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"making ready":

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Hauptquelle: Lewis and Short
accīnctiō, accīnctiōnis fgird yourself up, prepare yourself, get ready, arm yourself

accīnctus, accīncta, accīnctumwell girded, ready, strict

accīnctus, accīnctūs mgird yourself up, prepare yourself, get ready, arm yourself

adaequātiō, adaequātiōnis fmaking equal, , alignment, equalize, equation, same classification, compensation

adōrnāre, adōrnō, adōrnāvī, adōrnātumprepare, get ready, furnish, provide, fit out, equip, put an ornament upon one, decorate, adorn, embellish

adparātus, adparāta, adparātumprepared, ready, well supplied, furnished with every thing, magnificent, splendid, sumptuous, too studied, far-felched, labored

adparātus, adparātūs ma preparing, providing, preparation, getting ready, preparation, provision, equipment, apparatus, movables, magnificent preparation, splendor, pomp, magnificence, state

adūnātiō, adūnātiōnis fmaking into one, uniting, union

aestimātiō frūmentīthe determination of the prœtor, how much ready money one should pay, instead of the corn which he was to furnish

alterutrī mē fortūnae parōbe prepared for both cases, get ready for both cases

ambitiōsus, ambitiōsa, ambitiōsumgoing round, encompassing, embracing, twining round, making circuits, having many windings, that asks for a thing fawningly, that solicits the favor, that solicits the good-will, honor-loving, ambitious, courting favor

amicīrī, amicior, amictus sumwrap oneself in, put on a robe, put on, prepare oneself, get ready

apparātus, apparāta, apparātumprepared, ready, well supplied, furnished with every thing, magnificent, splendid, sumptuous, too studied, far-felched, labored

apparātus, apparātūs ma preparing, providing, preparation, getting ready, preparation, provision, equipment, apparatus, movables, magnificent preparation, splendor, pomp, magnificence, state

appropriātiō, appropriātiōnis fmaking one’s own, appropriation

aptāre, aptō, aptāvi, aptātumfit, adapt, accommodate, apply, put on, adjust, prepare, get ready, furnish, put in order

aptus exercitusan army good in fight, ready for battle

arcārius, arcāria, arcāriumpertaining to a money-box, pertaining to ready money, belonging to the cash

arcem faciō ē cloācāmaking a mountain out of a molehill

archārius, archāria, archāriumpertaining to a money-box, pertaining to ready money, belonging to the cash

arguendī perītiormore adept at making his statements credible

ārificus, ārifica, ārificummaking dry, drying

arma expediōget ready to fight

armātus semper ac velut in prōcīnctū stōalways stand ready armed, as it were, always be at the ready, as it were, at arms length

auxiliō parcōnot making use of the offer of help

beātificus, beātifica, beātificumblessing, making happy

bellātor, bellātōris m (πολεμιστής)warlike, ready to fight, martial, valorous

bellifer, bellifera, belliferummaking war, warlike

bene praeparātum pectusa heart ready for anything

bibulus, bibula, bibulumdrinking readily, drinking freely, things, that absorbs moisture, growing in moist places, absorbing color, taking color, ready to hear, listening

caldus, calda, caldumwarm, hot, fiery, rash, eager, spirited, fierce, impassioned, vehement, quick, ready

calidus, calida, calidum (caldus)warm, hot, fiery, rash, eager, spirited, fierce, impassioned, vehement, quick, ready

candidus, candida, candidumof a shining white, of a dazzling white, white, clear, bright, radiant, hoary, making clear, cloud-dis-pelling, purifying, pure, clear, serene, clean, spotless, distinct, silver-toned

carēnāria, carēnāriae fvessel for making carenum

caroenāria, caroenāriae fvessel for making carenum

cāsābundus, cāsābunda, cāsābundumready to fall, tottering

cassābundus, cassābunda, cassābundumready to fall, tottering

castra asȳlum faciōmaking a barracks into an asylum

characiās, characiae m (Akk. Sgl. characiān)fit for making poles or stakes, name of a plant, wolf’s-milk

charactērismos, charactērismī mcharacterization, the making prominent of the characteristic marks

charactērismus, charactērismī mcharacterization, the making prominent of the characteristic marks

cingī, cingor, cīnctus sumbe girded with something, be encircled with something, make one’s self ready for any thing, prepare, getting ready

clārus, clāra, clārumclear, bright, shining, brilliant, making clear, bringing fair weather, loud, distinct, manifest, plain, evident, intelligible, celebrated, renowned, illustrious, honorable, famous, glorious, notorious

classem aptōmake the fleet ready to sail

classem armōmake the fleet ready to sail

classem vēlīs aptōmake the fleet ready to sail

commiserārī, commiseror, commiserātus sumcommiserate, pity, bewail, making it known by complaints, excite compassion

commūnicātiō, commūnicātiōnis fmaking common, imparting, communicating, figure of speech, in accordance with which one turns to his hearers, and, as it were, allows them to take part in the inquiry

commūnītiō, commūnītiōnis fmaking of a way, preparing of a way, fortification

comparāre, comparō, comparāvī, comparātumprepare something with zeal, care, make ready, set in order, furnish, provide, procure, get, purchase, obtain, prepare, make, collect, brought one over to one's side, gained one over to one's side

compositus, composita, compositumwell-arranged, ordered, well-constituted, orderly, regular, fitly disposed for any purpose, prepared, apt, fit, adapted, qualified, suitable, ready, quiet, peaceful, undisturbed, calm, composed, unimpassioned, sedate

conciliātiō, conciliātiōnis fconnection, union, an uniting in feeling, a conciliating, making friendly, a gaining over, the gaining over of hearers, the winning of hearers, the gaining over of a judge, inclination for, desire for, longing for, an acquiring, procuring

concinnātiō, concinnātiōnis fan adjusting, preparing, making, composing

conditiō, conditinis fa making, creating, a thing made, a work

conditūra, conditūrae fpreparing, making

cōnfectiō, cōnfectiōnis fa making, preparing, producing, arranging, composing, completing, an exaction, that which is prepared, that which is made, a diminishing, destroying, a chewing, masticating, a weakening, impairing

cōnfectūra, cōnfectūrae fa making, preparing

cōnficere, cōnficiō, cōnfēcī, cōnfectummake a thing completely ready, make, prepare, bring about, complete, accomplish, execute, make ready, settle, close a bargain, finish, pass over, traverse, go over, produce, cause, bring about, effect, procure

scēnofactōrius, scēnofactōria, scēnofactōriumbelonging to the making of tents

similātiō, similātiōnis fmaking similar

situs, sita, situmplaced, set, lying, situated, placed, present, ready, built, founded, laid, buried, interred

solidātiō, solidātiōnis fmaking firm, making solid, fastening, strengthening

somniculōsus, somniculōsa, somniculōsumfull of sleep, inclined to sleep, drowsy, dozy, sleepy, sluggish, slothful, making sleepy, making drowsy, making sluggish

spondēum, spondēī nvessel used in making libations

spurcificus, spurcifica, spurcificummaking filthy, making smutty, making obscene

spurcuficus, spurcufica, spurcuficummaking filthy, making smutty, making obscene

stegnus, stegna, stegnummaking close, drawing together, costive

succīnctus, succīncta, succīnctumprepared, ready, contracted, short, concise, succinct

supplēmentum, supplēmentī nthat with which any thing is made full or whole, filling up, supply, supplement, making up, filling up a body of troops, recruiting, supplies, reinforcements

supplēre, suppleō, supplēvī, supplētumthat with which any thing is made full or whole, filling up, supply, supplement, making up, filling up a body of troops, recruiting

suspīciōsus, suspīciōsa, suspīciōsummistrustful, ready to suspect, suspicious, that excites mistrust, that excites suspicion, suspicious

tēlīs cingorget ready, arm themselves

temptābundus, temptābunda, temptābundumtrying, making attempts

tentābundus, tentābunda, tentābundumtrying, making attempts

tenuābilis, tenuābilemaking thin, attenuating

tibi āctūtum chorda tenditurthe string (the rope) is already kept ready for you

torcular, torculāris npress used in making wine or oil, cellar for storing up oil, oil-cellar

toreuticē, toreuticēs fart of making embossed work, chasing, sculpture, engraving

trāductiō, trāductiōnis fleading along, conducting in triumph, removing, transferring, making a show of, exposure, public disgrace, passage of time, lapse of time, course of time, transferring, metonymy, repetition of the same word

trānsitum Alpium parōmaking preparations for the crossing of the Alps

trīstificus, trīstifica, trīstificummaking sad, saddening

tumēre, tumeō, tumuīswell, be swollen, be tumid, be puffed out, be inflated, be excited, be violent, be ready to burst forth, are in a ferment, are unsettled, approaching a crisis, be puffed up, be turgid, be pompous, be bombastic

tumēscere, tumēscō, tumuībegin to swell, swell up, become swollen, become excited, become violent, become ready to burst forth, be puffed up, are fermenting, are threatening to break out

tumidus, tumida, tumidumswollen, swelling, rising high, protuberant, tumid, stuffed with food, excited, incensed, enraged, exasperated, puffed up, elated, haughty, arrogant, restless, violent, ready to break out, swelling with rage, seditious, bombastic, pompous, inflated, turgid, puffing up

turbulentus, turbulenta, turbulentumfull of trouble, full of commotion, restless, agitated, confused, disturbed, boisterous, stormy, tempestuous, turbid, muddy, stirred up, aroused, excited, making trouble, troublesome, turbulent, factious, seditious

turpilucrus, turpilucrī mmaking dishonest gain

unguentāria, unguentāriae ffemale perfumer, art of making unguents, art of making perfumes

ūsūrpātiō, ūsūrpātiōnis ftaking into use, making use, using, use of, undertaking of, enjoyment, possession, seizing unlawfully, using unlawfully, usurpation

vāsa colligōget ready to travel, set off, pack his suitcase, pack his equipment

vēlificātiō, vēlificātiōnis fmaking sail, sailing

vēlificium, vēlificiī nmaking sail, sailing

verberātiōnem cessātiōnis dōgiving satisfaction for a default, making amends for a default

verbīs abundōbeing verbose, not getting to the point, making a lot of words, beating around the bush

vestificīna, vestificīnae fmaking of garments, tailoring

vestificium, vestificiī nmaking of garments, tailoring

vītārifer, vītārifera, vītāriferummaking the vines dry

vīvificātiō, vīvificātiōnis fmaking alive, quickening, vivification

vīvificus, vīvifica, vīvificummaking alive, quickening, vivifying, vivific

vocālis, vocālethat utters a voice, sounding, sonorous, speaking, crying, singing, vocal, making vocal, causing song, inspiring song, causing speech, inspiring speech

vōta concipiōmaking vows

vōta faciōmaking vows

vōta nūncupōmaking vows

vōta suscipiōmaking vows

vulgātus, vulgātūs m (nur Abl.Sgl. vulgātū)making generally known, publishing, divulging


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