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Ad rem: [145] Ubi multae infectiones coronariae, ibi multae novae viri formae. Exemplo est India, quae nunc varietate B.1.617 frequentiam patriae omnisque orbis terret.
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Engl. Fund;

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Hauptquelle: Lewis and Short
sīgnāculum, sīgnāculī nmark, sign, circumcision, sign of the cross, seal, signet

sīgnāre, sīgnō, sīgnāvī, sīgnātumset a mark upon, mark, mark out, designate, imprint, mark with a seal, seal, seal up, affix a seal to a thing, mark with a stamp, stamp, coin, license, distinguish, adorn, decorate, point out, signify, indicate, express, recognize, settle, establish, confirm, prescribe

sīgnum, sīgnī nmark, token, sign, indication, military standard, ensign, banner, image, figure, statue, picture, device on a seal ring, seal, signet, sign in the heavens, a constellation, miraculous work

spectāmen, spectāminis nmark, sign, proof, sight, scene, spectacle

status, statūs mvil status, condition, position, circumstances, constitution, institutions, form of government, characteristic, mark, character, essential feature, mood of the verb

subnotāre, subnotō, subnotāvī, subnotātummark underneat, note underneat, write underneat, write down, subscribe, note secretly, mark, watch, observe

tropaeum, tropaeī n sign and memorial of victory, trophy, mark, token, sign, memorial, monument

trophaeum, trophaeī n sign and memorial of victory, trophy, mark, token, sign, memorial, monument

trophēum, trophēi n sign and memorial of victory, trophy, mark, token, sign, memorial, monument

vestīgium, vestīgiī nfootstep, step, footprint, foot-track, track, sole of the foot, trace, mark, sign, token, vestige, point, moment, instant

vidēre, videō, vīdī, vīsumsee, perceive, have the eyes open, be awake, look out on, afford a view, observe, mark, discern, understand, comprehend, be aware, know, look at, look to, consider, think upon

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Hauptquelle: Lewis and Short
adsīgnāre, adsīgnō, adsīgnāvī, adsīgnātummark out to one, appoint to one, assign, distribute, allot, give by assigning, confer upon, ascribe, attribute, impute to one as a crime, reckon as a service, commit, consign, give over to one to keep, give over to one to take care of, make a mark upon something

scorpiō, ōnis m. (scorpius, scorpiī m) (σκορπίων, σκορπίος)a heap of stones terminating in a point, and used as a boundary mark

stigma, stigmatis na mark burned in, a brand impressed, a mark of disgrace, stigma

subsīgnāre, subsīgnō, subsīgnāvī, subsīgnātummark beneath, write beneath, undersign, subscribe, set down, enter, register on a list, pledge by signing, pledge, engage, warrant

sūgillātiō, sūgillātiōnis fblackand-blue mark, a livid spot, affronting, insulting

summīs laudibus efferō aliquem (aliquid)mark with the highest praise

symbolum, symbolī n (σύμβολον)sign or mark by which one gives another to understand any thing, token, symbol

termināre, terminō, termināvi, terminātumset bounds to, mark off by boundaries, bound, limit, set limits to, circumscribe, fix, define, determine, close, finish, end, terminate

terminōs regōmark out the boundaries

urbāre, urbōplough round, mark out with a plough

urvāre, urvōplough round, mark out with a plough

vībēx, vībīcis f mark of a blow or stripe, weal

vībīx, vībīcis fmark of a blow or stripe, weal

virgula, virgulae flittle twig, small rod, wand, title of a work by Varro, critical mark (sign of spuriousness), accentual mark, stripe on a garment, slight column of smoke


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