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1. Wörterbuch und Phrasen:

Deut. Fund; Engl. Fund;

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Hauptquelle: Lewis and Short
altilis, altilefattened, fat, full, large, rich, abundant, nutritive, nourishing

conciēns, concientispregnant, full

cōnfertus, cōnferta, cōnfertumpressed together, pressed close, crowded, thick, dense, close, compact, stuffed, filled full, full

farcīre, farciō, farsī, fartum (φράσσω)to stuff, cram, fill, full, to fatten,

satur, satura, saturumfull, deep, strong, rich, (colo

sufferctus, a, umcrammed full, full

suffertus, sufferta, suffertumcrammed full, full

ūber, ūberisrich in something, full, fruitful, fertile, abundant, plentiful, copious, productive, rich

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Hauptquelle: Lewis and Short
abōminōsus, abōminōsa, abōminōsumfull of ill omens, portentous

abundābilis, abundābilefull of juice, full-blooded

acerōsus, acerōsa, acerōsumfull of chaff, mixed with chaff

actinōsus, actinōsa, actinōsumfull of rays, glorious

āctuōsus, āctuōsa, āctuōsumfull of activity, very active

adimplēre, adimpleō, adimplēvī, adimplētumfill up, fill full, fulfil, perform, made full, made perfect

admodumto the measure, to the limit, to a great measure, in a high degree, much, very, to a full measure, fully, completely, wholly, quite, absolutely, about, near, nearly, just, at all, exactly, just so, quite so, certainly, yes, certainly

adulēscēns, adulēscentisgrowing up, not yet come to full growth, young

aerōsus, aerōsa, aerōsumfull of copper

aerūginōsus, aerūginōsa, aerūginōsumfull of copper-rust, rusty, covered with verdigris

aerumnābilis, aerumnābilethat may be regarded as wretched or miserable, full of trouble, calamitous

aerumnōsus, aerumnōsa, aerumnōsumfull of trouble, full of misery, suffering, wretched, miserable

aestuōsus, aestuōsa, aestuōsumfull of agitation, full of heat, burning, great ly agitated, in violent ebullition

affectiōsus, affectiōsa, affectiōsumfull of attachment, full of affection

affectuōsus, affectuōsa, affectuōsumfull of inclination, full of affection, full of love, affectionate, kind, zärtlich

alūminōsus, alūminōsa, alūminōsumaluminous, full of alum

amārēbitterly, hurtfully, full of bitterness, full of bile

amāricōsus, amāricōsa, amāricōsumfull of bitterness

amāriterbitterly, hurtfully, full of bitterness, full of bile

amāritōsus, amāritōsa, amāritōsumfull of bitterness

amārulentus, amārulenta, amārulentumbitter, full of bitterness

ambāgiōsus, ambāgiōsa, ambāgiōsumfull of windings, full of digressions

amnis vorāginōsusriver full of whirlpools

amplus, ampla, amplumfull all round, great, large, wide, ample, spacious, abundant, much, long, strong, violent, impetuous, handsome, magnificent, splendid, glorious

angulōsus, angulōsa, angulōsumfull of corners

animō fīdentītrusting, trustful, full of confidence

animō parum valeōbe somewhat weak-minded, not to be quite able to think, not to be in full possession of one's mental powers

animōsus, animōsa, animōsumfull of courage, bold, spirited, undaunted, proud on account of something, sparing no expense, fearing no expense

annōa year ago, last year, a full year, a whole year, in each year, yearly

annus integera full year, a complete year, a whole year

annus solidusa full year, a whole year

anxiōsus, anxiōsa, anxiōsumfull of anxiety, causing anxiety, causing pain, causing uneasiness

aquāticus, aquātica, aquāticumowing by the water, found in the water, aquatic, full of water, watery, moist, humid, resembling water

aquilentus, aquilenta, aquilentumfull of water, humid, wet

aquōsus, aquōsa, aquōsumabounding in water, rainy, moist, humid, full of water, rainy, bright, clear, pellucid

arēnōsus, arēnōsa, arēnōsumfull of sand, sandy

argentum lēctumfull value money

argillōsus, argillōsa, argillōsumfull of clay, abounding in clay

argūtus, argūta, argūtumfull of bustle or din, prating, verbose, wordy, distinct, conclusive, clearly indicative, sharp, pungent, keen, acute, sagacious, witty, sly, artful, cunning

arrogātiō, arrogātiōnis ffull adoption, in the comitia curiata, adoption of a homo sui iuris in the place of a child

articulōsus,  articulōsa,  articulōsumfull of joints, full of knots, full of minute divisions and subdivisions

arx fontibus scatitthe mountain top is full of springs

barba prōmissafull beard

bīliōsus, bīliōsa, bīliōsumfull of bile, bilious, hypochondriac

calculōsus, calculōsa, calculōsumfull of small stones or pebbles, stony, pebbly, gravelly, afficted with calculus or stone

caleō in agendōbe all fire to do, be full of zeal to do, being on fire to do

cālīginōsus, cālīginōsa, cālīginōsumfull of mist, covered with mist, dark, obscure, gloomy, dark, uncertain, obscure

cālīgōsus, cālīgōsa, cālīgōsumfull of mist, covered with mist, dark, obscure, gloomy, dark, uncertain, obscure

calumniōsus, calumniōsa, calumniōsumfull of tricks or artifices, swindling

cancerōsus, cancerōsa, cancerōsumfull of cancerous tumours

cānōsus, cānōsa, cānōsumfull of grey hairs

capillōsus, capillōsa, capillōsumfull of hair, very hairy

cartilāginōsus, cartilāginōsa, cartilāginōsumfull of cartilage, very gristly

cavernōsus, cavernōsa, cavernōsumfull of hollows, full of cavities

cavillōsus, cavillōa, cavillōumfull of raillery, full of irony

cērōsus, cērōsa, cērōsumfull of wax

cicātrīcōsus, cicātrīcōsa, cicātrīcōsumfull of scars, covered with scars, amended or polished here and there

cinerōsus, cinerōsa, cinerōsumfull of ashes

citātō equōat full gallop

clāmōrōsus, clāmōrōsa, clāmōrōsumfull of clamor, full of noise, clamoring continually, bawling loudly, clamorous, noisy, bawling

clāmōsus, clāmōsa, clāmōsumfull of clamor, full of noise, clamoring continually, bawling loudly, clamorous, noisy, bawling, filled with noise, filled with clamor, accompanied with noise or clamor

clīvōsus, clīvōsa, clīvōsumhilly, full of hills, steep, difficult

commodus, commoda, commodumthat has a due or proper measure, complete, perfect, of full weight or measure, fit, suitable, due, proper, convenient, opportune, commodious, easy, appropriate, favorable, friendly to

complēmentum, complēmentī nthat which fills up, that which completes, a complement, that gives the full weight

complēre, compleō, complēvī, complētumfill up, fill full, fill out, make the army of a full number, make a legion of a full number, complete, to man, fill with men, impregnate, fill (with light, with sounds, with odors, with food)

concupīscentiālis, concupīscentiālefull of desire

cōnfīrmāre, cōnfīrmō, cōnfīrmāvī, cōnfīrmātumconfirm one in his disposition or feelings, confirm one in his fidelity, give full assurance of, corroborate an assertion, settle, fix, establish, prove, demonstrate the truth of a thing

cōnfossus, cōnfossa, cōnfossumpierced through, full of holes, seriously damaged

conrūgāre, conrūgō, conrūgāvī, conrūgātummake full of wrinkles, wrinkle, corrugate, produce loathing, cause disgust

cōnsiliōsus, cōnsiliōsa, cōnsiliōsumfull of prudence, full of wisdom, considerate

cōnsūcidus, cōnsūcida, cōnsūcidumfull-juicy, standing in full juice, lushly built

contemptiōnis plēnusfull of contempt (for someone)

contentō cursūin full run, in full swing

contumēliōsus, contumēliōsa, contumēliōsumfull of abuse, reproachful, insolent, abusive

corrūgāre, corrūgō, corrūgāvī, corrūgātummake full of wrinkles, wrinkle, corrugate

crēdulus, crēdula, crēdulumthat easily believes a thing, credulous, easy of belief, confiding, full of confidence, confiding, trusting

crīminōsus, crīminōsa, crīminōsumfull of reproaches, reproachful, accusalory, calumniating, slanderous

cruciārius, cruciāria, cruciāriumpertaining to the cross, pertaining to torture, full of torture

cruciātōrius, cruciātōria, cruciātōriumpertaining to the cross, pertaining to torture, full of torture

cum aut incohātur lūna aut implēturwhen it becomes new moon or full moon

cum fidētrustful, with trust, full of trust

cum fīdūciātrustful, with trust, full of trust

cumulāre, cumulō, cumulāvi, cumulātumform into a heap, accumulate, heap up, pile up, augment by heaping up, increase, heap, amass, make full by heaping up, fill full, fill, overload, overwhelm, made complete, made perfect, complete

cumulus, cumulī mheap, pile, a mass piled up, a heap added to an accumulated mass or to a full measure

cupiditātibus frēna permittōgive free rein to one's desires, give full vent to one's desires

cūrius, cūria, cūriumfull of sorrow, grievous

curriculōin a quick course, at full speed, swiftly, hastily

cursū effūsōin the most violent run, in full run

cursū māgnōin full run

cȳmōsus, cȳmōsa, cȳmōsumfull of shoots

dā sēmiplēnum quaesō pōtōriumplease give a cup only half full

damnōsus, damnōsa, damnōsumfull of injury, that causes injury, injurious, hurtful, destructive, pernicious, that suffers injury, injured, unfortunate, that injures himself, wasteful, prodigal

datō singulīs plēna pōtōria!pour everyone his glass, give everyone their glass full

dēbriāre, dēbriō, dēbriāvī, dēbriātum, intoxicate strongly, make drunk to the full

diēs plēnus venustātisa day full of pleasantness

equō admissōat full speed

immodicus meī aestimātor sumoverestimate yourself, be full of yourself, be overconfident

impetus māiorfull attack, major attack

iocōsus, iocōsa, iocōsumfull of jesting, jocose, humorous, droll, facetious

iūsta causagood reason, just cause, full right

memoriā vigeōhave a good memory, have a strong memory, be in full possession of one's memory

nivōsus, nivōsa, nivōsumfull of snow, snowy

pītuītōsus, pītuītōsa, pītuītōsumfull of phlegm, phlegmatic, pituilous

saxōsus, saxōsa, saxōsumfull of rocks

saxōsus, saxōsa, saxōsumfull of rocks

scatēre, scateōto be plentiful, to swarm, abound, to gush forth with, to be full of

scatere, scatōto be plentiful, to swarm, abound, to gush forth with, to be full of

scatūrīginōsus, scatūrīginōsa, scatūrīginōsumfull of springs, abounding in springs, springy

scatūrīre, scatūriō, scatūrīvī (scaturriō)to be full of, to be filled with, to be abound in a thing

scatūrrīre, scatūrriō, scatūrrīvīto be full of, to be filled with, to be abound in a thing

scelerōsus, scelerōsa, scelerōsumfull of wickedness, vicious, abominable, accursed

scopulōsus, scopulōsa, scopulōsumfull of rocks, rocky, shelvy, craggy

scrūpōsus, scrūpōsa, scrūpōsumfull of sharp stones, jagged, rough, rugged, hard, arduous

scrūpulōsus, scrūpulōsa, scrūpulōsumfull of small sharp stones, rough, rugged, jagged

sēbōsus, sēbōsa, sēbōsumfull of tallow, full of grease, tallowy, greasy

sēditiōsus, sēditiōsa, sēditiōsumfull of civil discord, factious, turbulent, mutinous, seditious, quarrelsome, exposed to discord, troubled

sēmiinānis, sēmiinānehalfempty, but half full

sēminānis, sēminānehalfempty, but half full

sēminōsus, sēminōsa, sēminōsumfull of seeds

sēmiplēnus, sēmiplēna, sēmiplēnumhalf full, half in full, incompletely, in part

sēmus, sēma, sēmumhalf full, half empty, only half

sententiōsēfull of meaning, suggestively, sententiously

sententiōsus, sententiōsa, sententiōsumfull of meaning, pithy, sententious

senticōsus, senticōsa, senticōsumfull of briers, full of thorns, thorny, briery

sentīnōsus, sentīnōsa, sentīnōsumfull of bilge water

sentōsus, sentōsa, sentōsumfull of thorns, thorny

sentuōsus, sentuōsa, sentuōsumfull of thorns, thorny

sētōsus, sētōsa, sētōsumfull of coarse hairs, full of bristles, bristly, setous

sīgnificāns, sīgnificantisfull of meaning, expressive, significant

silvōsus, silvōsa, silvōsumfull of woods, full of trees, woody

sinuōsus, sinuōsa, sinuōsumfull of bendings, full of windings, full of curves, full of folds, bent, winding, sinuous

sollicitus, sollicita, sollicitumthoroughly moved, agitated, disturbed, full of anxiety, full of excitement, distracted by cares, engaged, troubled, agitated, vibrating (by disease), full of anxiety, alarmed, solicitous, anxious, mournful, full with cares, connected with cares and anxiety

somniculōsus, somniculōsa, somniculōsumfull of sleep, inclined to sleep, drowsy, dozy, sleepy, sluggish, slothful, making sleepy, making drowsy, making sluggish

spēluncōsus, spēluncōsa, spēluncōsumfull of caves, full of caverns, cavernous

spīnōsus, spīnōsa, spīnōsumfull of thorns, full of prickles, thorny, prickly, harsh, crabbed, obscure, confused, perplexed, stinging, galling, irritating

spūmōsus, spūmōsa, spūmōsumfull of foam, foaming, frothy, bombastic

stāgnōsus, stāgnōsa, stāgnōsumfull of standing waters, full of pools

stāmineus, stāminea, stāmineumconsisting of threads, full of threads, thready

stercorōsus, stercorōsa, stercorōsumfull of excrements, full of dung, well manured, full of filth, impure

stigmōsus, stigmōsa, stigmōsumfull of brand-marks, branded

stimulōsus, stimulōsa, stimulōsumfull of incentives, stimulative

stīpāre, stīpō, stīpāvi, stīpātumcrowd together, press together, compress, pack up together, press, cram, stuff full, fill full, surround, encompass, environ, attend, accompany

succōsus, succōsa, succōsumfull of juice, full of moisture, juicy, sappy, succulent, rich in money

succulentus, succulenta, succulentumfull of juice, full of sap, sappy, succulent, vigorous

sūcōsus, sūcōsa, sūcōsumfull of juice, full of moisture, juicy, sappy, succulent, rich in money

sūculentus, sūculenta, sūculentumfull of juice, full of sap, sappy, succulent, vigorous

suffarcināre, suffarcinō, suffarcināvi, suffarcinātumstuff full, cram, deck, adorn, enrich

sulphurōsus, sulphurōsa, sulphurōsumfull of sulphur, sulphureous

summā alicuius voluntātewith someone's full permission, with someone's full consent

superstitiōsus, superstitiōsa, superstitiōsumfull of superstition, superstitious, soothsaying, prophetic, prophetical

suppeditātiō, suppeditātiōnis ffull supply, abundance, exuberance

supplēmentum, supplēmentī nthat with which any thing is made full or whole, filling up, supply, supplement, making up, filling up a body of troops, recruiting, supplies, reinforcements

supplēre, suppleō, supplēvī, supplētumfill up, make full or whole, make good, complete, supply, make complete, make full in number, furnish with a complement, recruit

supplēre, suppleō, supplēvī, supplētumthat with which any thing is made full or whole, filling up, supply, supplement, making up, filling up a body of troops, recruiting

tenebricōsus, tenebricōsa, tenebricōsumfull of darkness, full of gloom, shrouded in darkness, dark, gloomy

terrōsus, terrōsa, terrōsumfull of earth, earthy

thymōsus, thymōsa, thymōsumfull of thyme, thymy

timōrātus, timōrāta, timōrātumfull of reverence towards God, devout

timōsus, timōsa, timōsumfull of thyme, thymy

tineōsus, tineōsa, tineōsumfull of worms, wormy, full of lice, lousy

tiniōsus, tiniōsa, tiniōsumfull of worms, wormy, full of lice, lousy

tolūtimon a trot, full trot

tortuōsus, tortuōsa, tortuōsumfull of crooks, full of turns, winding, tortuous, entangled, involved, complicated, confused, painful, torturing

tōtā mentewith all my heart, from the bottom of my heart, with full fervour

tōtum bīduumtwo whole days, two full days

tōtum quadrīduumfour full days

tōtum triduumthree full days

tribulōsus, tribulōsa, tribulōsumfull of thorns, full of thistles, thorny, rough

trīcōsus, trīcōsa, trīcōsumfull of difficulties, full of perplexities, full of wiles or tricks

tūberōsus, tūberōsa, tūberōsumfull of humps, full of lumps, full of protuberances

tumulōsus, tumulōsa, tumulōsumfull of hills, hilly

tumultuōsus, tumultuōsa, tumultuōsumfull of bustle, full of confusion, full of tumult, restless, turbulent, tumultuous, announcing disturbances

turbidus, turbida, turbidumfull of confusion, full of disorder, wild, confused, disordered, wild, stormy, troubled, thick, muddy, turbid, disturbed, perplexed, violent, boisterous, turbulent, vehement

turbulentus, turbulenta, turbulentumfull of trouble, full of commotion, restless, agitated, confused, disturbed, boisterous, stormy, tempestuous, turbid, muddy, stirred up, aroused, excited, making trouble, troublesome, turbulent, factious, seditious

turgēre, turgeōswell out, be swollen, be tumid, be inflated, be urgid, be bombastic, be full, be swollen with anger, be enraged

turgere, turgōswell out, be swollen, be tumid, be inflated, be urgid, be bombastic, be full, be swollen with anger, be enraged

ulcerōsus, ulcerōsa, ulcerōsumfull of sores, ulcerous, knobby, full of knots, wounded

ūlīginōsus, ūlīginōsa, ūlīginōsumfull of moisture, wet, moist, damp, marshy

umbō, umbōnis mboss of a shield, shield, elbow, promontory, projecting boundary-stone, full part or swelling of a garment

umbrōsus, umbrōsa, umbrōsumfull of shade, shady, umbrageous

undāre, undō, undāvī, undātumrise in waves, rise in surges, throw up waves, surge, swell, overflow with, be full of, abound in any thin, wave, undulate, waver, fluctuate, be agitated

undōsus, undōsa, undōsumfull of waves, full of surges, surgy, billowy

unduōsus, unduōsa, unduōsumfull of waves, full of surges, surgy, billowy

unguinōsus, unguinōsa, unguinōsumfull of fat, full of oil, fat, oily, unctuous

ūniversum bīduumtwo full days

ūniversum quadrīduumfour full days

ūniversum triduumthree full days

ūrinus, ūrina, ūrinumfull of wind, windy

vadōsus, vadōsa, vadōsumfull of shallows, full of fords, shallow, shoal

vapōreus, vapōrea, vapōreumdissolving in haze, void, very hot, full heat, full steam

vapōrifer, vapōrifera, vapōriferumemitting steam, full of vapors, full of exhalations, vaporous

vapōrōsus, vapōrōsa, vapōrōsumfull of steam, full of vapor, steaming, vaporous

vāricōsēfull of dilated veins, varicose

vēla faciōraising sails, sailing with full wind, move forward quickly in speech

vēlificātiōne plēnāwith full sails

vēlīs rēmīsquewith all effort, with all strength, with full sails

venēnōsus, venēnōsa, venēnōsumfull of poison, very poisonous

vēnōsus, vēnōsa, vēnōsumfull of veins, veiny, venous, dry, meagre

ventōsēas if full of wind, inflatedly

ventōsus, ventōsa, ventōsumfull of wind, windy, like the wind, light, quick, speedy, swift, nimble, changeable, inconstant, fickle, puffed up, vain, conceited, empty

verbōsus, verbōsa, verbōsumfull of words, wordy, prolix, verbose

vēre nōndum adultōeven before the full onset of spring

vēritās nūdaplain truth, whole truth, full truth, complete truth

vermiculārī, vermiculorbe full of worms, be wormy, be worm-eaten

vermiculōsus, vermiculōsa, vermiculōsumfull of worms, wormy

verminosus, verminosa, verminosumfull of worms, wormy

vermiōsus, vermiōsa, vermiōsumfull of worms, wormy

vērōsus, vērōsa, vērōsumfull of slime, covered with slime, slimy, having a bad odor, stinking, fetid, poisonous, foul

verrūcōsus, verrūcōsa, verrūcōsumfull of warts, warty, rough, rugged

vēsīculōsus, vēsīculōsa, vēsīculōsumfull of bladders, full of blisters, vesiculous

vigēre, vigeō, viguīstand in full strength and freshness, stand in sap and vigor

vīnolentus, vīnolenta, vīnolentumfull of or drunk with wine, drunk, intoxicated, strongly mixed with wine

vīnōsus, vīnōsa, vīnōsumfull of wine, drunk with wine, fond of wine, winebibbing, drunken, having the taste of wine, having the flavor of wine

vīnulentus, vīnulenta, vīnulentumfull of or drunk with wine, drunk, intoxicated, strongly mixed with wine

vir inexplēbilis virtūtisa man full of insatiable desire for merit

vīrēs intimās mōlemque bellī cieōmuster the full might of war

virgōsus, virgōsa, virgōsumfull of twigs

virgultus, virgulta, virgultumfull of bushes, full of thickets, shrubby

viridissimus īraefull of fiery anger, full of glowing anger

vīrōsus, vīrōsa, vīrōsumfull of slime, covered with slime, slimy, having a bad odor, stinking, fetid, poisonous, foul

vīrulentus, vīrulenta, vīrulentumfull of poison, poisonous, virulent

vīrulentus, vīrulenta, vīrulentumfull of poison, poisonous, virulent

viscōsus, viscōsa, viscōsumfull of birdlime, sticky, viscous

vīta cōnferta voluptātibusa life full of pleasures, a life full of delights

vitā replētusfull of life, life full

vītā satiātusfull of life, life full

vitiōsus, vitiōsa, vitiōsumfull of faults, full of defects, faulty, defective, bad, corrupt, diseased, morally faulty, wicked, depraved, vicious

vīvidus, vīvida, vīvidumcontaining life, living, animated, true to the life, spirited, vivid, full of life, lively, vigorous, vivid

volūminōsus, volūminōsa, volūminōsumfull of windings, full of bendings, full of folds

voluptuōsus, voluptuōsa, voluptuōsumfull of gratification, full of enjoyment, full of pleasure, full of delight, agreeable, pleasant, delightful

vomicōsus, vomicōsa, vomicōsumfull of sores, full of tumors

vorāginōsus, vorāginōsa, vorāginōsumfull of pits, full of chasms, full of abysses, voraginous

vōx plēnapowerful voice, full sounding voice

vultuōsus, vultuōsa, vultuōsumof an expressive countenance, full of expression, full of airs or grimaces, grimacing, affected


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