining-room, supper-room

triduum forō dō operamhang around on the forum for three days, spend three days on the forum

trīnīs continuīs nūndinīson three consecutive market days

triodēius, triodēia, triodēiumbelonging to the goddess worshipped on three ways

tripēs, tripedis mtripod, tripod boiler, a man leaning on a staff

tripolion, tripoliī nplant growing on cliffs

trūdere, trūdō, trūsī, trūsumthrust, push, shove, crowd forward, shove forward, press on, drive, impel, push forth, put forth, send forth, put forward, press hard upon

trutina, trutinae f (τρυτάνη)balance, pair of scales, tongue on the scale

tū iam pendēbisyou are about to hang on the door post

tuā causābecause of you, for your sake, on your behalf

tuātimcording to your style, after your kind, on your way

tuditāre, tuditōstriking often, beating often, pushing on, driving on

tumand then, besides, also, moreover, on the other hand

tumthen, at that time, on that occasion, at such a time of the year, at such a time of the day, at such a season, in such circumstances, in this instance

tundere, tundō, tutudī, tūsum (tūnsum, tūssum)beat, strike, thump, buffet, pound, bruise, bray, din, stun, keep on at, importune

Tūsculum, Tūsculī na very ancient town of Latium, on a hill near the modern Frascati

tuxtax tergō erit meōclap clap will be on my back

tympanissāre, tympanissōplay on a drum, play on a timbrel

tympanistria, tympanistriae ffemale drummer, female player on the tambourine

tympanizāre, tympanizōplay on a drum, play on a timbrel

ūbera dūcōsucking on the chest, suck at the breast

ubinam gentium?where in the world?, where on earth?

ubinam terrārum?where in the world?, where on earth?

ulcīscere, ulcīscōtake vengeance on, punish

ulcīscor aliquemavenge one’s self on, take vengeance on, punish, take revenge for, avenge

ulcus tangō (attingō)touch a sore spot, touch on a delicate subject

ulnīs attollō aliquemtake somebody on the arm

ulnīs tollō aliquemtake somebody on the arm

ulterior, ulteriusfarther, on the farther side, that is beyond

ultima audeōrisk everything, put everything on one card, dare the extreme, dare the utmost

ultimēextremely, to the last degree, to the extreme, on the outermost

ultiōnem exigō ab aliquōpunish someone, take revenge on someone

ultiōnem petō ab aliquōpunish someone, take revenge on someone

ultrāon the other side, beyond, farther, over, more, besides, farther, later

ultrātus, ultrāta, ultrātumlocated on the other side, located further towards

ultrōto the farther side, beyond, on the other side, afar, away, off, superfluously, gratuitously, wantonly, on his part, on their part, of himself, of themselves, of one’s own accord, without being asked, spontaneously, voluntarily, of his own motion

ultrō ac citrōon this side and on that, this way and that, to and fro, on both sides, mutually

ultrō citrōon this side and on that, this way and that, to and fro, on both sides, mutually

ultrō citrōquecriss-cross, crisscross, all over the place, on this side and on that, this way and that, to and fro, on both sides, mutually

ultrō citrōqueon this side and on that, this way and that, to and fro, on both sides, mutually

ultrō et citrōon this side and on that, this way and that, to and fro, on both sides, mutually

umbilīcus, umbilīcī mumbilical cord, middle, centre, projecting end of the cylinder on which an ancient book was rolled, projection in the middle of plants, small circle, index on a sundial, kind of sea-snail, sea-cockle

undefrom which place, whence, from whom, from which, on whose side

undecundefrom all sides, on all sides

undiquefrom all parts, from all sides, from all places, from every quarter, on all sides, on every part, everywhere, utterly, entirely, completely, in all respects

unguēs dēmordeochew on the fingernails

unguis, unguis mfinger-nail, toe-nail, claw, talon, hoof, nail-like spot of plants, kind of shell-fish, hook, white skin on the eye

unguium tenācitāsholding claws, clinging claws, claws that hold on

Ūnītārum Nātiōnum Conventus ad commercium et prōgressiōnem provehenda (Unctad)United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD

ūniversum prope genus hūmānum in sē circumagitbring almost the entire humanity on his side

urbem īnflammōset the town on fire

urgēre, urgeō, ursīexert in excess, press upon, crowd, hem in, confine, ply, urge with argument, follow up, keep to, stick to, ply hard, push forward, urge on, force into, plunge into

ūrīnā respergōpee on, pee on, sprinkle with urine

ūrnārium, ūrnāriī ntable on which water-vessels were set, urn-table

utrālibeton whichever of two sides, on either side

utrālibeton whichever of two sides, on either side

utrāqueon both sides

utrāsqueon both sides, both times

ūtriculārius, ūtriculāriī mbagpiper, master of a raft floated on bladders, used for ferriage

utrimque (utrinque)from both sides, from both parts, on both sides, on both parts, on the one side and on the other

utrimquesecus (utrinquesecus)along both sides, on both sides, on either hand

utrindefrom both sides, on both sides

utrindefrom both sides, on both sides

utrinquefrom both sides, from both parts, on both sides, on both parts, on the one side and on the other

utrinquesecusalong both sides, on both sides, on either hand

utrobīat which of two places, on which of the two sides

utrobīdemon both sides, on each or either side

utrubīat which of two places, on which of the two sides

utrubīdemon both sides, on each or either side

ūxōrium, ūxōriī ntax laid on old-bachelors, old-bachelor tax, , love potion,

vada spīranton the shallow shore the surf ferments

vadimōnium alicuī impōnōhang a trial on someone's neck

vadimōnium, vadimōniī npromise secured by bail for appearance on a particular day before a tribunal, bail, security, recognizance, appointment, fixed time

varus, varī meruption on the face, blotch, pimple

vectīgālia alicuī impōnōimpose taxes on someone

vehiculō portordrive on a wagon, be taken away on a wagon

vehiculō vectordrive on a wagon, be taken away on a wagon

vēlātā manūwith gloves on the hands

vellus, velleris n (ἔριον)wool shorn off, fleece, skin of a sheep with the wool on it, fell, wool, down, light clouds, fleecy clouds, snow-flakes, woollen bands, woollen fillets

velut ex praedictōas on appointment, as by appointment

vēnālicium, vēnāliciī ntaxes on sales

vēnātum proficīscorgo hunting, set off on a hunt

verba faciō prō aliquōspeak up for someone, speak on somebody's behalf, speak in someone's place

verbīs alicuiuson someone's behalf

vērnant alicuī lānūgine mālaesomeone sprouts the first beard fuzz on the cheeks

verrūca, verrūcae fsteep place, height, wart, excrescence on precious stone, slight fault, small failing

versāre, versō (vorsō), versāvī, versātumturn often, wind often, twist often, whirl about violently, shake, turn up, bend, treat, manage, turn upside down, discompose, disturb, vex, agitate, think over, meditate upon, reflect upon, revolve, consider, transact, carry on

veru, verūs nspit, broach, dart, javelin, critical sign on the margin of a book

verum, verī nspit, broach, dart, javelin, critical sign on the margin of a book

vestem lūgubrem sūmōput on mourning clothes

vestem mūtōput on mourning clothes

vestīgiīs alicuius īnsistō (= subsequor)follow on someone's heels

vestīre, vestiō, vestīvī (vestīī), vestītumdress, put on clothes

vestīrī, vestior, vestītus sumdress, put on clothes

vestītum mūtōput on mourning clothes

vestrō perīculōon your responsibility

vēxillum propōnōhoist the standard on the commander tent

vēxillum tollōhoist the standard on the commander tent

vēxillum tollōset the flag, put on the flag

vēxillum, vēxillī nmilitary ensign, standard, banner, flag, red flag placed on the general’s tent, troops belonging to a vexillum, company, troop

viā Appiā proficīscītravel on the Via Appia

viā eōbeing on the right track, walking on a straight path

viābundus, viābunda, viābundummarching on, pulling his road

viam cūstōdiāriam eōmake a patrol, go on patrol, patrol

viam inveniōfind the way around, find the way on the road

viam offīrmōstay on the chosen path

viam pergō in Macedoniamtravel on to Macedonia, continue to Macedonia, continue the march to Macedonia

viam persequorremain on one's path, continue on one's path, follow one's path, not to leave one's path

vibia, vibiae fplank, cross-piece supported on trestles (varae) so as to form a bank

vice (mit Gen.)instead of, for, on account of

vicem (mit Gen.)in the place of, instead of, on account of, for, for the sake of

vīcennālia, vīcennālium nfestival on the twentieth anniversary of an emperor’s reign

vicissimon the other hand, on the contrary, again, in turn

victōrī supplicārebegging the winner on his knees

victōriā aut bellō aliquem amplectorsubjugate or wage war on someone

Victōria in antefīxīs esta goddess of victory stands (as ornament) on the cornice

victōriam alicuī grātulorcongratulate someone on the victory, wish someone luck for victory

victoriam gratulari alicuicongratulate someone on a victory

vidēre, videō, vīdī, vīsumsee, perceive, have the eyes open, be awake, look out on, afford a view, observe, mark, discern, understand, comprehend, be aware, know, look at, look to, consider, think upon

vigil, vigilisawake, on the watch, alert

vigul, vigulisawake, on the watch, alert

vim mihi afferōlay hands on yourself, kill yourself

Vīnālia, Vīnālium nwine-festival, celebrated annually on the 22d of April and the 19th of August, in which an offering of new wine was made to Jupiter

vincula plantīs circumdōput on ankle shackles, put on ankle bracelets

vindiciās dō secundum lībertātemdeclare free, pass a judgment on freedom

vindiciās dō secundum servitūtemdeclare unfree, pass a sentence on servitude

vīnō mē beōfeast on wine, gorge oneself on wine

violentia aegrēscitviolence is on the rise

virgula, virgulae flittle twig, small rod, wand, title of a work by Varro, critical mark (sign of spuriousness), accentual mark, stripe on a garment, slight column of smoke

virtūte frētusrelying on bravery, trusting in courage

virtūte mē cum aliquō comparōput oneself on the same level with someone in terms of bravery

vix adstō prae formīdinecan hardly stand on their feet because of fear

vix reprimor, quīn ...can hardly hold on to me that

vōcēs lābunturthe words fall on deaf ears

voluntātem in aliquem cōnferōgive someone one's affection, bestow affection on someone

vulnera alicuī dīrigōteach someone wounds, inflict wounds on someone

vulnera alicuī ingerōinflict wounds on someone

vulnera āversawounds back on the back

vulnus alicuī impōnōgive somebody a wound, inflict a wound on somebody

vulnus alicuī īnflīgōgive somebody a wound, inflict a wound on somebody

vulnus alligōput a dressing on a wound, place a bandage on a wound

vultū retorriduswith a sullen expression, with deep wrinkles on his face

vultū rīdeō invītōput a good face on the matter

vultum compōnōput on a serene face, put on a friendly face

vultum compōnō ad sevēritātemput on a stern face

vultum mentemque aliquā rē suspendōfixing the gaze and mind on something

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