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"kept in store":

1. Wörterbuch und Phrasen:

Lat. Fund; Deut. Fund; Engl. Fund;

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Hauptquelle: Lewis and Short
acerra, acerrae fcasket in which was kept the incense used in sacrifices, incense-box

aliquid ērēctum tenētursomething is maintained, something is kept in good humour

aliquid servātur centum clāvibussomething is kept behind a hundred locks

amphorārius, amphorāria, amphorāriumcontained in the amphora, kept in the amphora

ampla sēdēs rērum vēnāliumsupermarket, department store, mall

aviārium, aviāriī na place where birds are kept, aviary, , abode of wild birds in the forest

cancellārius, cancellāria, cancellāriumliving behind bars, kept behind bars

capsāricius, capsāricia, capsāriciumkept by the wardrobe keeper

caveālis, caveālekept in a cave, kept in a cellar

cella carbōnāriacoal store, coal cellar

cochleārium, cochleāriī nenclosure or pen in which snails were kept and fed

compōnere, compōnō, composuī, compositumput away, put aside, put in place, store up, put away, collect, preserve, pack, adjust, lay out, collect and inurn, inter, bury, lay at rest, quiet

condere, condō, condidī, conditumfuifil, accomplish, put away, to lay, place somewhere for preservation, lay up, store up, treasure up, preserve, pickle, to set, to inter, bury

cōnfulcīre, cōnfulciō, cōnfultusprop up properly, support properly, store properly

cordāx, cordācis m (κόρδαξ),extravagant dance of Grecian comedy, distinguished by lively movement and wanton gesture, and by the rope which was kept passing through the hands of the dancers

cūstōdia, cūstōdiae fa watching, watch, guard, care, protection, sentinel, a place where guard is kept, watch-house, guard-house, watch-station, a guarding, custody, restraint, confinement, prison, hold

servābilis, servābilethat can be kept, that can be preserved, preservable, that can be saved, that can be saved rescued

suppeditāre, suppeditō, suppeditāvi, suppeditātumbe fully supplied, be in abundance, be at hand, be in store, have in abundance, abound, be rich in, be enough, be sufficient, suffice, be fit for, be equal to, be a match for,

suppetere, suppetō, suppetīvī (suppetiī), suppetītumbe at hand, be in store, be present, be equal to, be sufficient for, suffice, agree with, correspond to, ask in place of another, to personate another in asking

tabula, tabulae fwriting-tablet, tablet written upon, writing, book of account, counter, office where records are kept, censor’s list, list of proscribed persons, painting, picture, votive-tablet

tabulāria, tabulāriae fplace where records were kept, record-office, office of a registrar, office of a public notary

tabulīnum, tabulinī n (tablīnum, tablīnī n)balcony, terrace, place where family records were kept, archives, picture-gallery

tacitus, tacita, tacitumthat is passed over in silence, not spoken of, kept secret, unmentioned, that is done without words, assumed as a matter of course, silent, implied, tacit, that exists in silence, secret, hidden, concealed, secretly, unobserved

thēsaurus, thēsaurī m (θησαυρός)any thing laid up, any thing stored up, hoard, treasure, provision, store, great quantity, a loved one, a valued or dear object

tibi āctūtum chorda tenditurthe string (the rope) is already kept ready for you

turdārium, turdāriī nplace where thrushes are kept

vīvārium, vīvāriī nenclosure in which game, fish, etc, , are kept alive, park, warren, preserve, fish-pond

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Wortform von: kept

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