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(14) "Regierungs%" zeigt alle Wörter, die mit "Regierungs" beginnen

longae: ā ē ī ō ū ӯ Ā Ē Ī Ō Ū - breves: ă ĕ ĭ ŏ ŭ Ă Ĕ Ĭ Ŏ Ŭ - ancipitia: ā̆ ē̆ ī̆ ō̆ ū̆ ȳ̆

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"hunting out":

1. Wörterbuch und Phrasen:

Deut. Fund; Engl. Fund;

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 Wortsuche im lateinisch - deutschen Georges bei Zeno.orgDeliriumdēlīrium, dēlīriī ndelirium, delirii nWort- und Formsuche bei Van der GuchtWortsuche bei
 Wortsuche im lateinisch - deutschen Georges bei Zeno.orgVerwirrtheitconturbātiō, conturbātiōnis fconturbatio, conturbationis fWort- und Formsuche bei Van der GuchtWortsuche bei
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Hauptquelle: Lewis and Short
ā + Abl.from, away from, out of, down from, since, after, by, at, in, on, from, since, after

ā contextū ōrātiōnis dīvellōtake out of context

ā fortūnā dērelictus sumbe down on one's luck, be out of luck

ā fortūnā dēsertus sumbe down on one's luck, be out of luck

ā lectō surgōgetting up from bed, getting out of bed

ā puerīs abscēdōgrowing out of infancy, outgrowing infancy

ab + Abl.from, away from, out of, down from, since, after, by, at, in, on, from, since, after

abacināre, abacinō, abacināvī, abacinātum gouge out the eyes, dazzle, blind, glare

abīre, abeō, abiī (abīvī), abitumgo from a place, go away, depart, pass away, elapse, leave off, turn aside, retire from an office, turn out, end, terminate

ablocāre, ablocō, ablocātumlease out, let out on hire

abluere, abluō, abluī, ablūtumwash off, wash away, wash, wash out, cleanse, purify, quench, washing in expiation of sin

abnoctāre, abnoctōspend the night out, stay overnight out, pass the night abroad

abs + Abl.from, away from, out of, down from, since, after, by, at, in, on, from, since, after

abscondere, abscondō, abscondidī, absconditum (abscōnsum)put away, conceal carefully, hide, secrete, make invisible, cover, put a place out of sight, lose sight of, depart from

absurdus, absurda, absurdumout of tune, giving a disagreeable sound, harsh, rough, irrational, incongruous, absurd, silly, senseless, stupid

accidere, accidō, accidīfall upon, fall down upon a thing, reach a thing by falling, fall out, come to pass, happen, occur, happen to, befall one

acclāmāre, acclāmō (adclāmō), acclāmāvī, acclāmātumraise a cry at, shout at, exclaim, disapprove by shouting, blame by shouting, cry out against, cry at with approbation, shout applause, approve with loud cries, applaud

accūsātiōnem peragōcarry out a lawsuit

acosmos, acosmonout of order, disordered

actuārius, actuāriī mshorthand writer, one who writes out accounts

admēnsus, admēnsa, admēnsummeasured out

admētīrī, admētior, admēnsus summeasure out to, apportion, ration out

adolēre, adoleō, adoluī (intr.)give out a smell, emit a smell, give out a odor, smell

adōrnāre, adōrnō, adōrnāvī, adōrnātumprepare, get ready, furnish, provide, fit out, equip, put an ornament upon one, decorate, adorn, embellish

adsīgnāre, adsīgnō, adsīgnāvī, adsīgnātummark out to one, appoint to one, assign, distribute, allot, give by assigning, confer upon, ascribe, attribute, impute to one as a crime, reckon as a service, commit, consign, give over to one to keep, give over to one to take care of, make a mark upon something

adterere, adterō, adtrīvī, adtrītumrub one thing against another, rub away, wear out by rubbing, diminish by rubbing, waste, wear away, weaken, impair, exhaust, destroy

adtinēre, adtineō, adtinuī, adtentumstretch out to, reach to, extend somewhere, stretch somewhere, belong somewhere, belong to, concern to, pertain to, appertain to, relate to, refers to, concern, matter, be of moment, be of consequence, be of importance, be serviceable for, be useful for

adventīcius, adventīcia, adventīciumthat is present by coming, coming from abroad, foreign, strange, proceeding from the senses, that happens out of course, unusual, extraordinary, that is acquired without one’s own effort, obtained by presents, that pertains to arrival

aegritūdō exēst animum planēque cōnficitthe sorrow gnaws at me and wears me out completely

aequē est ac sī in puteum coniciāsthat's like throwing it out the window

aequō Mārte pūgnōcome out of a fight tied

aere aliēnō līberorget out of debt

aes, aeris nany crude metal dug out of the earth, copper, alloy (for the most part of copper and tin), bronze, everything made from copper or bronze, weapons, armor, utensils of husbandry, money, reward, payment

aesculus, aesculī fthe tallest species of oak, winter oak, Italian oak, hunting spear

aestātem extrahōspend the summer, drag out the summer

aetātem conterōwear oneself out, sacrifice one's life

aggeribus ruptis exit amnisafter the dam bursts, the river pours out

agere, agō, ēgī, āctumbring forth, put forth, put out, shoot, extend, guide, govern, move, impel, excite, urge to a thing, prompt to, induce to, agitate, rouse vehemently, pursue with hostile intent, persecute, disturb, vex, attack, assail

agere, agō, ēgī, āctumlead, drive, conduct, impel, drive off, carry off, steal, rob, plunder, chase, pursue, press, move, impel, push forwards, advance, carry to, steer, direct, stir up, throw out, excite, cause

alicuī blandīmentīs aliquid ēliciōelicit something from someone with flattery, coax something out of someone with flattery

alicuī manum porrigōhold out one's hand to someone

alicuius dēfectiō ā tergōthe apostasy carried out by someone surreptitiously

alicuius mentem aliēnōdrive someone crazy, drive someone out of his mind

alicuius sēmitā fēcī viampave a broad way out of someone's path, bring someone's approach to fruition

aliēnātā mentecrazy, out of one's mind, insane, of unsound mind

aliēnātus, aliēnāta, aliēnātumrenegade, beside himself, out of his mind

aliquem (ā) senātu āmoveōpush someone out of the Senate

aliquem ante tempus honōre prīvōforce someone out of office prematurely, , force someone to resign prematurely, take away someone's office prematurely

aliquem dē senātu moveōpush someone out of the Senate, expel someone from the Senate, remove someone from the Senate

aliquem fūrem clāmōcall someone a thief out loud

aliquem gradū dēmoveōoust someone from his position, drive someone out of his position

aliquem gradū depellōoust someone from his position, drive someone out of his position, deprive someone of his advantage

aliquem gradū moveōoust someone from his position, drive someone out of his position

aliquem in oblīviōnem alicuius reī addūcōmake someone forget something, put something out of someone's mind, cause someone to forget something

aliquem irrīdeōtake someone for a ride, take the mickey out of someone, make fun of someone, make someone feel stupid

aliquem locō dēpellōoust someone from his position, drive someone out of his position, displace someone from his position

aliquem lūdōtake someone for a ride, take the mickey out of someone, make fun of someone, make someone feel stupid

aliquid apparet atque exstatobviously stand out, conspicuously stand out

aliquid cane pēius et angue vītōgo something out of the way more than dog and snake

aliquid comminīscorpick something out of the air

aliquid in tūtō estsomething is out of danger, something is in the clear, something is on the saving shore

aliquid in vulgus ēdōget something out to the public, bring something to the public

aliquid male caditsomething turns out badly, something turns out unfavourably, something turns out unhappily, something turns out unsuccessfully

aliquid oblīviōne dīmittōput something , out of one's mind, erase something from one's memory, drive something out of one's mind

aliquid perlātē patetsomething has a very wide circumference, something spreads out very far

aliquid prōsperē caditgo out successfully, go out favourably, go out happily, go out well, go out successfully, go out favourably, go out happily, go out well

aliquid prōsperē ēvenitsomething goes out as desired

aliquid religiōnī habeōconsider something questionable, make a conscience out of something

aliquid sine effectū estsomething turns out to be ineffective

alōpeciae, alōpeciārum fplaces where the hair has fallen out as a result of fox mange

altius repetōreach out further, fall back further

alveātus, alveāta, alveātumhollowed out like a trough or tray, trough-shaped deepened

alveolātus, alveolāta, alveolātumhollowed out like a little tray, channelled

āmanēre, āmaneo, āmānsīsleep out, stay overnight out, wait and see

ambitiōneout of personal consideration, for the sake of personal considerations

āmēns animīfrenzied in mind, out of his wits

āmēns, āmentisout of one’s senses, beside one’s self, senseless, mad, insane, frantic, distracted, foolish, stupid

āmentia, āmentiae fbeing out of one’s senses, beside one’s self, madness, insanity, folly, stupidity, malice, malignity

amīcum exspectārelook out for one''s friend

amōre impulsusout of love

amurga, amurgae f watery part that flows out in pressing olives, lees of oil, dregs of oil

anabathra, anabathrōrum npulpit, elevated place for reading out

anhēlātus, anhēlāta, anhēlātuminflated, blown out, gasped out

anhēlāre, anhēlō, anhēlāvimove about for breath, draw the breath with great difficulty, pant, puff, gasp, heave, breathe out, emit by breathing, breathe forth, exhale, pursue, pant for, strive after something with eagerness, draw up the breath

anhēlus, anhēla, anhēlumout of breath, panting, puffing, attended with short breath, who suffers from shortness of breath, causing to pant

animālia vēnāticahunting animals

animam efflōexhale the soul, breathe out the soul, die

animam effundōexhale the soul, breathe out the soul, die

animam ēmittōexhale the soul, breathe out the soul, die

animam exhālōexhale the soul, breathe out the soul, die

animam exspīrōexhale the soul, breathe out the soul, die

animam reciprocōinhale and exhale, breathe in and out

animam singultōrattle out one's life

animī quōdam iūdiciōout of a certain fundamental conviction, out of principle

animō linquorpass out, get faint

animum faciō alicuīfind an outlet, let out one's anger, give in to one's urge, give free rein to one's urge

animum sēdulō adversō, nē ...precisely and persistently watch out that not, carefully watch out that not

animus ēminēbit forāsthe soul will reach out

annumerāre, annumerō (adnumerō), annumerāvī, annumerātumcount to, count out to, put to a person’s account, add to, include with, reckon with, give the number of something, attribute to, impute to, reckon for, consider equal to

anxius, nē bellum orīreturworried that a war would break out

āpellere, āpellōpush out, push away, drive away, throw out

apoculāre, apoculōget out of sight, make invisible

appēnsor, appēnsōris mhe that weighs out, weigher

aps + Abl.from, away from, out of, down from, since, after, by, at, in, on, from, since, after

arātiōnēs, arātiōnum fpublic farms or plots of land farmed out for a tenth of the produce, state Domains, government domains

arcem faciō ē cloācāmaking a mountain out of a molehill

argentum, argentī n (cf. ἀργής)silver, wrought silver, things made of silver, silver-plate, silver-work, silver as weighed out for money, money coined from silver, silver money

arma vēnātōriahunting equipment,hunting gear

ascendere, ascendō, ascendī, ascēnsumascend, mount up, climb, go up, rise, spring up, grow up, go aboard ship, go out to sea

assentātiō procul amoveāturflattery stay out of the game altogether

assīgnificāre, assīgnificō (adsīgnificō), assīgnificāvī, assīgnificātumshow, make evident, denote, point out

attegrāre, attegrōpour out wine in sacrifices

attendī, attendor (adtendor), attentusstretch out

atterere, atterō (adterō), attrīvī, attrītumrub one thing against another, rub away, wear out by rubbing, diminish by rubbing, waste, wear away, weaken, impair, exhaust, destroy

attinēre, attineō (adtineō), attinuī, attentum (intr.)stretch out to, reach to, extend somewhere, stretch somewhere, belong somewhere, belong to, concern to, pertain to, appertain to, relate to, refers to, concern, matter, be of moment, be of consequence, be of importance, be serviceable for, be useful for

auctōrārī, auctōror, auctōrātus sumbind one’s self, oblige one’s self, hire one’s self out

aurēs superfluōgo in one ear and out the other

aurō pēnsandathings to be weighed out with gold, valuables

āvius, āvia, āviumthat is out of the way, remote, out of the right way, untrodden, unfrequented, solitary, lonely, wandering, straying

bālātum alicuī dūcōcoax a bleat out of someone, punch someone hard in the mouth

balbūtīre, balbūtiō (balbuttiō), balbūtīvī, balbūtītumstutter something, stammer something, lisp out something

bellum dissuādeōspeak out against the war

bellum exārdēscitwar breaks out

bellum oriturwar breaks out

bellum renāsciturthe war breaks out again

bellum suādeōadvise war, speak out in favour of war

bene aliquid cēditsomething goes out successfully

bene ēvenitit turns out well, it turned out well

bene excōgitātusingenious, well thought out

bene verruncōturn out well, have a fortunate issue, have a good outcome, turn out for the better, end well

bene vertō aliquidmake something turn out for the better

bestiam vēnābulō trānsverberōpierce the animal with the hunting spear

brāchium prōcērius prōiciōstretch out the arm freely

būca,būcae fcheek, one who fills his cheeks in speaking, declaimer, bawler, one who stuffs out his cheeks in eating, parasite, a mouthful, cavity

bucca, buccae fcheek, one who fills his cheeks in speaking, declaimer, bawler, one who stuffs out his cheeks in eating, parasite, a mouthful, cavity

buccās īnflōpuffing out the cheeks (with rage)

cachinnum ēdōburst out laughing

cachinnum tollōburst out laughing, burst into peals of laughter

cadere, cadō, cecidī, cāsūrusfall down, be precipitated, sink down, go down, sink, fall, decline, set, fall off, fall away, fall out, drop off, be shed, be thrown, be cast, turn up, fall at one’s feet, settle, fall dead, die

cadere, cadō, cecidī, cāsūrusyield to, fall to one’s lot, happen to one, befall, happen, come to pass, occur, result, turn out, perish, vanish, decay, cease, abate, subside, die away

caecus āmentiāout of delusion, blinded by madness

caelum mē aliquot diēs ā pūblicō cohibuitthe weather prevented me from going out for a few days

caespes, caespitis mturf, sod as cut out, cot, hut, hovel, shed, altar, knot, knob, clump, group of plants, grassy field, a green field, earth, ground

calceāmentum vēnātrīciumhunting boots

calāre, calō, calāvī, calātumcall, call out, proclaim, call together, summon, convoke

cālōnēs praedandī causā ēgressīservants who had gone out to take the spoils

cancellāre, cancellō, cancellāvī, cancellātummake like a lattice, lattice, strike out a writing lattice-wise (Χ), strike out, cross out, cancel

vēnāticus, vēnātica, vēnāticumhunting dog

cantāre, cantō, cantāvī, cantātumpredict, warn, point out, indicate, make known, say, reiterate, harp upon, forewarn of or against, use enchantments, charms, incantations, enchant, charm, call forth, produce by charms

capillī metū rigēscuntthe hairs stand up out of fear

capillum pectine expediōcomb out the hair

capere, capiō, cēpī, captumchoose, select, elect, pick out, adopt, accept, occupy, take possession of, enter into, take by force, capture, storm, reduce, conquer, reach, attain, arrive at, betake one’s self to, wrest, receive, obtain, acquire, get, enjoy, reap, assume, adopt, cultivate, cherish,

capite aliquem pūniō (pūnior)punish someone with death, execute (carry out) the death penalty on someone

caplātor, caplātōris mhe that pours out of one vessel into another, decanter

captīvōs redēmptōbuy out prisoners of war

capulātor, capulātōris mhe that pours out of one vessel into another, decanter

caput revēlōbare the head (out of reverence)

cāritāte patriae ductusout of patriotism, out of love for the fatherland

carmen tenuōdelicately spin out a poem, spin a poem gently

castra mētorstake out a camp, measure out a camp

castramētātiō, castramētātiōnis fstaking out a camp, setting up a camp

castramētārī, castramētor, castramētātus sumpitch a camp, stake out a camp

catascopium, catascopiī nlookoutship, spy-ship, vessel sent out to reconnoitre

catascopus, catascopī mlookoutship, spy-ship, vessel sent out to reconnoitre

cathedrā exsiliōjump up out of one's chair

Catō vehementer est in Pompēium invectusCato attacked Pompeius sharply, Cato came out fiercely against Pompeius

catulus vēnāticushunting dog

causam foederis agōspeak out in favour of the Alliance

cavāmen, cavāminis na hollowing out, cavern, hollow

cavāre, cavō, cavāvī, cavātummake hollow, hollow out, excavate, pierce through, perforate, round off, bend around, fabricate

cēde locīsget out of here!, lift yourself away from here!

cedo (plur. cette)hither with it!, here!, give!, tell, say, give here, bring here, let us hear, tell, out with it, grant that, let me, behold, well

cedo igitur, quid faciamout with it, what do you want me to do!

cedo istuc tuum cōnsiliumout with this plan of yours!

cedo, sī vōs in eō locō essētis, quid aliud fēcissētisout with it, what else would you have done in this situation!

cēnsuālēs, cēnsuālium mthose who make out the censor’s lists, the censor’s lists

cēnsum faciō (perficiō)carry out the estimation, carry out the census

cēnsum perficiōmake an estimate, carry out an estimate

centēsimāre, centēsimō, centēsimāvītake out every hundredth, centesimate

chamaestrōtus, chamaestrōta, chamaestrōtumstretched out on the earth, writhing on the earth

chaos n (nur noch Akk. chaos, Abl. chaō) (χάος, τό)the boundless, empty space, the lower world, immeasurable darkness, deep obscurity, the confused, formless, primitive mass out of which the universe was made, chaos

chorāgium, chorāgiī n (χοράγιον)the place where the chorus was trained and practised, the preparing and bringing out of a chorus, any other splendid preparation or equipment, means of acquiring, a spring

Cicerō inter ōrātōrēs praestatCicero stands out among the speakers

cīnctus cultrō vēnātōriōarmed with a hunting knife

circumdūcere, circumdūcō, circumdūxī, circumductumlead around, draw around, marche around, avoid, deceive, cheat, impose upon, use circumlocution, prolong, speak drawlingly, drawl out, draw lines around a law, cancel, annul, abrogate

circumfundere, circumfundō, circumfūdī, circumfūsumpour out around, press upon, crowd around, embrace closely, cling to, closely embrace, enclose, environ, surround, overwhelm

citātō agmine iter ingrediunturin rapid marches they set out on their way

citāre, citō, citāvī, citātumput into quick motion, move violently, drive rapidly, hurl, shake, rouse, excite, provoke, incite, stimulate, promote, shoot forth, call the parties, call for votes in the senate, mention by name, name, mention, call out, proclaim, announce

cīvitāte aliquem exturbōdrive someone out of the state

clam exportōsmuggle out

clāmitāre, clāmitō, clāmitāvī, clāmitātumcry out violently, cry out aloud, bawl out, vociferate, proclaim, reveal, betray

clāmāre, clāmō, clāmāvī, clāmātumcall, cry out, shout aloud, complain with a loud voice, call aloud, cry aloud, proclaim, declare, invoke, call upon

clāmōrem prōfundōlet out a loud yell

clāvum clāvō ēiciōdrive out one nail by another, drive out one evil by another evil

clūnāclum, clūnāclī nthe sacrificial knife, , small sword, dagger, hunting knife

clūnāculum, clūnāculī nsmall sword, dagger, hunting knife

coadiuvāre, coadiuvōhelp out

coepta expūgnōpersevere in carrying out one's intention, carry through one's intention

cōgitāta perficiōcarry out one's plans

cōgitātus, cōgitāta, cōgitātumdeliberate, , intended, thought out, planned, well-considered

collibus circumvehorride out over the hills

collocāre, collocō, collocāvī, collocātumplace together, arrange, station, lay, put, place, set, set up, erect, give in marriage, give, lay out, invest, advance, place money, place a dowry, place wealth, employ, invest, dispose of, occupy, employ, put, set in order

collum pōnō in pulverebe stretched out, put the neck on the floor

colluere, colluō, colluī, collūtumwash thoroughly, wash out, rinse, moisten, wet, quench thirst, wash up (earth) by the waves

cōlāre, cōlō, cōlāvī, cōlātumfilter, strain, clarify, purify, spread out a fish-net

colōnia auspicātō dēductathe colony laid out under a lucky star, the colony established under a good star

colōnōs mittōsend out settlers

cōluere, cōluō, cōluī, cōlūtumwash thoroughly, wash out, rinse, moisten, wet, quench thirst, wash up (earth) by the waves

comam trahōpull one's hair out

cōmī expolīrīque nōn debet ōrātiōthe speech does not need to be smoothed out and dressed up

commentāriēnsis, commentāriēnsis mone who takes control, one who has the care of a thing, registrar of public documents, recorder, secretary, one who makes out a list of prisoners, keeper of a prison, one who forms a list of soldiers

commentīcius, commentīcia, commentīciumthought out, devised, fabricated, invented, new, feigned, pretended, ideal, imaginary, feigned, forged, false

commeō ad aliquemcoming in and out of someone's house

commeō ad amīcōsgo in and out with one's friends

commodum ipse exitjust now he comes out himself

commōnstrāre, commōnstrō, commōnstrāvī, commōnstrātumshow, point out something fully, point out something distinctly

commōstrāre, commōstrō, commōstrāvī, commōstrātumshow, point out something fully, point out something distinctly

comperīre, comperiō, comperī, compertumdisclose wholly, lay open, obtain a knowledge of a thing, find out with certainty, have or gain certain information, ascertain, learn

complēre, compleō, complēvī, complētumfill up, fill full, fill out, make the army of a full number, make a legion of a full number, complete, to man, fill with men, impregnate, fill (with light, with sounds, with odors, with food)

compōnere, compōnō, composuī, compositumput away, put aside, put in place, store up, put away, collect, preserve, pack, adjust, lay out, collect and inurn, inter, bury, lay at rest, quiet

concavāre, concavō, concavāvī, concavātummake hollow, hollow out, make round, curve, bend

concēdere, concēdō, concessī, concessumgo, walk, go away, walk away, depart, retire, withdraw, remove from, pass away, disappear, vanish, depart from life, die, go out of the way for one, yield to, submit, give way to, adapt one’s self to, yield to power, submit to compulsion

conclāmātus, conclāmāta, conclāmātumpublished abroad by crying out, known, celebrated, lamentable, unfortunate

conclāmitāre, conclāmitōcall, cry out loudly

concurrere, concurrō, concurrī, concursummeet together, dash together, rush together in hostility, engage in combat, join battle, fight, make the same claim, enter into competition with, meet, concur, fall out at the same time, happen, have place together, be coincident

cōnficere, cōnficiō, cōnfēcī, cōnfectumdiminish, lessen, weaken an object, sweep away, destroy, kill, wear out, consume, grind, digest, provide, bring together

conluere, conluō, conluī, conlūtumwash thoroughly, wash out, rinse, moisten, wet, quench thirst, wash up (earth) by the waves

conquaerere, conquaerō, conquaesīvī, conquaesītumseec for, search for, procure, bring together, collect, seek after, go in quest of, make search for, seek for with earnestness, search out eagerly, search out carefully

conquīrere, conquīrō, conquīsīvī, conquīsītumseec for, search for, procure, bring together, collect, seek after, go in quest of, make search for, seek for with earnestness, search out eagerly, search out carefully

conquīsītus, conquīsīta, conquīsītumsought out, chosen, costly

cōnsertē contextēque agōcarry out a concerted action

cōnsilia prōmōreveal one's plans, come out with one's advice

cōnsilium perficiōput a plan into action, realize a plan, carry out a plan

cōnspuere, cōnspuō, cōnspuī, cōnspūtumspit upon, spit upon in contempt, besprinkle, cover over, spit out much, spit

cōnsūmere, cōnsūmō, cōnsūmpsī, cōnsūmptumdivide, make an exhaustive division of, bestow upon something, to use, employ, spend upon something, spend about something, lay out, invest, use up, exhaust

cōnsūmī, cōnsūmor, cōnsūmptus sumbe wiped out, be swept away

contābēfacere, contābēfaciōwaste away, wear out, consume

contemptuī habeōmake nothing out of something

conterere, conterō, contrīvī, conterui, contrītumgrind, bruise, pound, crumble, separate into small pieces, diminish by rubbing, waste, destroy, rub off, wear out, consume, spend, pass, employ, tread under foot by comparison

conterī, conteror, contrītus sumwear oneself out, toil away, exhaust oneself

contingere, contingit, contigit (ut...)turn out that, turn out to be that, it results (that), it follows (that)

contingere, contingō, contigī, contāctumseize upon, affect, touch with pollution, pollute, stain, defile, be connected with, be related to, concern, happen to one, befall, fall to one’s lot, succeed in, obtain a thing, happen, fall to, turn out, come to pass

contīroleta, contīroletae mhunting companion, fellow hunter

contorquēre, contorqueō, contorsī, contortumturn, twist, twirl, swing, whirl, brandish, throw out violently, throw out forcibly, hurl

contrītus, contrīta, contrītumworn out, trite, common

coorīrī, coorior, coortus sumcome forth, stand up, arise, appear, rise, break forth, break out, begin, happen, stand up

cōpiās ex hībernāculīs extrahōpull the troops out of the winter layer

cornīcum eruō genāspluck out the eyes of the crows

cornīcum oculōs confīgōpeck out the eyes of the crows

corpus in feretrum impōnōlay out, lay out the body

corripere, corripiō, corripuī, correptumset out quickly, pursue hastily, hasten, hasten through, hasten over

cūdere, cūdō, cūdī (cūsī), cūsumstrike, beat, pound, knock, beat out, thresh, prepare by beating, prepare by hammering, forge, stamp, coin, prepare

cuī rēs praestanda estwho has to stand up for it, who is responsible for it, who takes the rap for it, the sufferer, who has to pay for it, who has to bleed for it, who has to spoon out the soup, who has to pay the bill

culter vēnātōriushunting knife

cum stirpe exstinguor (extinguor), exstīnctus sumcompletely extinct, totally die out

cummināre, cumminōsweat out rubber

cūr tam māne ēgrederis?why do you go out so early in the morning?

cūria, cūriae fa structure built for the religious services of a curia, One of the edifices in which the Senate held its consultations, the places of assembly of high councils out of Rome

cursū exanimorget out of breath while running

cynanchē, cynanchēs fan inflammation of the throat, which caused the tongue to be thrust out

cynēgesium, cynēgesiī n (κυνηγέσιον)hunting, hunting party, hunting area

Cynēgetica, Cynēgeticōrum nCynegetics, the name given to poems on hunting

dē + Abl.from, away from, down from, out of, of, from among, out of

dē calcāriā in ē carbōnāriam perveniōgo from bad to worse, get out of the frying pan and into the fire

dē manibus alicuī extorqueō aliquidwring something out of someone's hands

dē mediō tollōeliminate, remove, clear aside, get out of the way, kill

dē meō impendōpay out of pocket

dē suggestū invehor in aliquembawl someone out

dē viā langueōbe weary from the journey, be worn out from the journey, be exhausted from the journey, be stressed from the journey, be carried away from the journey

de vinculīs ēdūcor audiendusbe brought out of prison for questioning

deambulātiō, deambulātiōnis fa walking abroad, promenading, a going out

deasciāre, deasciō, deasciāvī, deasciātumhew with an axe, cut with an axe, smoothe, smoothe, rub out, efface, cheat

dēbellāre, dēbellō, dēbellāvī, dēbellātumbring a war to an end, finish a war, fight out, conquer completely, vanquish, subdue

dēblaterāre, dēblaterō, dēblaterāvīprate of a thing, babble, blab out

dēcēdere, dēcēdō, dēcessī, dēcessumgo away, depart, withdraw, retire, withdraw from a former position, disappear, go off, abate, subside, cease, deviate from the right way, give way, yield to another, avoid, shun, escape from, fall short of, degenerate from, turn out, result

dēcertāre, dēcertō, dēcertāvī, dēcertātumgo through a decisive contest, fight out a decisive contest, fill with strife, fill with contention, fight for, achieve by fighting, contending, contend

dēcertārī, dēcertorgo through a decisive contest, fight out a decisive contest, fill with strife, fill with contention, fight for, achieve by fighting, contending, contend

dēcubāre, dēcubōlie away from, lie out of

dēcutere, dēcutiō, dēcussī, dēcussumshake off, strike off, beat off, cast off, dislodge, shake out, throw aside

dēdicāre, dēdicō, dēdicāvī, dēdicātumgive out tidings, give out a notice, affirm, declare, announce, dedicate, consecrate, set apart, destine, dispose, prepare, set up, devote a thing to its future use, specify one’s property in the census

dēdūcere, dēdūcō, dēdūxī, dēductumlead away, bring away, lead, fetch, bring down, draw down, clear out, cleanse, draw off, lead off, withdraw troops from a place, conduct, bring to a place, lead forth, conduct a colony, draw out a ship, draw out, spin out, prepare a web, weave

dēdūcere, dēdūcō, dēdūxī, dēductumlead out, conduct, escort, accompany a person out of the house, conduct a young man to a public teacher, conduct a bride, take home the bride, bring one a concubine, drive out, expel, lead away a person from a disputed possession, bring before a tribunal as a wit

dēdūcere, dēdūcō, dēdūxī, dēductumspin out a literary composition like a thread, elaborate, prepare, compose, make finer, make thinner, make weaker, attenuate, derive, remove, cure, withhold

dēductiō, dēductiōnis fa leading away, a leading on, a leading forth, a transplanting of colonies, a colonizing, a leading away of the bride, an escorting, a conducting safely, a putting out of possession, ejection, expulsion, a deduction, diminution

dēfatīgātiō, dēfatīgātiōnis f (dēfetīgātiō, dēfetīgātiōnis f)a wearying, tiring out, fatiguing, weariness, fatigue, exhaustion

dēfatīgāre (dēfetīgāre), dēfatīgo, dēfatīgāvī, dēfatīgātumweary out, tire a person, fatigue, exhaust

dēfectus, dēfecta, dēfectumweak, weakened, worn out, enfeebled

dēfēnerāre, dēfēnerō, dēfēnerāvī, dēfēnerātum (dēfaenerō)involve in debt, suck out by usury, , put someone deep in debt

dēfetīgātiō, dēfetīgātiōnis fa wearying, tiring out, fatiguing, weariness, fatigue, exhaustion

dēfetīgāre, dēfetīgo, dēfetīgāvī, dēfetīgātumweary out, tire a person, fatigue, exhaust

dēficere, dēficiō, dēfēcī, dēfectumrun out, be wanting, fail,disappear,become extinct, die out, grow faint

dēfierī, dēfīo (Pass. zu dēficiō)lack, run out, cease, lacking, diminishing, get insufficient, dwindling, waning

dēflagrāre, dēflagrō, dēflagrāvī, dēflagrātumburn down, to be consumed by fire, perish, be destroyed, destroy utterly, burn out, cease burning, abate, be allayed

dēflammāre, dēflammōdeprive of flame, put out, extinguish

dēfluvium, dēfluviī na flowing down, flowing off, falling off, falling out

dēfoenerāre, dēfoenerō, dēfoenerāvī, dēfoenerātumsuck out by usury, make poor by usury

dēfōrmāre, dēfōrmō, dēfōrmāvī, dēfōrmātumbring out of shape, deform, disfigure, spoil, mar, disgrace, dishonor

dēfragrāre, dēfragrōburn down, to be consumed by fire, perish, be destroyed, destroy utterly, burn out, cease burning, abate, be allayed

dēfundere, dēfundō, dēfūdī, dēfūsumpour down, pour out, pour forth

dēfūsiō, dēfūsiōnis fpouring out into vessels

dēicere, dēiciō, dēiēcī, dēiectumthrow down, cast down, hurl down, precipitate, drive out, dislodge an enemy from his position, drive out, turn out of possession, eject, dispossess, fell with a mortal wound, bring down dead to the ground, kill, slay, lower, let down, hang down, depress

dēicī, dēiectus sumbe driven out of one’s course, be pushed aside, be thrown down

dēiectiō, dēiectiōnis fthrowing down, casting down, throwing out, casting out, ejection, turning out of possession, depression

dēlassābilis, dēlassābilethat can be wearied out

dēlassāre, dēlassō, dēlassātumweary out, tire out

dēlēbilis, dēlēbilethat may be blotted out, that may be destroyed

dēlector, dēlectōris mrecruiter, one who draws out, one who levies, one who recruits

dēlēctūs agōarry out levies of recruits

dēlēctus, dēlēctūs m (dīlēctus, dīlēctūs m)choosing out, picking out, selecting, selection, choice, distinction, levy, recruiting

dēleirāre, dēleirō, dēleirāvideviate from a straight line, be crazy, be deranged, be out of one’s wits, be silly, dote, rave

effervēscere, effervēscō, efferbuī (effervī)boil up, boil over, foam up, effervesce, ferment, grow violent, rage, light up, shine out, boil out, subside, abate

ex triviōout of the street, from the mob

hūc atque illūc mē versōtwist and turn, know neither in nor out

īnstrūmentum vēnātōriumhunting equipment, hunting device

lacertum addūcōreach out with your arm

lectus vītālisthe bed upon which one is laid while alive and is laid out when dead, death-bed, funeral-couch

sē superfundere, mē superfundō, mē superfūdīspread out, pour out

mustum circumcīdāneumwine pressed out after the ordinary pressing, when the husks and stems remaining in the press had been cut around

adiuvāre, adiuvō, adiūvi, adiūtumit is useless, it runs nowhere, it fizzles out ineffectively, it leads to nothing, it is a wasted effort of love, it is not worth it

noctū vēnātum eōgo hunting at night

oculōs dētergeōrubbing one's eyes, rubbing one's eyes out

officiō fungorcarry out one's duty, perform one's duty

officiō satisfaciōcarry out one's duty, perform one's duty

officiō satisfaciōcarry out one's duty, perform one's duty

officium servōcarry out one's duty, perform one's duty

officium servōcarry out one's duty, perform one's duty

officium servōcarry out one's duty, perform one's duty

praeda vēnāticiahunting booty, hunting prey

rebellāre, rebellō, rebellāvī, rebellātumwage war again, make an insurrection, revolt, rebel, renew the combat, break out again, resist

salīnum regūstōlick out the salt cask, suck out the salt cask

scaurus, scaura, scaurumwith large and swollen ankles, having the ankles bunching out

sectiō, sectiōnis fdividing, parcelling out, distribution by auction

sēlēctiō, sēlēctiōnis fchoosing out, choice, selection

sēligere, sēligō, sēlēgī, sēlēctumseparate by culling out, choose out, cul select

sentīnāculum, sentīnāculī ninstrument for bailing out the bilgewater of a ship, a scoop

sentīnātor, sentīnātōris mone who bails out the bilge water

sentīnāre, sentīnōpump out the bilge water from a ship, be in difficulty, be in danger

sēpōnere, sēpōnō, sēposuī, sēpositumsend into banishment, banish, exile, lay apart, lay aside, put by, separate, pick out, select, lay aside, set aside, set apart, assign, appropriate, reserve, remove, take away from others, exclude, select

sēvehī, sēvehor, sēvectus sumdrop out of the course

sibina, sibinae fa kind of hunting spear

sibonis, sibonis ma kind of hunting spear

sibyna, sibynae fa kind of hunting spear

sīdere, sīdō, sēdī (sīdī), sessumseat one’s self, sit down, settle, alight, sit fast, be set fast, remain sitting, remain lying, remain fixed, sink down, sink out of sight

sīgnificāre, sīgnificō, sīgnificāvī, sīgnificātumshow by signs, show, point out, express, publish, make known, indicate, intimate, notify, signify, betoken, prognosticate, foreshow, portend, mean, call, name, mean, import, signify

sīgnāre, sīgnō, sīgnāvī, sīgnātumset a mark upon, mark, mark out, designate, imprint, mark with a seal, seal, seal up, affix a seal to a thing, mark with a stamp, stamp, coin, license, distinguish, adorn, decorate, point out, signify, indicate, express, recognize, settle, establish, confirm, prescribe

singultāre, singultō, singultāvi, singultātumbreathe out with sobs, gasp away with short sobs

sinuāre, sinuō, sinuāvī, sinuātumbend, wind, curve, bow, swell out in curves, hollow out, excavate

sollicitāre, sollicitō, sollicitāvī, sollicitātumdisturb, stir, agitate, move, distress, harass, make uneasy, vex, solicit, tempt, seduce, attract, induce, put in lively motion, move violently, shake, exercise, produce by stirring, excite, cause to come forth, arouse, draw out, cause distress

solum vertōgo out of the country, turn one's back on one's homeland, leave the country

sonāre, sonō, sonuī, sonitummake a noise, sound, resound, utter, give utterance, speak, call, cry out, sing, pour forth

sortifer, sortifera, sortiferumgiving out oracles, oracular

sortiger, sortigera, sortigerumgiving out oracles, oracular

spandere, spandō, spanditusspread out, expand

sparsus, sparsa, sparsumspread open, spread out

spatiārī, spatior, spatiātus sumtake a walk, walk about, promenade, walk along, go, proceed, spread out, expand

speculātiō, speculātiōnis fspying out, exploration, observation, contemplation, speculation

speculārī, speculor, speculātus sumspy out, watch, observe, examine, explore, watch for, look around

spīcārī, spīcor, spīcātus sumshoot out ears, put forth ears

spīrāre, spīrō, spīrāvī, spīrātumbreathe, blow, draw breath, respire, be favorable, favor, live, be alive, be poetically inspired, have the lyric spirit, be puffed up, be proud, be arrogant, breathe out, exhale, emit, breathe feebly, breathe forth, exhale, breathe into, be full of, show, express, manifest, d

spuere, spuō, spuī, spūtumspit, spit out, spew

spūtāre, spūtōspit, spit out

sternere, sternō, strāvī, strātumspread out, spread abroad, stretch out, extend, cover, cover over, spread, stretch out by flinging down, throw down, stretch on the ground, throw to the ground, overthrow, prostrate

sternere, sternuō, sternuīsneeze, sputter, crackle, sneeze out, give by sneezing

stāre, stō, stetī, statum (stātūrus)stand still, remain standing, stand upright, stand firm, stand immovable, last, remain, continue, stuck fast, remaine fixed, tarry, linger, hold out, stand one’s ground, stand firm, stand unshaken, endure, persevere, persist, abide

stomachāri, stomachor, stomachātus sumbe irritated, be peevish, be pettish, be vexed, be angry, be out of humor, fume, fret, be angry, be vexed

strātus,strāta, strātumstretched out, lying down, prostrate

strigāre, strigōhold up, halt, stop in ploughing, give out, give way, lose strength, sink

striāre, striō, striāvi, striātumfurnish with furrows, furnish with channels, hollow out, groove, flute, striate

subclāmāre, subclāmō, subclāmāvi, subclāmātumcall out, cry out, shout, exclaim

subiectāre, subiectōlay under, place under, put under, throw out from below

subina, subinae fkind of hunting spear

sublīdere, sublīdō, press out, injure by degrees,

sublūcāre, sublūcōtrim, cut away, thin out

subnāscī, subnāscor, subnātus sumgrow up under, grow out of, grow after, follow after, succeed

subolfacere, subolfaciōsmell out, perceive by the scent

subōrnāre, subōrnō, subōrnāvī, subōrnātumfit out, furnish, provide, equip, adorn

subostendere, subostendō, subostendī, subostēnsumpoint out secretly, show indirectly

subruere, subruō, subruī, subrutumtear down below, undermine, dig under, dig out, break down, overthrow, demolish, undermine, subvert, corrupt

subsentīre, subsentiō, subsēnsīnotice secretly, perceive secretly, smell out

subsistere, subsistō, substitītake a stand, take a position, stand still, remain standing, stop, halt, stay, tarry, abide, remain in a place, remain alive, make a stand, stand firm, hold out, withstand, oppose, resist

substernere, substernō, substrāvī, substrātumstrew, scatter, spread, lay under, lay beneath, spread underneath, lay as a ground-color, furnish, bestrew, spread over, cover any thing, spread out, submit for examination, submit for acceptance, give up, surrender, prostitute

substāre, substōstand under, stand among, be under, be among, be present, stand firm, hold out

subtercavātus, subtercavāta, subtercavātumhollowed out underneath

subvellere, subvellō, subvellī, subvulsumpluck up, pull out

succingere, succingō, succīnxī, succīnctumgird below, gird from below, tuck up, gird, gird about, girdle, surround, furnish, provide, equip, fit out

succlāmātiō, succlāmātiōnis fcalling out, crying out, shouting, acclamation

succlāmāre, succlāmō, succlāmāvi, succlāmātumcall out, cry out, shout, exclaim

sūdāscere, sūdāscōwork up a sweat, break out in a sweat

sūdāre, sūdo, sūdāvi, sūdātumsweat, perspire, sweat with, perspire with, to be wet with, moist with, drenched in any thing, sweat, drip, distil from any thing, toil, labor hard, exert one’s self, fatigue one’s self, tire one’s self out

sūdāre, sūdo, sūdāvi, sūdātumthrow off by sweating, emit by sweating, to sweat out, exude, sweat out, make laboriously, perform laboriously, carry on laboriously, saturate with sweat, sweat through, sweat through, pass in sweating, spend in sweating

sufflāre, sufflō, sufflāvi, sufflātumblow forth from below, to blow up, puff out, inflate, got enraged

sūmptum reficiōget the costs back out, cover the costs

superfundere, superfundō, superfūdī, superfūsumpour over, pour upon, pour itself out, overflow, spread out, scatter, extend, spread abroad, extended, pour one thing over another, spread one thing over another

supermētīrī, supermētior, supermēnsus summete out abundantly

superstāgnāre, superstāgnōspread out into a lake

superstāgnāre, superstāgnōspread out into a lake

supīnus, supīna, supīnumbackwards, bent backwards, thrown backwards, lying on the back, supine, going back, retrograde, sloping, inclined, stretched out, extended, careless, thoughtless, heedless, negligent, indolent, with head thrown back, haughty, proud

suppatēre, suppateōlie open beneath, spread out beneath, was spread over at the bottom

suspīrāre, suspīrō, suspīrāvī, suspīrātumdraw a deep breath, heave a sigh, sigh, sighing after, longing for, may exhale, evaporate, breathe out, exhale, sigh for, long for, sigh out, exclaim with a sigh

sustentāre, sustentō, sustentāvī, sustentātumhold up, hold upriqht, uphold, support, prop, sustain, bear, wear, keep up, maintain, uplift, preserve, keep in check, hold back, restrain, hold out, endure, suffer, put off, defer, delay

sȳringiānus, sȳringiāna, sȳringiānumhollowed out like a pipe

sȳringnātus, sȳringnāta, sȳringnātumhollowed out like a pipe

tēlum ex vulnere extrahōpull the bullet out of the wound

tempestātem nānctī idōneam ex portū exeuntwith favourable wind they run out

tempora in venēndō agōspend his time on the hunt, spend his time hunting

tempus dūcōdrag out the time, protract time

tempus mātūrius quam rēs mē dēsereretI'll run out of time before the stuff

tempus mē citius dēficiet quam ōrātiōI'll run out of time before I'm through talking

tempus terōserve out one's time

tendere, tendō, tetendī, tēnsum (tentum)stretch, stretch out, distend, extend, direct one’s self or one’s course, aim, strive, go, travel, march, tend, bend one’s course, be directed, be inclined, exert one’s self in opposition, strive, try, endeavor, contend, set up tents, be under tents, be encamped, encamp

tendō dē fūmō in flammamjump out of the frying pan into the fire

tenēre, teneō, tenuī, tentumhold out, hold on, last, endure, continue, maintain itself, prevail

tēnsiō, tēnsiōnis fstretching, stretching out, extension

tēnsūra, tēnsūrae fstretching out, straining, tension, setting up, pitching

tēnsus, tēnsa, tēnsumstretched out, drawn tight, strained, tense

tentiō, tentiōnis fstretching, stretching out, extension

tentipellium, tentipelliī nthat which stretches out a skin or hide, hidestretcher, leather-stretcher

tentus, tenta, tentumstretched out, drawn tight, strained, tense

terminōs regōmark out the boundaries

terere, terō, trīvī, trītum (τείρω)rub, rub to pieces, bruise, grind, bray, triturate, cleanse by rubbing, beautify by rubbing, smooth, furbish, burnish, polish, sharpen, lessen by rubbing, rub away, wear away by use, wear out, crush, annihilate, use up, pass time, spend time, expend, employ, exhaust

tingere, tingō, tīnxī, tīnctum wet, moisten, bathe with, bathe in any liquid, soak in color, dye, color, tinge, produce a color, bring out a color, baptize, imbue, well furnish with

tinguere, tinguō, tīnxī, tīnctumwet, moisten, bathe with, bathe in any liquid, soak in color, dye, color, tinge, produce a color, bring out a color, baptize, imbue, well furnish with

torō mortuus compōnormy corpse is laid out

tortīvus, tortīva, tortīvumpressed out, squeezed out

tractum, tractī nany thing drawn out at length, flock of wool drawn out for spinning, long piece of dough

tractus, tractūs mdrawing, dragging, hauling, pulling, drawing out, trailing, stretch, extent, tract of a thing, territory, district, region, tract of land, course, progress, movement, space, lapse, period, drawing out, protracting, lengthening, protraction, extension, length

tragoediās agō in nūgīsmake a tragedy out of little things, turn small things into tragedy

trahere, trahō, trāxī, tractumdraw, drag, haul, drag along, draw off, draw forth, draw away, draw out, pull out, extract, withdraw, draw together, bring together, contract, wrinkle, draw in, take in, quaff, draw up, inhaling, take on, assume, acquire, get, drag away violently, to carry off, plunder

trālātiō, trālātiōnis fcarrying from one place to another, removing from one place to another, transporting, transferring, transplanting, ingrafting, pouring out into another vessel, shifling off, translation into another language, trope, metaphor, transposition, metathesis

trānsfluere, trānsfluō, trānsflūxīflow through, run through, run out, soak through, pass away, elapse

trānsfūmāre, trānsfūmōsmoke through, breathe out like smoke

trānsfundere, trānsfundō, trānsfūdī, trānsfūsumpour out from one vessel into another, pour off, decant, transfuse

trānsfūsiō, trānsfūsiōnis fpouring out, decanting, transfusion, discharge, transmigration, transformation

trānslātiō, trānslātiōnis fcarrying from one place to another, removing from one place to another, transporting, transferring, transplanting, ingrafting, pouring out into another vessel, shifling off, translation into another language, trope, metaphor, transposition, metathesis

trānslegere, trānslegōread through, read out

trānsnumerāre, trānsnumerōcount over, count out

trānspōnere, trānspōnō, trānsposuī, trānspositumplace over, set over, set across, remove, transfer, set out, transplant

tribūtō aliquem exhauriōsuck out someone through levies

triumvirī colōniae dēdūcendaetriumvirate for leading out a colony

triumvirī colōniae dēdūcendae et agrō assīgnandōtriumvirate for leading out a colony and distributing the land among its members

triumvirī colōniae dēdūcendae et agrō dandōfor leading out a colony and distributing the land among its members

triumvirī colōniae dēdūcendae et agrō dīvidendōtriumvirate for leading out a colony and distributing the land among its members

tumēre, tumeō, tumuīswell, be swollen, be tumid, be puffed out, be inflated, be excited, be violent, be ready to burst forth, are in a ferment, are unsettled, approaching a crisis, be puffed up, be turgid, be pompous, be bombastic

tumēscere, tumēscō, tumuībegin to swell, swell up, become swollen, become excited, become violent, become ready to burst forth, be puffed up, are fermenting, are threatening to break out

tumidus, tumida, tumidumswollen, swelling, rising high, protuberant, tumid, stuffed with food, excited, incensed, enraged, exasperated, puffed up, elated, haughty, arrogant, restless, violent, ready to break out, swelling with rage, seditious, bombastic, pompous, inflated, turgid, puffing up

tumultūs violentī ortī suntviolent unrest has broken out

turgēre, turgeōswell out, be swollen, be tumid, be inflated, be urgid, be bombastic, be full, be swollen with anger, be enraged

turgere, turgōswell out, be swollen, be tumid, be inflated, be urgid, be bombastic, be full, be swollen with anger, be enraged

tūtus, tūta, tūtumsafe, secure, out of danger, watchful, careful, cautious, prudent

ulcerātiō, ulcerātiōnis fbreaking out into sores, ulceration, sore, ulcer

ulmitriba, ulmitribae melm-rubber, one that wears out elms, one that is often beaten with elm-rods

ultimus suōrum mortuus esthe died as the last of his family, as the last of his family died, with him his family died out

ululāre, ululō, ululāvī, ululātumhowl, yell, shriek, utter a mournful cry, ring, resound, re-echo, howl forth, utter with howlings, cry out, wail over, howl over, fill (a place) with howling, fill (a place) with yells, fill (a place) shrieks

unde in omnēs partēs circumspectus estfrom where you can look out in all directions

urbāre, urbōplough round, mark out with a plough

urbs in altum prōiectaCity jutting out into the sea

urvāre, urvōplough round, mark out with a plough

ūtilitās efflōrēscit ex aliquā rēbenefit grows out of something

vallum vellōtear down the wall, tear down the rampart, tear out the palisades

vās, vāsis n (Pl. vāsa, vāsōrum n)vessel, dish, utensil, implement of any kind, military equipments, baggage, agricultural implements, beehives, hunting implements

vāsa, vāsōrum nvessel, dish, utensil, implement of any kind, military equipments, baggage, agricultural implements, beehives, hunting implements

vēla in altum dōput out to sea

vēles, vēlitis m (meist Pl. vēlitēs, vēlitum m)light-armed soldier, who attacked the enemy out of the line of battle, skirmisher

vēlīs rēmīsque cōnorput all levers in motion, make an effort with hands and feet, do everything, exert all your strength, pull out all the stops, lie down in the harness, pull out your arms and legs

vellere, vellō, vulsī (volsī, vellī), vulsum (volsum)pluck, pull, deprive of the hair, deprive of the feathers, tear out, tear away, tear up, twitch, tear, torment

vellī, vellor, vulsus sum (volsus sum)let the hair pull out, get depilated

vēnāticius, vēnāticia, vēnāticiumbelonging to hunting, belonging to the chase

vēnātiō, vēnātiōnis fhunting, chase, venery, hunting spectacle, hunt, battue, combat of wild beasts, that which is been hunted, that which has been hunted, game

vēnātor canishunting dog

vēnātor, vēnātōris mhunter, one who fights with wild beasts in the arena, huntsman, hunting man

vēnātū alorlive from hunting, eating game meat

vēnātum proficīscorgo hunting, set off on a hunt

vēnātūra, vēnātūrae fhunting, chase

vēnātus, vēnātūs mhunting, chase, fishing, game

veniam dōforgive out of magnanimity

veniam dōforgive out of magnanimity

veniam dōpardon out of magnanimity

ventum nānctī idōneum ex portū exeuntthey run out with favorable wind

verbum indūcōcross out a word, delete a word

vērīs laudibus aliquem ōrnōsingle somebody out with genuine praise

vēritātem obliniōcross out the truth, strike out the truth

verrere, verrō, verrī (versī), versumscrape, sweep, brush, scour, sweep out, sweep up, sweep together, clean out, cleanse by sweeping, sweep along, drive, impel, sweep away, drag away, take away, carry off, obliterate, cover, hide, conceal

vestīgāre, vestīgō, vestīgāvī, vestīgātumfollow in the track of, track, trace out, find out by tracing, trace out, discover, search after, seek out, inquire into, investigate

vetera omittōleave the old out, pass over the old

viae mē committōset out, set off

viam ineōset out, resort to a means, take a path

victō silentiō prōrumpōbreak the silence and let the words come out

victōriam explōrātam dīmittōgive an already certain victory out of hand

victōriam ostendōhold out the prospect of victory, promise a victory

vidēre, videō, vīdī, vīsumsee, perceive, have the eyes open, be awake, look out on, afford a view, observe, mark, discern, understand, comprehend, be aware, know, look at, look to, consider, think upon

vim vī dēpellōdrive out violence with force, drive out violence with violence

vincula rumpōbreak out of prison, break out of jail, escape from prison

vitiōsās partēs exsecōcut out diseased parts of the body

vitiōsās partēs exsecōcutting out cancerous tumors

vociferāre, vociferōcry out, cry aloud, exclaim, scream, bawl, vociferate, call aloud, sound, resound, proclaim

vociferārī, vociferor, vociferātus sumcry out, cry aloud, exclaim, scream, bawl, vociferate, call aloud, sound, resound, proclaim

vocitāre, vocitō, vocitāvī, vocitātumbe wont to call, call, name, call loudly, call out

volsella, volsellae fkind of pincers for pulling out hairs, tweezers, forceps

volsilla, volsillae fkind of pincers for pulling out hairs, tweezers, forceps

vomere, vomō, vomuī, vomitumthrow up by vomiting, discharge by vomiting, vomit up, vomit forth, throw or pour out in abundance, emit, discharge

vulnus exūrōcauterize a wound, burn out a wound

vulsella, vulsellae fkind of pincers for pulling out hairs, tweezers, forceps


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