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"chew up":

1. Wörterbuch und Phrasen:

Deut. Fund; Engl. Fund;

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 Wortsuche im lateinisch - deutschen Georges bei Zeno.orgzeitgemäßad hoc tempus aptusad hoc tempus aptus  
 Wortsuche im lateinisch - deutschen Georges bei Zeno.orgzeitgemäßad tempusad tempus  
 Wortsuche im lateinisch - deutschen Georges bei Zeno.orgzeitgemäßhīs temporibus conveniēnshis temporibus conveniens  
 Wortsuche im lateinisch - deutschen Georges bei Zeno.orgzeitgemäßquem (quam, quod) tempus ipsum pōstulatquem (quam, quod) tempus ipsum postulat  
 Wortsuche im lateinisch - deutschen Georges bei Zeno.orgzeitgemäßquī (quae, quod, ut) mōris estqui (quae, quod, ut) moris est  
 Wortsuche im lateinisch - deutschen Georges bei Zeno.orgzeitgemäßquī (quae, quod, ut) recentissimī mōris estqui (quae, quod, ut) recentissimi moris est  
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Hauptquelle: Lewis and Short
ā caligā (perductus)from the ground up

ā cīvibus reclāmantibus macrocolla tollunturposters are held up by the protesting citizens

ā lectō surgōgetting up from bed, getting out of bed

abicere, abiciō, abiēcī, abiectumcast away, throw away, throw down, cast off, throw away, give up, throw off, cast aside, cast down to a lower grade, degrade, humble

ablacuāre, ablacuō, ablacuāvī, ablacuātumturn up the earth round a tree, form a trench for water

ablaqueāre, ablaqueō, ablaqueāvī, ablaqueātumturn up the earth round a tree, form a trench for water, create a tree slice

abnumerāre, abnumerōcast up numbers, reckon up

absorbēre, absorbeō, absorbuī (absorpsī), absorptumswallow down, devour, engross, absorb, eat up

abstollere, abstollōlift up, eliminate

abundāre, abundō, abundāvī, abundātumflow over and down, overflow, shoot up with great luxuriance, have an abundance, have an superabundance of, abound in, existing in abundance

abūsus, abūsūs musing up, consuming, wasting

abūtī, abūtor, abūsus sumuse up any thing, use to the end, consume entirely, misuse, abuse, use improperly (of words)

accendere, accendō, accendī, accēnsumkindle any thing above, set on fire, kindle, light, light up, illuminate, inflame a person, incite, rouse up

accīnctiō, accīnctiōnis fgird yourself up, prepare yourself, get ready, arm yourself

accīnctus, accīnctūs mgird yourself up, prepare yourself, get ready, arm yourself

acclīvis, acclīveup hill, mounting upwards, ascending, steep

acclīvus, acclīva, acclīvumup hill, mounting upwards, ascending, steep

accrētus, accrēta, accrētumwrapped up, densely overgrown

accurrere, accurrō, accurrī (accucurrī), accursumrun to a place, come to by running, hasten to, come up, present themselves

accūsātōrem cōnstituōline up as plaintiff

accūsātōrem īnstituōline up as plaintiff

acervālis, acervālethat is heaped up

acervātimby heaping up, by accumulation, by heaps, in heaps, crowded together, briefly, summarily

acervātiō, acervātiōnis fheaping up, accumulation

acervāre, acervō, acervāvī, acervātumform a heap, heap up, pile up, amass, accumulate, multiply

aciēs, aciēī ffront of an army, line of battle, battle-array, battlearray, an army drawn up in order of battle, battle, engagement

acuere, acuō, acuī, acūtummake sharp, make pointed, sharpen, whet, sharpen, exercise, improve, spur on, incite, stir up, arouse, rouse up, kindle, excite

adaestuāre, adaestuōroar around, rush, roar, boiling up

adaggerāre, adaggerō, adaggerāvī, adaggerātumpiling up, hoarding, building up supplies, stockpiling

adārēscere, adārēscō, adāruīdry up

addictus, addicta, addictumdedicated to a thing, devoted to a thing, destined to, given up to, bound to

adīre, adeō, adiī (adīvī), aditumgo to, approach, address, apply to, consult, visit, come up to one in a hostile manner, assail, attack, enter upon, undertake, set about, undergo, submit to

adequitāre, adequitō, adequitāvī, adequitātumride to, ride toward a place, gallop up to, ride near to, ride near by

adimplēre, adimpleō, adimplēvī, adimplētumfill up, fill full, fulfil, perform, made full, made perfect

adīnflāre, adīnflōswell up

adīnsurgere, adīnsurgōrise up

admentīrī, admentiorlie, invent, pretend, think up

adminiculāre, adminiculō, adminiculāvī, adminiculātumprop up, support

admīscēre, admīsceō, admīscuī, admīxtum (admīstum)add to by mingling, mix with, mingle with, admix, mingle in, dd to, mix up with, join to, involve in a thing, entangle in a thing

admōlīrī, admōlior, admōlītus summove one thing to another, move one thing upon another, bring one thing to another, bring one thing upon another, pile up, exert one’s self to reach a place, strive toward a place, struggle toward a place

admonēre, admoneō, admonuī, admonitumbring up to one’s mind, put one in mind of, remind, suggest, advise, warn, admonish, recall a thing to memory, bring to remembrance, incite to action, urge to action

adobruere, adobruo, adobruī, adobrutumcover up with earth, bury

adolēscere, adolēscō, adolēvī, adultumgrow up, grow, increase, augment, become greater

adoperīre, adoperiō, adoperuī, adopertumcover up, cover, overlay

adpōnere, adpōnō, adposuī, adpositumplace at, put at, lay at, place by the side of a thing, , put to something by way of increase, add to, superadd, do further, do something, set down for something, count as, reckon as, consider as, hold as, apply to, add, unite, serve up, set before one,

adrigere, adrigō, adrēxī, adrēctumset up, raise, erect, encourage, animate, rouse, excite, incite, rouse the mind, rouse the courage to something, direct the mind to something, direct the courage to something

adruere, adruōscrape up, to heap up

adsicēscere, adsiccēscōbecome dry, dry up

adsiccāre, adsiccō, adsiccāvī, adsiccātumdry, dry up

adsonāre, adsonōsound to, respond to, strike up

adstāre, adstō, adstitīstand at, stand near, stand by, stand, await, stand at one’s side as counsel or aid, assist, still existing, still remaining, stand up, stand upright

adsubrigere, adsubrigōget up

adsubrigere, adsubrigōgradually straighten up

adsūmere, adsūmō, adsūmpsī, adsūmptumtake to one’s self, take with one’s self, take up, receive, adopt, accept, take, take as friend, choose as friend, usurp, claim, assume, arrogate, pick up a theme, take up, begin, obtain, take in addition to, add to, join to

adtollere, adtollōlift up, raise up, raise, elevate, lift on high, raise, elevate, exalt, sustain, enlarge, aggrandize, render prominent, render conspicuous, extol

adtumulāre, adtumulō, adtumulātumpile up, pour over, heap, overflow

adulēscēns, adulēscentisgrowing up, not yet come to full growth, young

adultus, adulta, adultumgrown up, adult, advanced, grown, matured

aedificātiō, aedificātiōnis fact of building, building, constructing, structure, edifice, building up, instructing, edification

aedificātiōnem dēpōnōgive up the construction plan

aedificāre, aedificō, aedificāvī, aedificātumerect a building, build, raise, erect, establish, construct, build up, instruct, edify

= aequiparāre, aequiparō, aequiparāvī, aequiparātumput a thing on an equality with another thing, compare, like, place one’s self on an equality with another in worth, become equal to, equal, come up to, attain to

aequiperāre, aequiperō, aequiperāvī, aequiperātumput a thing on an equality with another thing, compare, like, place one’s self on an equality with another in worth, become equal to, equal, come up to, attain to

aequāre, aequō, aequāvī, aequātummake one thing equal to another, place a thing on an equality with, compare, make level, make even, make smooth, become equal to one, equal, come up to, attain to

aestū revolūta saxasand washed up by the tide

aestuātiō, aestuātiōnis fboiling up, foaming, trouble of mind, agitation of mind, apprehension, discomfort, imbalance, discomfort

aestuāre, aestuō, aestuāvī, aestuātumbe in agilation, be in violent commotion, move to and fro, rage, toss, boil up, rage, be warm, be hot, burn, glow, it is warm to me, I feel warm, have an undulating motion, have a waving motion, be tossed, heave

aestuāre, aestuō, aestuāvī, aestuātumbe in agilation, be in violent commotion, move to and fro, rage, toss, boil up, rage, be warm, be hot, burn, glow, it is warm to me, I feel warm, have an undulating motion, have a waving motion, be tossed, heave

aethera reclūdōopen up the things in heaven

afflagrāns, afflagrantisblazing up, flaming up

afflīgere, afflīgō (adflīgō), afflīxī, afflīctumstrike a thing to, beat a thing to, cast down, throw down, throw against, dash, reduce, lower, lessen in value, bring down, dishearten, diminish, lessen, impair, give up, abandon

aggerātiō, aggerātiōnis fa heaping up, that which is heaped up, a mole, a dike

aggerem aquae obiciōdam up the water, accumulate the water

aggerem obiciōdam up

aggerāre, aggerō (adgerō), aggerāvī, aggerātumform an agger, heap up like an agger, heap up, pile up, fill, fill up

aggestiō, aggestiōnis fbearing to a place, heaping up, mass of mud, heap of sand

aggregātiō, aggregātiōnis faggregation, pile up

agitāre, agitō, agitāvī, agitātumput a thing in motion, drive, impel, move, shake, hunt, chase, pursue, drive to and fro, toss about, agitate, disturb, rouse up, excite, move, urge, drive, impel to something, disquiet, disturb, drive hither and thither, vex, trouble

agmen claudōbring up the rear

agere, agō, ēgī, āctumlead, drive, conduct, impel, drive off, carry off, steal, rob, plunder, chase, pursue, press, move, impel, push forwards, advance, carry to, steer, direct, stir up, throw out, excite, cause

agrestem stīvam arātrī repetōreach for the plow again, pick up the plow again

aiquid clārum existitsomething shows up in bright light

alēscere, alēscōgrow up, increase

alicuī assurrēctum nōn estone has not stood up in front of someone

alicuī illūdōhold someone up, hold someone up to the best

alicuī pār sumstand up to someone

alicuius castra circumveniōenclose someone's camp, encircle someone's camp, lock up someone's camp, encase someone's camp

alicuius cōnsiliīs ūtorfollow someone's advice, take up someone's advice, adopt someone's advice

alicuius costās recorrigōhelp someone up

alicuius linguam retundōsilence someone, shut someone up

alicuius vestīgium persequortrace someone, keep track of someone, follow up someone's trail

alicuius vestīgium sequortrace someone, keep track of someone, follow up someone's trail

aliquem ad deōs ēvehōraise up someone to the gods, exalt someone to the gods

aliquem captōcreep up on someone's inheritance

aliquem conticēscere iubeōforbid someone to speak, forbid someone to shut up

aliquem ērigōraise someone, straighten someone up, lift someone up

aliquem in caelum ēvehōlift someone up to the skies

aliquem in īnsidiīs collocōset someone up in ambush

aliquem in īnsidiīs locōset someone up in ambush

aliquem in īnsidiīs pōnōset someone up in ambush

aliquem in sublīme extollōlift someone up

aliquem perhibeōset someone up as a lawyer

aliquem praestōstand up for someone, vouch for someone

aliquem suspendeō nāsōturn up one's nose at someone, mock someone

aliquem tacēre iubeōforbid someone to speak, forbid someone to shut up

ad vīvum resecōcut something up to the meat, cut something very deep, take something very carefully

aliquid aliud esse putōmix things up, mistake something, get something wrong, confuse something

aliquid cōgitātiōne dēpingō draw up a pictorial idea of something, make a picture of something

aliquid dē meā lībertāte dēminuī nōn patiornot accept any loss of freedom, not to give up any of one's freedom

aliquid dē meō iūre dēminuī nōn patiornot to let his right be curtailed, not to give up any of his right

aliquid in disceptātiōnem vocōput something up for discussion, argue about something, make something the subject of the dispute

aliquid in quadrum redigōshape something up, bring something into shap

aliquid longius persequorpursue something further, follow up on something

aliquid ōre premōchew something

aliquid praestōbe responsible for something, stand up for something, vouch for something

aliquid prōditsomething comes up, something becomes fashionable

aliquid prōvenitsomething comes up, something becomes fashionable

aliquō tollorlift off somewhere, rise up somewhere, grow up somewhere

alīscere, alīscōgrow up, increase

allabāre, allabōwash up

allevātiō, allevātiōnis f (adlevātiō)raising up, elevating, alleviating, assuaging, easing

allevātor, allevātōris mone who lifts, one who raises up, , reliever, uprighter, comforter

alleviāre, alleviō (adleviō), alleviāvī, alleviātummake light, lighten, raise up, relieve

allevāre, allevō (adlevō), allevāvī, allevātumlift up, raise on high, raise, set up, lighten, alleviate, mitigate, diminish the force, diminish the weight, lessen, raise up, make distinguished

allevārī, allevātusstraighten up, recover, relax

alligāre, alligō (adligō), alligāvī, alligātumbind to something, bind, bind up, bind round, bind, hold fast, hinder, detain, oblige, lay under obligation

alluviōnēs et circumluviōnēswashing up of land and island formation

[ager]washed up, washed ashore

altē (altius, altissimē)high, deep, on high, high up, from on high, from above, deeply, profoundly, far, from afar

altē spectōlook up, set a high goal for one's self

alticomus, alticoma, alticomumhaving foliage high up, having foliage on the top

alumnāre, alumnō, alumnāvīnourish, bring up, educate

alumnārī, alumnor, alumnātus sumbring up, educate

alumnus legiōnumbrought up in the camp, child of the camp

alumnus, alumnī mthat is nourished, that brought up, nursling, foster-son, pupil, disciple, nourisher

ambābus mālīs vorōchew on both cheeks, eat heartily, eat well

ambadere, ambadedō, ambadēdīeat around, gnaw around, eat up entirely

ambulābilis, ambulābilewho (what) can walk up and down, who (what) can walk along

ambūrere, ambūrō, ambūssī, ambūstumburn around, scorch, burn wholly up, consume

amicīre, amiciō, amicuī (amixī), amictumthrow round, wrap about, induere, vestire, cover, clothe, wrap up

amīcōs ambiōbuttering up one's friends, endearing oneself to one's friends

ammonēre, ammoneō, ammonuī, ammonitumbring up to one’s mind, put one in mind of, remind, suggest, advise, warn, admonish, recall a thing to memory, bring to remembrance, incite to action, urge to action

ampelodesmos, ampelodesmī ma plant used for tying up vines

analecta, analectae mcrumb collector, he that collected the crumbs, left after a meal, that picked up words (said of parasites)

anaphora, anaphorae frising or mounting up, rising of the stars, repetition of a word at the beginning of successive clauses, improper reference of a word to a preceding word

anaphoricus, anaphorica, anaphoricumadjusted according to the rising of the stars, bringing up blood, spitting blood

anaplērōticus, anaplērōtica, anaplērōticumsuitable for filling up

ancoram mōliorwind up the anchor

ancorās legōweigh anchor, pull up anchor

ancorās mōliorweigh anchor, pull up anchor

ancorās solvōweigh anchor, pull up anchor, put to sea

ancorās tollōdepart, go away, weigh anchor, pull up anchor

anhēlāre, anhēlō, anhēlāvimove about for breath, draw the breath with great difficulty, pant, puff, gasp, heave, breathe out, emit by breathing, breathe forth, exhale, pursue, pant for, strive after something with eagerness, draw up the breath

animam agōexpel the breath of life, give up the ghost, expire

animam ēbulliōgive up the ghost, go belly up, die

animam ēdōgive up the ghost, die

animum ad cōnsilium adiciōcome up with a plan

animum alicuī tollōbolster up someone's courage

animum alicuius ērigōstraighten someone up mentally

animum dēspondeōgive up all hope, lose heart, become completely despondent

animum iacentem et afflīctum excitōraise up the despondent and the bowed

animum indūcō cantāremake up your mind to sing, get yourself up to sing

animum sūmōpluck up courage, take courage

animus proficīscendī reaccenditurthe desire to travel is rekindled, , the desire to travel flares up anew,

animus tumetanger glows, anger swells up, anger rises high

annūtrīre, annūtriōnourish up at, train up at, train near to

antārius, antāria, antāriumthat serves for raising up

antestārī, antestor, antestātus sumcall up as a witness before the opening of the cause, call as a witness

apotelesmaticus, apotelesmatica, apotelesmaticumbelonging to the drawing up of a birth horoscope, belonging to the nativity scene

apothēcāre, apothēcōlay up in a storehouse

applicior, appliciōrismore snug, better snugging up

appōnere, appōnō (adpōnō), apposuī, appositumplace at, put at, lay at, place by the side of a thing, apply to, add, unite, serve up, et before one, appoint or designate one to any service or duty, place in any station, join to as an aid

appositus alicuī reīmade to fit something, made suitable for something, set up for something

apprēnsāre, apprēnsōseize something with eagerness, catch, snuff up

aptātūra, aptātūrae fdressing up

aqua est umbilīcō tenusthe water reaches up to the navel

aqua pectus aequatthe water reaches up to the chest

aquilō undās asperat, the north wind stirs up the waves,

aquulam obsipōrefresh, cheer up

arātrāre, arātrōplough after sowing, plough up the seed again

arborēs frondēscuntthe trees green up, the trees turn green

arcānus, arcāna, arcānumshut up, closed, hidden, concealed, secret, private

arcēre, arceō, arcuīshut up, enclose, keep in order, keep off, hold off, prevent from approaching, keep at a distance, hinder, prevent, keep off something from

ārdus, ārda, ārdumdry, withered, arid, parched, shrunk up, shrivelled, meagre, lean, meagre, scanty, dry, jejune, unadorned, spiritless, avaricious

ārefacere, ārefaciō, ārefēcī, ārefactummake dry, dry up, wither up, break down

arēnam subiectōthrow sand up in the air

ārēre, āreō, āruībe dry, be dried up, be withered, languish from thirst,

ārēscere, ārēscō, āruībecome dry, languish, dry up, wither, pine away in sickness, sink, be overcome

āridum līgnum compōnōpile up dry wood

āridus, ārida, āridumdry, withered, arid, parched, shrunk up, shrivelled, meagre, lean, meagre, scanty, dry, jejune, unadorned, spiritless, avaricious

arma caperetake up arms

arma capessōtake up arms

arma capiōtake up arms

arma commercorbuy up weapons, buy up arms

arma moveōtake up arms, wage war

arma retractōtake up arms again

arma sūmōtake up arms

arma suspendōhang up the weapons (as a consecration gift)

armīs nōn captīswithout a fight, without taking up arms

armōrum cumulōs coacervōpile up mountains of arms

arrigere, arrigō, arrēxī, arrēctumset up, raise, erect, encourage, animate, rouse, excite, incite, rouse the mind, rouse the courage to something, direct the mind to something, direct the courage to something

arruere, arruōscrape up, to heap up

artaena, artaenae fvessel for taking up liquids

artrāre, artrōplough after sowing, plough up the seed again

arutaena, arutaenae f (ἀρύταινα)vessel for taking up liquids

arytaena, arytaenae f (ἀρύταινα)vessel for taking up liquids

ascendere, ascendō, ascendī, ascēnsumascend, mount up, climb, go up, rise, spring up, grow up, go aboard ship, go out to sea

ascēnsum alicuī dōgive someone the opportunity to climb up

asperāre, asperō, asperāvī, asperātummake rough, make uneven, throw into commotion, furnish with a rough, wounding exterior, point, whet, sharpen, make fierce, rouse up, excite, exasperate, make more severe, aggravate, heighten

assequī, (adsequor), assequor, assecūtus sumfollow, pursue, reach by pursuing, overtake, come up with, gain, obtain, procure, attain to, come up to, equal, match, comprehend, understand

assequor aliquemcatch up with someone

assicēscere, assiccēscōbecome dry, dry up

assiccāre, assiccō, assiccāvī, assiccātumdry, dry up

assonāre, assonō (adsonō)sound to, respond to, strike up

assubrigere, assubrigōgradually straighten up

assūmere, assūmō (adsūmō), assūmpsī, assūmptumtake to one’s self, take with one’s self, take up, receive, adopt, accept, take, take as friend, choose as friend, usurp, claim, assume, arrogate, pick up a theme, take up, begin, obtain, take in addition to, add to, join to

assumptio, assumptionis f (adsumptio)taking, receiving, assumption, an eager reception, adoption, one that takes up, that which is taken up, that which is lifted up, prophecy, minor proposition of a syllogism, an addition, circumstance

assurgere, assurgō (adsurgō), assurrēxī, assurrēctumrise up to one, rise up, mount up, rise, increase in size, swell, tower up, soar

astāre, astō (adstō), astitīstand at, stand near, stand by, stand, await, stand at one’s side as counsel or aid, assist, still existing, still remaining, stand up, stand upright

attinae, attinārum fstones built up like a wall for a boundary mark

attollere, attollō (adtollō)lift up, raise up, raise, elevate, lift on high, raise, elevate, exalt, sustain, enlarge, aggrandize, render prominent, render conspicuous, extol

attumulāre, attumulō, attumulātumpile up, pour over, heap, overflow

augeō, addō, accumulōpile up, form heaps

aulaeum tollituris drawn up (at the end of a piece), the theatre curtain lowers

aurem alicuī substringōlisten to someone with pricked up ears, prick up one's ears for someone

aurēs arrigōprick up one's ears, bend the ears

aurēs cacūminōprick up one's ears, bend the ears, perk up one's ears

bellicum canōgive the signal for breaking up camp, give the signal for an attack, give the signal for commencing hostilities

bellum sūmōtake up arms, start a war

botanismus, botanismī mweeding, pulling up of weeds

bulbātiō, bulbātiōnis fforming of bulbs, bubble up

bulla, bullae fany object swelling up and thus becoming round, waterbubble, bubble, trifle, vanity, any thing rounded by art, boss, knob, a stud in a girdle, head of a pin in the water-clock, kind of (golden) amulet worn upon the neck

bullēscere, bullēscōbubble up, form bubbles

bullītiō, bullītiōnis fbubbling, gushing up of water

bullītus, bullītūs mbubbling, gushing up of water

cadere, cadō, cecidī, cāsūrusfall down, be precipitated, sink down, go down, sink, fall, decline, set, fall off, fall away, fall out, drop off, be shed, be thrown, be cast, turn up, fall at one’s feet, settle, fall dead, die

caelō laudibus aliquem aequōlift someone up to heaven with praise

Caesar cohortātus suōs proelium commīsitCaesar fired up his men and opened the fight

Caesar iūxtā mūrum castra posuitCaesar set up camp near the wall

calcem impingō alicuī reīgive up something, hang something up on the nail

calcem terō iam calcecatch up with someone gradually, touch someone's heel with one's heel already

calceōs pōscōget up from the table

calculōs subdūcōcompute, reckon, cast up

calculum subdūcōcompute, reckon, cast up, add up

calefacere, calefaciō, calefēcī calefactummake warm, make hot, warm, heat, trouble, vex, rouse up, excite, pursue something with zeal

calefierī, calefīo, calefactus sumwarm up

calfacere, calfaciō, calfēcī calfactummake warm, make hot, warm, heat, trouble, vex, rouse up, excite, pursue something with zeal

calficere, calficiōmake warm, make hot, warm, heat, trouble, vex, rouse up, excite, pursue something with zeal

calfierī, calfīo, calfactus sumwarm up

calidāre, calidō, calidāvīheat, warmth up

calvēscere, calvēscōbecome bald, grow up thin, grow up far apart

canem religō prō foribustie up a dog in front of the door

canis ā coriō nōn absterrēbitur ūnctōthe dog learns to chew leather on small straps, a dog will not be deterred by a greased leather strap

capāx sumbe able to stand up to, can stand up to

capillī metū rigēscuntthe hairs stand up out of fear

capere, capiō, cēpī, captumpossess, embrace, entertain, conceive, be subjected to, suffer, experience, contain, be large enough for, swallow up, ingulf, take in, contain, hold, be strong enough for, bear, be capable of, undergo, be susceptible of, be of a nature to, comprehend

capister, capistrī mhalter, muzzle of leather, band for fastening up vines, band for the wine-press

capistrum, capistrī nhalter, muzzle of leather, band for fastening up vines, band for the wine-press

captāre, captō, captāvī, captātumlie in wait for, seek to entrap, seek to entice, seek to allure, practise legacy-hunting, hunt for legacies, take up, begin

carnārium, carnāriī nframe furnished with hooks to hang up meats over the hearth for smoking or drying, larder, pantry

cassēs impōnōput up nets

castra aequō locō pōnōset up a camp in a favourable position

castra castrīs coniungōset up a camp

castra collocōset up a camp, establish a camp

castra communiōset up a fortified camp

castra faciōset up a camp, establish a camp

castra habeōhave set up camp

castra locōset up camp, establish a camp

castra mūniōset up a fortified camp

castra pōnōset up camp, establish a camp

castra pōnōtake up a fortified position

castra referōset up camp further backwards, move the camp backwards, retreat

castra saxīs praeruptīs suspendōcamp on high rocks, set up camp on high rocks

castra vallārī placuitit was decided to set up a fortified camp

castra vallōmake a fortified camp, set up a fortified camp

castramētātiō, castramētātiōnis fstaking out a camp, setting up a camp

castramētātor, castramētātōris mcamp master, quartermaster, engineer who sets up the camp

castrīs adequitōride up to the camp, approach the camp

castrīs innūtriorgrow up in the camp

cataractam subdūcōpull up the portcullis, pull up the drawbridge

cathedrā exsiliōjump up out of one's chair

catīnum, catīnī ndeep vessel for serving up or cooking food, bowl, dish, pot, crucible, censer, air-vessel in a hydraulic instrument, a (natural) hollow in a rock

catīnus, catīnī m (κάτυλος)deep vessel for serving up or cooking food, bowl, dish, pot, crucible, censer, air-vessel in a hydraulic instrument, a (natural) hollow in a rock

caveātus, caveāta, caveātumencaged, cooped up, arranged like the cavea in a theatre

celebrāre, celebrō, celebrāvī, celebrātumgo somewhere in great numbers, frequent, fill, practise frequently, engage in, repeat, fill up with something, go in great numbers to a celebration, celebrate, solemnize, keep a festival, honor, praise, celebrate in song, make something known, publish abroad, proclaim

celeriter currōrun, sprint, spurt, hurry up

celerius eōrun, sprint, spurt, hurry up

centō, centōnis m (κέντρων)garment of several bits or pieces sewed together, rag-covering, patchwork, cap worn under the helmet, title of a poem made up of various verses of another poem, cento

centōnīzāre, centōnīzō, centōnīzāvī, centōnīzātumpatch up, stitch up, cobble together, piece together

certātīvēin order to stir up strife, combatively

cervīcem repōnōcarry up the neck, carry up the head

cervīcēs crūdelitātī dōsubmit to the yoke of cruelty, put up with cruelty patiently

cessīcius, cessīcia, cessīciumpertaining to giving up, pertaining to ceding, belonging to the cession

cessiō, cessiōnis fgiving up, surrendering, judicial assignment, judicial desistance

characātus, characāta, characātumprovided with stakes, propped up

cibōs in mēnsam appōnōserve the dishes, serve up the food

cibōs ministrōserve the dishes, serve up the food

ciēre, cieō, cīvī, citum (cīre, ciō)put in motion, move, stir, shake, rouse up, disturb, excite, call to, call upon for help, invoke, call upon any one by name, mention by name, stimulate, rouse, produce, effect, cause, occasion, begin,

cīre, ciōput in motion, move, stir, shake, rouse up, disturb, excite, call to, call upon for help, invoke, call upon any one by name, mention by name, stimulate, rouse, produce, effect, cause, occasion, begin

circumaggerāre, circumaggerōheap up around

circumauferre, circumauferō, circumabstulīlift up completely, take away all around, carry away all around, forbid all around

circumcumulāre, circumcumulōheap up around, pile up around

circumfarcīre, circumfarciōfill up all around, stuff

circumfulcīre, circumfulciōsupport, hold up around

circuminicere, circuminiciōthrow up all around

circumlevāre, circumlevō, circumlevāvī, circumlevātumraise up all around, make lighter all around

circummoenīre, circummoeniō, circummoenīvī, circummoenītumwall up around, fortify, secure

circummūnīre, circummūniō, circummūnīvī, circummūnītumwall up around, fortify, secure

circumnāscēns, circumnāscentisgrowing up around

circumscrīptiō, circumscrīptiōnis fencircling, circle, boundary, limit, outline, contour, circuit, compass, period (verborum), compendious statement, summing up, the limitation of a question by the removal of a circumstance in dispute

circumvolitant equitēsriders thunder up and down

citrā scelusnot up to the crime

clārum estit lights up

claudere, claudō, clausī, clausumshut, close, shut up, block up, cut off, prevent, stop, stanch, end, enclose, encompass, surround, imprison, hide, confine

clausō ōrewith bandaged mouth, with stopped up mouth

clōdere, clōdō, clōsī, clōsumshut, close, shut up, block up, cut off, prevent, stop, stanch, end, enclose, encompass, surround, imprison, hide, confine

clūdere, clūdō, clūsī, clūsumshut, close, shut up, block up, cut off, prevent, stop, stanch, end, enclose, encompass, surround, imprison, hide, confine

coacervātīs cadāveribusas corpses lay piled up

coacervāre, coacervō, coacervāvī, coacervātumheap together, heap up, collect in a mass, collect together in a mass

coadolēscere, coadolēscō, coadolēvī, coadultumgrow up along with

coadulēscere, coadulēscō, coadulēvī, coadultumgrow up along with

coadūnātiō, coadūnātiōnis funiting into one, summing up

coaedificāre, coaedificō, coaedificāvī, coaedificātumbuild up together, build upon

coemere, coemō, coēmī, coemptumpurchase together, buy up

coemptor, coēmptōris mone who purchases many things, one who buys up many things

coetum dīmittuntdisperse, disband the assembly, break up the meeting

cōgitō dē aliquā rēintend something, deal with a plan, come up with a plan, plan something

cohortātiōnem mīlitum faciōencourage the soldiers, cheer up the soldiers

coimere, coimōpurchase together, buy up

cōligāre, cōligō, cōligāvī, cōligātumbind together, tie together, fasten together, connect, bind, tie up, unite, combine, connect, join together, restrain, check, stop, hinder

colla genāsque cōmōmake up neck and cheeks

collēctiō, collēctiōnis fa collecting together, collecting, acquiring, summing up of things said, short repetition, recapitulation, summary, argumentation, reasoning, syllogism, conclusion, inference, swelling, tumor, abscess

collēctiōne spīritūs plenus ter continuō sternūtāvitpuffed up from holding his breath, he sneezed three times in a row

colligāre, colligō, colligāvī, colligātumbind together, tie together, fasten together, connect, bind, tie up, unite, combine, connect, join together, restrain, check, stop, hinder

colligere, colligō, collēgī, collēctumcollect, get, gain, acquire, produce, amount to, come to, extend, gather up in memory, put together in the mind, think upon, weigh, consider, put together mentally, conclude, deduce, infer from what precedes

colligere, colligō, collēgī, collēctumgather together, collect together, assemble, draw together, bring together, collect, contract, draw up, compress, concentrate, compress, make thick, thicken, bring together

collocātiō, collocātiōnis fa putting together, arrangement, setting up, erecting, placing, collocation, endowing, giving in marriage

collocāre, collocō, collocāvī, collocātumplace together, arrange, station, lay, put, place, set, set up, erect, give in marriage, give, lay out, invest, advance, place money, place a dowry, place wealth, employ, invest, dispose of, occupy, employ, put, set in order

collūcēscere, collūcēscit, colllūxitit lightens up, it becomes clear, it becomes intelligible

collūcēscere, collūcēscō, collūxīlighten up, become clear, become intelligible

collūdere, collūdō, collūsī, collūsumplay together, sport together, play with, keep up false appearances with one to the injury of a third person, have a secret understanding with one, act collusively

collum laqueō premōstrangle, tie up the neck

colluere, colluō, colluī, collūtumwash thoroughly, wash out, rinse, moisten, wet, quench thirst, wash up (earth) by the waves

cōluere, cōluō, cōluī, cōlūtumwash thoroughly, wash out, rinse, moisten, wet, quench thirst, wash up (earth) by the waves

combibitur fluvius terrāthe river is swallowed up by the earth

combūrere, combūrō, combūssī, combūstumburn up, consume, ruin, destroy

comedere, comedō, comēdī, comēsumeat entirely up, eat, consume, devour, waste away, pine away, dissipate, spend, squander

comestūra, comestūrae fconsumption, use up, consume

cōmī expolīrīque nōn debet ōrātiōthe speech does not need to be smoothed out and dressed up

commandere, commandō, commandī, commānsumchew

commandūcāre, commandūcō, commandūcāvī, commandūcātumchew much, chew to pieces, masticate

commandūcārī, commandūcor, commandūcātus sumchew much, chew to pieces, masticate

commasticāre, commasticō, commasticātuschew

commaticus, commatica, commaticumcut up, divided, short

commeātū et armīs cōpiorstock up abundantly with provisions and weapons

commembrātus, commembrāta, commembrātumgrown up together, united

commentārī, commentor, commentātus sumconsider thoroughly, meditate, think over, study, deliberate, weigh, prepare one’s self, made up a story, prepare, produce as the result of study, write, discuss, write upon, experiment in speaking, , attempt to speak, imitate, adopt the language of another

commercārī, commercor, commercātus sumtrade together, traffic together, buy up, purchase

committere, committō, commīsī, commissumgive, intrust, commit to, give up to, resign to, trust

commovēre, commoveō, commōvī, commōtumthrow into disorder, move in mind or feeling, make an impression upon, excite, rouse, disquiet, disturb, affect, rouse, stir up, excite, produce, generate, start new doctrines, adduce novelties

commūrere, commūrō, commūssī, commūstumburn up, consume, ruin, destroy

comparcere, comparcō, comparsī, comparsumsave, to husband well, lay up, abstain, forbear

compercere, compercō, compersī, compersumsave, to husband well, lay up, abstain, forbear

compingere, compingō, compēgī, compāctum (compēctum)join or unite several parts into one whole, put together, frame, make by joining, compose, confine, lock up, put, conceal

complēmentum, complēmentī nthat which fills up, that which completes, a complement, that gives the full weight

complēre, compleō, complēvī, complētumfill up, fill full, fill out, make the army of a full number, make a legion of a full number, complete, to man, fill with men, impregnate, fill (with light, with sounds, with odors, with food)

complētiō, complētiōnis ffilling, filling up, fulfilment

complētīvus, complētīva, complētīvumserving for filling up, completive

complicāre, complicō, complicāvī, complicātum (complicuī, complicitum) (πλέκω)fold together, fold up

compōnere, compōnō, composuī, compositumbring into union, gather, collect, put together, bring into contact, fit together, pack up for a journey

compōnere, compōnō, composuī, compositumcompound, make up, mix, construct, build, write, write about, treat, celebrate

compōnere, compōnō, composuī, compositumput away, put aside, put in place, store up, put away, collect, preserve, pack, adjust, lay out, collect and inurn, inter, bury, lay at rest, quiet

compositiō, compositiōnis fputting together, compounding, connecting, arranging, composition, adjustment, connection, coherence, system, drawing up in writing, arrangement, disposition, laying together for preservation, laying up

compositus, composita, compositumcompound, composite, made up of partsmature, quiet, peaceful, undisturbed, calm, composed, unimpassioned

computāre, computō, computāvī, computātumsum up, reckon, compute, show, reveal, reckon in with, reckon in in addition to

concāsus, concāsūs ma folding up

concēdere, concēdō, concessī, concessumgrant or yield something to one as a favor or from regard, desist from, forbear, give up, forgive, betake one’s self somewhere, retire, withdraw to, agree or consent to, assent, submit, resign one’s self, acquiesce in, go or pass over to any thing

concēlāre, concēlō, concēlāvīconceal carefully, cover up

conceptiō, conceptiōnis fcomprehending, circuit, compass, collection, reservoir, conception, a becoming pregnant, composing, drawing up of juridical formulas, expression, syllable

concīdere, concīdō, concīdī, concīsumcut up, cut through, cut away, cut to pieces, bring to ruin, destroy, beat severely, cudgel soundly, divide minutely, dismember, render feeble, strike down, prostrate, ruin, destroy, annul, deceive, cheat, defraud

conciēre, concieo, concitumurge together, bring together, assemble together (by exciting or rousing), collect, move violently, shake, stir up, rouse, excite, provoke, produce (action, passion, disquiet), cause (action, passion, disquiet)

concīre, conciō, concīvī, concītumurge together, bring together, assemble together (by exciting or rousing), collect, move violently, shake, stir up, rouse, excite, provoke, produce (action, passion, disquiet), cause (action, passion, disquiet)

concipilāre, concipilō, concipilāviharbor any disposition of mind, harbor an emotion, harbor a passion, harbor an evil design, give place to, foster, take in, receive, commit, draw up, comprise, express something in words, compose, make something known, promulgate, declare in a set form of words, desig

concīsus, concīsa, concīsumdivided, broken up, short, concise

concīta ventīs aequorathe sea whipped up by winds

concitātiō, concitātiōnis fhastening movement, quick movement, an exciting up, rousing up, emotion of mind, affection, passion, sedition, tumult

concitātrīx, concitātrīcis fthat which excites or stirs up

concitātus, concitāta, concitātumviolently moved, rapid, swift, quick, roused up, excited, vehement, ardent

concitātus, concitātūs m (nur Abl. Sgl. concitātū)hastening movement, quick movement, an exciting up, rousing up, emotion of mind, affection, passion, sedition, tumult

concitāre, concitō, concitāvī, concitātummove violently, put in violent or quick motion, stir up, rouse up, excite, incite, shake, rouse, urge, impel one to, move strongly, influence, instigate, rouse, cause any action, occasion any action, produce any emotion

concitus, concitüs mhastening movement, quick movement, an exciting up, rousing up, emotion of mind, affection, passion, sedition, tumult

conclūdere, conclūdō, conclūsī, conclūsumshut up closely, close up, enclose, confine, include, compress, restrain, comprise, end, close, conclude, close rhythmically, round off, infer, make an inference, argue, demonstrate

conclūsiō, conclūsiōnis fa shutting up, closing, a hostile shutting in, siege, blockade, conclusion, end, period, conclusion in a syllogism, the consequence

conclūsus, conclūsūs m (nur Abl. Sgl. conclūsū)a shutting up

concoquere, concoquō, concoxī, concoctumboil together, seethe together, digest, prepare, ripen, mature, endure, suffer, put up with, brook, tolerate, revolve in mind, think upon, weigh, reflect maturely upon, consider well

concordiam cum aliquō commūnicōreconcile with somebody, make up with someone, reconciliate with someone

concremātiō, concremātiōnisburning up, conflagration

concremāre, concremō, concremāvī, concremātumburn up, consume

concumulātus, concumulāta, concumulātumheaped up, accumulated

concussus, concussa, concussumstirred up, restless

conditicius, conditicia, conditiciumlaid up, preserved

conditīvus, conditīva, conditīvumsuitable for laying up or preserving, laid up, preserved

conditor, conditōris mmaker, builder, framer, establisher, founder, author, compiler, writer, a rural deity who presided over the laying up of fruits

conditōrium speciāle īnstitūtum esta special storage room was set up

conditōrium, conditōriī nplace where any thing is laid up, repository, place for preserving a dead body, place for preserving the ashes of the dead, coffin, tomb, sepulchre

condere, condō, condidī, conditumfuifil, accomplish, put away, to lay, place somewhere for preservation, lay up, store up, treasure up, preserve, pickle, to set, to inter, bury

condōnāre, condōnō, condōnāvī, condōnātumgive something to one, to present, deliver up, give up, surrender, deliver up, sacrifice, devote, bring as an offering, give a debt to one, remit a debt, acquit from, pardon, remit an offence, refrain from punishing, present one with something

condūcere, condūcō, condūxī, conductumdraw together, bring together, lead together, assemble, collect, connect, unite, coagulate, curdle, close up, hire, take on lease, to farm, hire for one’s use, rent, employ, borrow, bribe, undertake any service, contract for, profit, serve

cōnficere, cōnficiō, cōnfēcī, cōnfectumwrite, draw up, compose

cōnfiscāre, cōnfiscō, cōnfiscāvī, cōnfiscātumlay up in a chest, seize upon for the public treasury, confiscate

cōnflātiō, cōnflātiōnis fa fanning, kindling, stirring up

cōnflāre, cōnflō, cōnflāvī, cōnflātumblow together, blow up, stir up, kindle, light, inflame, bring about, effect, accomplish, bring together, raise, procure, produce, cause, occasion, melt, fuse, melt down

cōnflārī, cōnflor,cōnflātusflare up, blaze up

cōnfulcīre, cōnfulciō, cōnfultusprop up properly, support properly, store properly

congelāre, congelō, congelāvī, congelātumcause to freeze up, congeal, thicken, make hard, curdle

congelāre, congelō, congelāvī, congelātumfreeze, freeze up, grow hard

congelārī, congelor, congelātus sumfreeze, freeze up, grow hard

congermānēscere, congermānēscōgrow together with one, grow up with

congermānitās, congermānitātis fmerging into one, fusion into one, growing up with one

congerere, congerō, congessī, congestumbear together, carry together, bring together, collect, prepare, heap up, throw in great numbers, accumulate, shower, make by heaping together, build by bringing together, construct

congestīcius, congestīcia, congestīciumbrought together, heaped up, piled up

congestiō, congestiōnis fa bringing together, a heaping up, accumulation, that which is heaped up, heap, mass, pile

conglaciāre, conglaciō, conglaciāvī, conglaciātumcause to freeze up

conglaciāre, conglaciō, conglaciāvī, conglaciātumturn entirely to ice, freeze up, pass inactively, pass by idly

conglīscere, conglīscōbe kindled up, become illustrious

conglobātus, conglobāta, conglobātumagglomerated, rolled up, accumulated

conglomerāre, conglomerō, conglomerāvī, conglomerātumroll together, wind up, conglomerate, crowd together, heap together, press together

conligāre, conligō, conligāvī, conligātumbind together, tie together, fasten together, connect, bind, tie up, unite, combine, connect, join together, restrain, check, stop, hinder

conluere, conluō, conluī, conlūtumwash thoroughly, wash out, rinse, moisten, wet, quench thirst, wash up (earth) by the waves

cōnscientiā rēctē factōrum ērigormy good conscience straightens me up

cōnscrībere, cōnscrībō, cōnscrīpsī, cōnscrīptumwrite together, enroll, inscribe, choose, put together in writing, draw up, compose, write, delineate, sketch, draw up, prescribe, write something all over, fill with writing, mark by beating, cudgel, write upon, mark upon

cōnscrīptiō, cōnscrīptiōnis fa drawing up in writing, a composing, composition, a representation, treatise, writing, a levying of troops

cōnsecāre, cōnsecō, cōnsecuī, cōnsectumcut up, cut to pieces, cut off, lop, prune

cōnsequī, cōnsequor, cōnsecūtus sumfollow a preceding cause as an effect, ensue, result, to be the consequence, arise from, proceed from, follow logically, reach, overtake, come up with, attain to, arrive at

cōnsequī, cōnsequor, cōnsecūtus sumfollow, follow up, press upon, go after, attend, accompany, pursue any person or thing, follow after in a hostile manner, pursue in a hostile manner, follow, come after, follow a model, copy (an authority, example, opinion), imitate, adopt, obey

cōnsequī, cōnsequor, cōnsecūtus sumobtain, acquire, get, attain, reach, become like, equal to a person or thing in any property or quality, attain, come up to, equal, attain to something intellectually or by speech, understand, perceive, learn, know, be equal to, impress fully, do justice to

cōnservāre, cōnservō, cōnservāvī, cōnservātumretain, keep something in existence, hold up, maintain, preserve, leave unhurt, leave safe, keep, observe, leave unharmed

cōnsīdere, cōnsīdō, cōnsēdī (cōnsīdī), cōnsessumsit down, take a seat, be seated, settle, take one’s place, take a seat, sit, hold sessions, be in session, encamp, pitch a camp, take post somewhere, settle down for a long time, take up one’s abode

cōnsiliō commūtātōafter abandoning the plan, after giving up the plan

cōnsiliō dēsistōabandon the plan, give up the plan

cōnsilium ineōdecide, , make up one's mind, make a decision, make a plan

cōnspīrāre, cōnspīrō, cōnspīrāvīcoil up

cōnstituere, cōnstituō, cōnstituī, cōnstitūtumcause to stand, put down, lay down, set, put, place, fix, station, deposit somewhere, station troops somewhere, post troops somewhere, draw up, set in order, cause to halt

cōnstituere, cōnstituō, cōnstituī, cōnstitūtumset up, erect, establish, found, build, construct, prepare, make, create, constitute, bring about, effect, establish, appoint, designate, appoint, select, put forward

cōnstringere, cōnstringō, cōnstrīnxī, cōnstrictumdraw together, bind together, bind, tie up, stamp, seal, bind together with fetters, fetter, contract, hold together, restrain, hold in check, bring into a narrow compass, compress

cōnstruere, cōnstruō, cōnstrūxī, cōnstrūctumheap, bring together, gather together, heap up, pile up, make by piling up, make, fabricate, construct, build

cōnsuetūdinem capiōacquire a habit, pick up a habit

cōnsummātiō, cōnsummātiōnis fa casting up, a reckoning together, a summing up, summary view, union, accumulation, a comprehending, a connecting together, a finishing, a completing, a accomplishing, consummation

cōnsummāre, cōnsummō, cōnsummāvī, cōnsummātumcast up, sum up, make up, amount to, bring about, accomplish, complete, finish, perfect, consummate, complete a time of service, make perfect, to complete, perfect, bring to the highest perfection, attain to the highest grade

cōnsūmere, cōnsūmō, cōnsūmpsī, cōnsūmptumdivide, make an exhaustive division of, bestow upon something, to use, employ, spend upon something, spend about something, lay out, invest, use up, exhaust

cōnsūmere, cōnsūmō, cōnsūmpsī, cōnsūmptumtake wholly, take completely, take up, eat, consume, devour, waste, squander, annihilate, destroy, bring to naught, kill, weaken, enervate

cōnsuere, cōnsuō, cōnsuī, cōnsūtumsew, stitch together, join together, devise, plan, plot, stuff, stop up, fill with something

cōnsurgere, cōnsurgo, cōnsurrēxī, cōnsurrēctumraise one’s self, rise, rise up together, stand up, arise, rise up for any action, stand up for any action, take rise

cōnsurrēctiō, cōnsurrēctiōnis fa standing up

contegere, contegō, contēxī, contēctumto cover, cover up, cover over, preserve, keep, conceal by covering, hide, conceal

contorrēre, contorreō, contorruīdry up entirely, parch, scorch

contumulāre, contumulō, contumulāvī, contumulātumheap up like a mound, furnish with a mound, to inter, bury

convāsāre, convāsō, convāsāvī, convāsātumpack vessels together, pack implements together, pack up, pile up

convellere, convellō, convellī (convulsī), convulsumdraw violently hither and thither, tear up, wrest from its position, tear loose, tear away, separate from, pul up, pluck up, wrench, dislocate, cause to totter, shake, destroy, overthrow, bring to naught, tear to pieces, rend to pieces, cleave, dismember

convolvere, convolvō, convolvī, convolūtumroll together, roll up, roll round, fasten together, interweave, interlace, unroll, roll up, look over (roll of manuscript)

convolvolus, convolvolī ma caterpillar that wraps itself up in a leaf, web caterpillar, bind-weed

convolvī, convolvor, convolūtus sumcurl up

convolvulus, convolvulī ma caterpillar that wraps itself up in a leaf, web caterpillar, bind-weed

coorīrī, coorior, coortus sumcome forth, stand up, arise, appear, rise, break forth, break out, begin, happen, stand up

cōpiās prō vallō collocōline up the troops in front of the camp, deploy the troops in front of the camp

cornua alicuī addōencourage someone, cheer up someone

corpus corripiōget up quickly, rise in a hurry

corripere, corripiō, corripuī, correptumseize up, snatch up, collect, seize upon, take hold of, attack, seize, sweep awa, carry away, draw together, draw in, contract, shorten, abridge, diminish, reproach, reprove, chide, blame, seize upon, attack, fascinate,

corrōborārī, corrōboror, corrōborātus sumbecome stronger, become greater, be grown up

corrotundāre, corrotundō, corrotundāvī, corrotundātummake round, round off, make up a sum of money

corrūgārī, corrūgor, corrūgātus sumshrink, fold up, wrinkle

corruere, corruō, corruī, corruitūrusfall together, fall down, tumble down, sink to the ground, fall, rush headlong, bring to the ground, heap together, overthrow, ruin, heap up

crēbriōrem reddōintensify, step up

crēscere, crēscō, crēvī, crētumcome forth, grow, arise, spring, be born, become visible, appear, rise in height, rise, grow, grow up, thrive, increase

crēscō ex aliquōmake a career by someone's fall, get up by someone's fall

crīnem nōdō substringōtie the hair in a knot, tie up one's hair in a knot

crucem alicuī fīgō illō in locōset up the cross there for someone, erect the cross for someone

crūda vulnera retractōtear open wounds not yet gummed up again

cubitum premōprop up the elbow

cuī rēs praestanda estwho has to stand up for it, who is responsible for it, who takes the rap for it, the sufferer, who has to pay for it, who has to bleed for it, who has to spoon out the soup, who has to pay the bill

culpam redimōmake up for one's guilt, make amends for one's sins

cum catenīs sumwear shackles, lie in shackles, be in shackles, be shackled, be tied up

cumulāre, cumulō, cumulāvi, cumulātumform into a heap, accumulate, heap up, pile up, augment by heaping up, increase, heap, amass, make full by heaping up, fill full, fill, overload, overwhelm, made complete, made perfect, complete

cumulus, cumulī mheap, pile, a mass piled up, a heap added to an accumulated mass or to a full measure

cuneāre, cuneō, cuneāvī, cuneātumfasten with wedges, wedge up, press in, force in, make wedge-shaped

cursū aliquem aequōkeep up with someone in the run

curvārī, curvor, curvātus summarch up, bend down, bulge, bend

cūstōdiās dispōnōset up guard posts

dapināre, dapinōserve up

datiō, datiōnis fact of giving, allotting, distributing, giving up, surrender, the right to give or convey away property, right of alienation, gift

datīs habēnīs prōferorpick up speed without braking, dash along, gallop along

dē potestāte dēcēdōresign from one's office, resign from one's position, give up one's office

dē salūte dēspērōdespair of salvation, give up hope of rescue

dē scaenā dēcēdōleave the stage, renounce the stage, give up acting, , step down from the stage, bid farewell to the stage

dē sententiā dēcēdōgive up one's opinion, move away from one's opinion, depart from one's opinion

dēcremāre, dēcremōburn up, consume by fire

dēdicāre, dēdicō, dēdicāvī, dēdicātumgive out tidings, give out a notice, affirm, declare, announce, dedicate, consecrate, set apart, destine, dispose, prepare, set up, devote a thing to its future use, specify one’s property in the census

dēditiō, dēditiōnis fa giving up, a surrender, capitulation

dēditus, dēdita, dēditumgiven up to, addicted, devoted to something, eager, assiduous, diligent

dēdere, dēdō, dēdidī, dēditumgive away, give up from one’s self, give up any thing to one, surrender, deliver, consign, yield, deliver up, give up, devote, dedicate

dēdī, dēdor, dēditus sumsurrender one’s self, capitulate, give up one’s self, apply one’s self, devote one’s self, dedicate one’s self

dēfaecātus, dēfaecāta, dēfaecātumcheered up, clarified, purified, cleaned, washed

dēficātus, dēficāta, dēficātumcheered up, clarified, purified, cleaned, washed

dēfindere, dēfindōsplit, split up, divide up

dēflagrātiō, dēflagrātiōnis fa burning up, consuming by fire, conflagration, destruction

dēfodere, dēfodiō, defōdī, defossumdig downwards, dig deep, dig up, dig, bury in the earth, hide, conceal, cover

dēfruī, dēfruoruse up, consume by enjoying

dēfutūtus, dēfutūta, dēfutūtumexhausted by sensuality, worn down, demolished, run down, desolate, squandered, wrecked, fucked up, raped

dēlavātiō, dēlavātiōnis fwashing up, ablution

dēpōnere, dēpōnō, dēposuī, dēpositumlay away, put aside, place aside, lay down, put down, set down, deposit, bearing forth, bringing forth, lay up, lay aside, put by, give in charge to, commit to the care of, intrust to, give up, resign, get rid of

dictīs mē circumveniōwrap himself up in words

effervēscere, effervēscō, efferbuī (effervī)boil up, boil over, foam up, effervesce, ferment, grow violent, rage, light up, shine out, boil out, subside, abate

ex īmō verrō arēnāsdigging up sand from the depths (of the sea)

forō cēdōwithdraw from the market, give up business, be insolvent, stop payment

hōc artius astringī ratiō nōn potestthe final sequence cannot be summed up more succinctly than this

incurrō in vōculās malevolōrumhave to put up with the jokes of envious people

interruptiō, interruptiōnis finterrupting, interruption, interval, sudden break in the thought or expression, breaking up, division, distinction

latebrīs mē abstrūdōhole up, creep away, hide

mē corripiōget up hastily, rise up hastily, betake one’s self somewhere

se corrōborāre, me corrōborō, me corrōborāvībecome stronger, become greater, be grown up

sē dēdere, mē dēdō, mē dēdidīsurrender one’s self, capitulate, give up one’s self, apply one’s self, devote one’s self, dedicate one’s self

nūntiīs bonīs aliquem afficiōcheer someone up with good news, bring good news to someone

persōnārius, persōnāriī mmake up artist

persōnārius, persōnāriī mmake up artist

pulverem torqueōwhirl up the dust

saepīre, saepiō, saepsī, saeptumsurround with a hedge, hedge in, fence in, enclose, surround, encircle, hedge up, check, impede, hinder, stop, enclose, encompass

sauciāre, sauciō, sauciāvī, sauciātumto dig into, tear up

scānsiō, scānsiōnis fa climbing up

scatebra, scatebrae fa bubbling up, a gushing up

scrībere, scrībō, scrīpsī, scrīptumwrite down, compose, describe, depict, draw up, communicate, announce in writing

sēclūdere, sēclūdō, sēclūsi, sēclūsumshut off, shut in a separate place, shut up, seclude, sunder, remove, separate

sēclūsōrium, sēclūsōriī nplace for shutting up fowls, coop, birdcage

secāre, secō, secuī, sectumcut, cut off, cut up, cut through, divide, cut surgically, operate on, amputate, separate, excise, scratch, tear, wound, hurt, injure, censure, satirize

sectiō, sectiōnis fcutting, cutting off, cutting up

sēpīre, sēpiō, sēpsī, sēptumsurround with a hedge, hedge in, fence in, enclose, surround, encircle, hedge up, check, impede, hinder, stop, enclose, encompass

sequestrātōrium, sequestrātōriī n, depository, place where any thing is laid up for safe keeping

sequestrāre, sequestrō, sequestrāvī, sequestrātumgive up for safekeeping, surrender, remove, separate from any thing

serēnifer, serēnifera, serēniferumbringing fair weather, clearing up

serēnificus, serēnifica, serēnificumcleared up, clear, serene

serēniger, serēnigera, serēnigerumbringing fair weather, clearing up

serēnāre, serēnō, serēnāvī, serēnātummake clear, make fair, make serene, clear up

serrātūra, serrātūrae fsawing, a sawing up

serrāre, serrō, serrāvisaw, saw up, saw in pieces

servāns, servantiskeeping, keeping up, observant

servāre, servō, servāvī, servātumsave, deliver, keep unharmed, preserve, protect, lay up, preserve, reserve for the future, give heed to, pay attention to, watch, observe, guard, remain in a place, dwell in, inhabit

siccēscere, siccēscōgrow dry, become dry, dry up

siccāre, siccō, siccāvī, siccātummake dry, day, dry up, drain, heal

sīgna convellōpluck up the standards from the ground, decamp

sīgnātus, sīgnāta, sīgnātumshut up, guarded, preserved, unharmed, intact, pure, plain, clear, manifest

sīgnāre, sīgnō, sīgnāvī, sīgnātumset a mark upon, mark, mark out, designate, imprint, mark with a seal, seal, seal up, affix a seal to a thing, mark with a stamp, stamp, coin, license, distinguish, adorn, decorate, point out, signify, indicate, express, recognize, settle, establish, confirm, prescribe

silus, sila, silum (σιλλός u. σιλός) (= sīmus, sīma, sīmum)having a broad nose, having a turned up nose, pug nosed, snub nosed

sinere, sinō, sīvī, situmlet, suffer, allow, permit, give leave, give up, cease, leave a thing undone

solvere, solvō, solvī, solūtumrelease, loose, remove, set free, emancipate, disengage, dissolve, take apart, break up, part, dissolve, disperse, divide, scatter, separate, dismiss, relax, make effeminate, weaken, pay, fulfil the duty, fulfil a vow

somnō solvorwake up

sorbēre, sorbeō, sorbuīsup up, suck in, drink down, swallow, draw in, swallow up, absorb, swallow down, endure, bear, brook

sorbilis, sorbilethat may be sucked, that may be supped up

sorbillāre, sorbillōsup up, suck in, drink down, swallow, draw in, swallow up, absorb, swallow down, endure, bear, brook

sorbilāre, sorbilōsup up, suck in, drink down, swallow, draw in, swallow up, absorb, swallow down, endure, bear, brook

sorbitiō, sorbitiōnis fsupping up, swallowing, drinking

sorbitium, sorbitiī nsupping up, swallowing, drinking, drink, draught

sorbere, sorbōsup up, suck in, drink down, swallow, draw in, swallow up, absorb, swallow down, endure, bear, brook

sorōriāre, sorōriōgrow up together like two sisters, swell together like two sisters

spīrāre, spīrō, spīrāvī, spīrātumbreathe, blow, draw breath, respire, be favorable, favor, live, be alive, be poetically inspired, have the lyric spirit, be puffed up, be proud, be arrogant, breathe out, exhale, emit, breathe feebly, breathe forth, exhale, breathe into, be full of, show, express, manifest, d

spūmāre, spūmō, spūmāvī, spūmātumfoam, froth, foam up, boil up, effervesces

statūmināre, statūminōprop up, underprop, support

statuere, statuō, statuī, statūtumcause to stand, set up, set, station, fix in an upright position, set in the ground, erect, plant, place, set forth, construct and place, set up after constructing, make, establish, found, build, cause to stand still, cause to stop, cause to stand firm

stimulāre, stimulō, stimulāvi, stimulātumprick with a goad, prick on, goad on, urge on, goad, torment, vex, trouble, disquiet, disturb, rouse up, set in motion, spur on, incite, stimulate

stīpāre, stīpō, stīpāvi, stīpātumcrowd together, press together, compress, pack up together, press, cram, stuff full, fill full, surround, encompass, environ, attend, accompany

strigāre, strigōhold up, halt, stop in ploughing, give out, give way, lose strength, sink

strūctor, strūctōris mone who erects a building, builder, mason, carpenter, one who spreads the table, one who serves up food and carves, server, carver

struere, struō, strūxī, strūctumplace by or upon each other, pile up, arrange, make by joining together, build, erect, fabricate, make, form, construct, join together, compound, compose, prepare, cause, occasion, devise, contrive, instigate

subāctiō, subāctiōnis fworking through, working up, preparing, preparation, discipline

subāctus, subāctūs m (nur Abl. Sgl. subāctū)working up, kneading

subcernere, subcernō, subcrēvī, subcrētumsift through, sift, shake up, agitate

subcrēscere, subcrēscō, subcrēvī, subcrētumgrow under, grow from under, grow up

subcultrāre, subcultrō, subcultrāvī, subcultrātumcut up with a knife, chop up with a knife, mince with a knife

subdere, subdō, subdidī, subditumput in the place of another person or thing, substitute, put something spurious in the place of another person or thing, substitute falsely, forge, counterfeit, make up

subdūcere, subdūcō, subdūxī, subductumdraw from under, draw from below, draw up, pull up, lift up, raise, haul up, draw away from among, take away, lead away, carry off, purge, evacuate, take in, furl

subdūcere, subdūcō, subdūxī, subductumtake away secretly, take away by stealth, steal, hide, draw up, cast up, reckon, compute, calculate, balance an account, deliberate

subīre, subeō, subiī (subīvī), subitumcome under any thing, go under any thing, come or go up to, approach, draw near, advance to a place, proceed to a place, come on, go on, follow, succeed, go down, sink, come up, spring up

subērigere, subērigō, subērēxī, subērēctumraise up from below

subhorrēscere, subhorrēscōbecome rough from below, stormy from below, boil up

subigere, subigō, subēgī, subāctumbring under, get under, bring up, get up, bring up to any place, turn up from beneath, break up, dig up, plough, cultivate, work, knead, rub down, sharpen, whet, tame, break, put down, overcome, conquer, subjugate, subject, subdue

subīnflātus, subīnflāta, subīnflātumsomewhat puffed up, somewhat inflated

subīnflāre, subīnflō, subīnflātuspuff up somewhat

sublātiō, sublātiōnis flifting up, raising, elevation, exaltation, removal, abrogation, annulling, taking away, withdrawal

sublegere, sublegō, sublēgī, sublēctumgather from below, gather for underneath, search for underneath, to gather up, catch up secretly, catch up by stealth, kidnap, overhear, choose in the place of another, elect in the place of another, substitute

sublevāre, sublevō, sublevāvī, sublevātumlift up from beneath, raise up, hold up, support, sustain, support, assist, encourage, console, lighten, qualify, alleviate, mitigate, lessen an evil, assuage

sublīmātiō, sublīmātiōnis flifting up, deliverance

sublīmitusup high, high

sublīmāre, sublīmō, sublīmāvī, sublīmātumlift up on high, raise, elevate

sublīmārī, sublīmor, sublīmātus sumlift up on high, raise, elevate

submittere, submittō, submīsī, submissumset under, put under, place under, place below, send forth below, put forth below, put from below, cause to spring forth, send up, produce, raise, bring up, rear, raise, let grow, not kill, not cut off

subnāscī, subnāscor, subnātus sumgrow up under, grow out of, grow after, follow after, succeed

subolēscere, subolēscogrow up

suborīrī, suboriorspring up, arise, proceed

subortus, subortūs mrising up, springing up

subrēctiō, subrēctiōnis fraising up, erection, rising again, resurrection

subrēctitāre, subrēctitō, subrēctitāvīrise up, arise

subrēctus, subrēctūs mraising up, erection, rising again, resurrection

subrigere, subrigō, subrēxī, subrēctumlift up, raise up, raise, erect, elevate

subruncīvus, subruncīva, subruncīvumthat is grubbed up

subsilīre, subsiliō, subsiluīspring upwards, leap up, leap into

subsīmus, subsīma, subsīmumwith a nose slightly turned up, somewhat snub-nosed, somewhat pug-nosed

substernere, substernō, substrāvī, substrātumstrew, scatter, spread, lay under, lay beneath, spread underneath, lay as a ground-color, furnish, bestrew, spread over, cover any thing, spread out, submit for examination, submit for acceptance, give up, surrender, prostitute

substringere, substringō, substrinxī, substrictumbind beneath, bind up, tie up, draw up

subsultāre, subsultō, subsultāvispring up, leap, jump, hop

subvehere, subvehō, subvēxī, subvectumbring up from below, bring, carry, convey, conduct to a place, bring up stream, carry up stream

subvellere, subvellō, subvellī, subvulsumpluck up, pull out

subvenīre, subveniō, subvēnī, subventumcome up, advance to one’s assistance, come to one’s assistance, aid, assist, relieve, succor, obviate, remedy, heal, cure a disease, come up, come, come to one’s mind, occur to him

subvolāre, subvolōfly up, fly upwards

subvolvere, subvolvōroll up, roll along

succēdit animōcome up with the idea, have the idea

succēdere, succēdō, successī, successumgo below, go under, enter, come under, go from under, go up, mount, ascend, submit to any thing, march on, advance, march up to, approach, follow, follow after, take the place of, relieve, come into the place of, succeed, succeed to, receive by succession, come next

succernere, succernō, succrēvī, succrētumsift through, sift, shake up, agitate

succingere, succingō, succīnxī, succīnctumgird below, gird from below, tuck up, gird, gird about, girdle, surround, furnish, provide, equip, fit out

succrēscere, succrēscō, succrēvī, succrētumgrow under, grow from under, grow up

succussāre, succussōshake up and down, jerk up and down, jolt

succutere, succutiō, succussī, succussumfling up from below, fling aloft, toss up

sūdāscere, sūdāscōwork up a sweat, break out in a sweat

suffere, sufferōcarry under, to put under, lay under, offer, proffer, hold up, bear, support, sustain, take upon one’s self, undergo, bear, endure, suffer an evil

suffervefierī, suffervefīo, suffervefactus sumboil up

suffervefierī, suffervefīo, suffervefactus sumwarm up a little

sufflātiō, sufflātiōnis fblowing up, puffing up, inflation

sufflāre, sufflō, sufflāvi, sufflātumblow forth from below, to blow up, puff out, inflate, got enraged

suffūcāre, suffūcōput on a little make up, put some make up on, do a little make u

suffulcīre, suffulciō, suffulsī, suffultumprop underneath, underprop, prop up, support

suggerere, suggerō, suggessī, suggestumcarry, bring, put under, lay under, heap up, raise, erect, build, furnish, afford, supply, excite, produce, put upon, imposed upon, suggest, advise, prompt, offer, bring to mind, assign, add, subjoin

suggredī, suggredior, suggressus sumgo up to, come up to, approach, attack

submittō (summittō), submīsī, submissum, submittereset under, put under, place under, place below, send forth below, put forth below, put from below, cause to spring forth, send up, produce, raise, bring up, rear, raise, let grow, not kill, not cut off, put in the place of, substitute for

summōtenusup to the top

sūmere, sūmō, sūmpsī, sūmptumtake, take up, lay hold of, assume, choose, select, claim, arrogate, appropriate to one’s self, get, acquire, receive, use, apply, employ, spend, consume, take for certain, take for granted, assume, maintain, suppose, affirm, take a beginning, bring forward, cite, mention

superacervāre, superacervōheap on, pile up

superacervāre, superacervōheap on, pile up

superattrahere, superattrahōpull up

supercrēscere, supercrēscō, supercrēvīgrow up, grow over, grow upon

superexsultāre, superexsultōleap up, exult greatly

superfīgere, superfīgō, superfīxī, superfīxumfasten up, fasten thereupon

supergerere, supergerō, supergessī, supergestumcover over, cover up, carry upon, heap upon, heap over

superiactāre, superiactō, superiactātusfling up, toss up, spring over a thing

supermandere, supermandōchew after something else, eat after something else

superpōnere, superpōnō, superposuī, superpositumput over, place over, put upon, place upon, set up, lay on, apply, place above, set over, place before, prefer, place after, postpone

supervenīre, superveniō, supervēnī, superventumcome over, come upon, come to, come in addition to, overtake, come up, arrive, fall upon, leap, cover, be added to, go beyond, surpass, exceed, excel

superventus, superventūs m coming up, coming upon, arrival

supīnāre, supīnō, supīnāvī, supīnātumbend backwards, lay backwards, place on the back, put on the back, throw on the back, turned over, ploughed up

supplantātor, supplantātōris mone who trips up another’s heels, supplanter

supplantāre, supplantō, supplantāvī, supplantātumtrip up one’s heels, throw down,throw to the ground, overthrow, trips up, distorts, minces, overturn

supplēmentum, supplēmentī nthat with which any thing is made full or whole, filling up, supply, supplement, making up, filling up a body of troops, recruiting, supplies, reinforcements

supplēre, suppleō, supplēvī, supplētumfill up, make full or whole, make good, complete, supply, make complete, make full in number, furnish with a complement, recruit

supplēre, suppleō, supplēvī, supplētumthat with which any thing is made full or whole, filling up, supply, supplement, making up, filling up a body of troops, recruiting

suppolītor, suppolītōris mrubber up, polisner

suppolītor, suppolītōris mrubber up, polisner

suppus, suppa, suppumnose up, proud

supputātiō, supputātiōnis freckoning up, computation

supputāre, supputō, supputāvī, supputātumcut off below, prune, lop, trim, count up, reckon, compute

surgere, surgō, surrēxī, surrēctumlift up, raise up, raise, erect, elevate, rise, arise, get up, stand up, mount up, ascend, rise in growth, spring up, grow up, rise in building, be built, occur, rise to, rise against, attempt, assume, attack

surrēctiō, surrēctiōnis fraising up, erection, rising again, resurrection

surrēctiō, surrēctiōnis fraising up, erection, rising again, resurrection

surrēctitāre, surrēctitō, surrēctitāvīrise up, arise

surrēctus, surrēctūs mraising up, erection, rising again, resurrection

sursumfrom below, up, upwards, on high, high up, above

sursusfrom below, up, upwards, on high, high up, above

suscipere, suscipiō, suscēpī, susceptumtake up, catch up, take upon, support, hold up, sustain, defend, undertake, assume, begin, incur, enter upon, undergo, submit to, bear, accept, receive, acknowledge, recognize, get, beget, bear, resume, continue a speech, answer

suscitāre, suscitō, suscitāvī, suscitātumlift up, raise, elevate, throw up, cast up, erect, prick up, scare away, build, erect, stir up, rouse up, arouse, awaken, set in motion, encourage, incite, restore, revive, awaken, resuscitate

suspectiō, ōnis flooking up to any one, esteeming highly

suspectāre, suspectō, suspectāvī, suspectātumlook up at, look up, watch, observe, mistrust, suspect, apprehend

suspector, suspectōris mone who looks up to or respects a thing, respecter

suspectus, suspectūs mlooking up, looking upwards, height, high regard, high esteem, respect

suspendere, suspendō, suspendī, suspēnsumhang up, hang, suspend, choke to death by hanging, hang, dedicate, consecrate, build upon arches, build upon vaults, prop up, hold up, support

suspicere, suspiciō, suspexī, suspectumlook up, look upwards, look up at a thing, admire, respect, regard, esteem, honor, mistrust, suspect

sustentātus, sustentātūs mholding up, holding upright, sustaining, support

sustentāre, sustentō, sustentāvī, sustentātumhold up, hold upriqht, uphold, support, prop, sustain, bear, wear, keep up, maintain, uplift, preserve, keep in check, hold back, restrain, hold out, endure, suffer, put off, defer, delay

sustinēre, sustineō, sustinuī, sustentumhold up, hold upright, uphold, bear up, keep up, support, sustain, maintain, preserve, hold in, stop, stay, check, restrain, keep back, put off, defer, delay

sustollere, sustollōlift up, take up, raise up, raise, set upon a high pedestal, build, erect, take away, remove, destroy

sustringere, sustringō, sustrinxī, sustrictumbind beneath, bind up, tie up, draw up

sūtor, sūtōris mshoemaker, cobbler, patcher up of things

synōnēton, synōnētī nbuying up, collecting by purchase

synōnēton, synōnētī nbuying up, collecting by purchase

syntrophus, syntrophī mthat has been brought up with another

tabelliō, tabelliōnis mone who draws up written instruments, such as contracts, wills, notary, scrivener

tata, tatae mdad, daddy, , bringer up, rearer

tēlephōnāre, tēlephōnōcall by phone, ring up, telephone

tellūrem sulcō tenuī suspendōplough up the earth flat

tempora vittīs circumdōtie up the temples, wrap one's temples in bandages

tempus est māximum, ut surgāmusit's high time to get up

tendere, tendō, tetendī, tēnsum (tentum)stretch, stretch out, distend, extend, direct one’s self or one’s course, aim, strive, go, travel, march, tend, bend one’s course, be directed, be inclined, exert one’s self in opposition, strive, try, endeavor, contend, set up tents, be under tents, be encamped, encamp

tēnsūra, tēnsūrae fstretching out, straining, tension, setting up, pitching

tenuslengthwise, to the end, as far as, up to, down to, unto, to

tepefactāre, tepefactōwarm up profusely, warm up thoroughly

terere, terō, trīvī, trītum (τείρω)rub, rub to pieces, bruise, grind, bray, triturate, cleanse by rubbing, beautify by rubbing, smooth, furbish, burnish, polish, sharpen, lessen by rubbing, rub away, wear away by use, wear out, crush, annihilate, use up, pass time, spend time, expend, employ, exhaust

terrārius, terrāria, terrāriumgrew up outdoors, raised in the open country

terrōrum et fraudis abunde estbe fed up with horror and deceit, be tired of horror and deceit

testamentārius, testamentāriī mone who draws up a will, one who forges a will

testāmentum cōnscrībōdraw up a will, write a will

testāmentum faciōdraw up a will, write a will

testis in aliquem prōdeōstand up as a witness against someone

thalamēgus, thalamēgī fstate-barge fitted up with cabins

thēsaurizāre, thēsaurizō, thēsaurizāvīgather treasure, collect treasure, lay up treasure, treasure up

thēsaurus, thēsaurī m (θησαυρός)any thing laid up, any thing stored up, hoard, treasure, provision, store, great quantity, a loved one, a valued or dear object

tibi, si venīre ūnā velīs, faciō (dō) cōpiamI'll leave it up to you whether you want to come along or not

tībīcināre, tībīcinō, tībīcinātusprop up, support any thing

timōrem alicuī augeōput someone's fear up

timōrem omittōgive up fear, quit fearing, abandon fear

togam abdūcōput up the toga

tollere, tollō, sustulī, sublātumlift up, take up, raise, raise up, elevate, exalt, take up, accept, acknowledge, bring up, educate as one’s own, lift the anchor, weigh anchor, break up, proceed, build, erect, take on board, cheer up, console

torcular, torculāris npress used in making wine or oil, cellar for storing up oil, oil-cellar

torrēre, torreō, torruī, tōstumdry a thing by heat, parch, roast, bake, scorch, burn, dry up, nip, pinch

torridus, torrida, torridumdry, dried up, parched, torrid, biting, dried up, pinched, nipped

torror, torrōris mdrying up, parching, scorching

trāditiō, trāditiōnis fgiving up, delivering up, surrender, teaching, instruction, saying handed down from former times, tradition

trādere, trādō, trādidī, trāditumgive up, hand over, deliver, transmit, surrender, consign, deliver, commit, intrust, confide for shelter, confide for protection, surrender treacherously, betray, make over, transmit, leave behind, bequeath, relate, narrate, recount, propose, propound, teach

trahere, trahō, trāxī, tractumdraw, drag, haul, drag along, draw off, draw forth, draw away, draw out, pull out, extract, withdraw, draw together, bring together, contract, wrinkle, draw in, take in, quaff, draw up, inhaling, take on, assume, acquire, get, drag away violently, to carry off, plunder

trānsbibere, trānsbibōdrink down, drink up

trānsdere, trānsdō, trānsdidī, trānsditumgive up, hand over, deliver, transmit, surrender, consign, deliver, commit, intrust, confide for shelter, confide for protection, surrender treacherously, betray, make over, transmit, leave behind, bequeath, relate, narrate, recount, propose, propound, teach

trānsscindere, trānsscindōtear through, cut up, rip in the air

tribuere, tribuō, tribuī, tribūtumgrant, give, show, pay, render, yield, give up, concede, allow, ascribe, assign, attribute, divide, distribute, bestow upon, spend upon, devote

tribus scālīs habitōmy apartment is on the third floor, live up three stairs

tripālis, tripālethat has three stakes, that is propped up by three pales

tūberāscere, tūberāscōswell up, get thicker, swell, thicken

tūberāre, tūberōswell up, get thicker, swell, thicken

tuburcinārī , tuburcinor, tuburcinātus sumeat greedily, gobble up, devour

tuērī, tueor, tuitus sum (tūtus sum)see, look upon, gaze upon, watch, view, see to, look to, defend, protect, look at, gaze at, behold, watch, view, regard, consider, examine, care for, keep up, uphold, maintain, support, guard, preserve

tulere, tulō, tetulī (tulī)bring, bear, lift up

tumefierī, tumefīo, tumefactus sumswell up, puff up, inflate

tumēscere, tumēscō, tumuībegin to swell, swell up, become swollen, become excited, become violent, become ready to burst forth, be puffed up, are fermenting, are threatening to break out

tumidus, tumida, tumidumswollen, swelling, rising high, protuberant, tumid, stuffed with food, excited, incensed, enraged, exasperated, puffed up, elated, haughty, arrogant, restless, violent, ready to break out, swelling with rage, seditious, bombastic, pompous, inflated, turgid, puffing up

turbātor, turbātoris mtroubler, disquieter, disturber, stirrer up

turbulentus, turbulenta, turbulentumfull of trouble, full of commotion, restless, agitated, confused, disturbed, boisterous, stormy, tempestuous, turbid, muddy, stirred up, aroused, excited, making trouble, troublesome, turbulent, factious, seditious

turgēscere, turgēscōbegin to swell, swell up, swell, grow fat, grow stout, swell with passion, be inflated, be turgid

ulmeus fīobecome an elm, be beaten up, be soundly scourged

ultimum spīritum reddōgive up his mind

ūnciātim comparcōsave up by the cent, save up by the penny

undāre, undō, undāvī, undātumrise in waves, rise in surges, throw up waves, surge, swell, overflow with, be full of, abound in any thin, wave, undulate, waver, fluctuate, be agitated

unguēs dēmordeochew on the fingernails

unguēs rōdōchew the fingernails, bite the nails

urgēre, urgeō, ursīexert in excess, press upon, crowd, hem in, confine, ply, urge with argument, follow up, keep to, stick to, ply hard, push forward, urge on, force into, plunge into

urguēre, urgueō, ursīpress, push, force, drive, impel, urge, press upon, bear hard upon, bear close upon, press hard, beset, bear down, burden, oppress, stimulate, drive, solicit, strain , exert in excess, press upon, crowd, hem in, confine, ply, urge with argument, follow up, keep to, stick to

ūrere, ūrō, ūssī, ūstumburn, burn up, destroy by fire, consume, scorch, parch, dry up, sting acutely, pain acutely, rub sore, gall, fret, chafe, corrode, pinch with cold, nip, blast, wither, inflame, consume with passion, vex, annoy, disturb, harass, annoy, oppress

ūstilāre, ūstilō, ūstilāvī, ūstilātumburn a little, scorch, singe, burn up, consume by fire, pinch, nip, blast with cold

ūstulāre, ūstulō, ūstulāvī, ūstulātumburn a little, scorch, singe, burn up, consume by fire, pinch, nip, blast with cold

ut eōrum, quae dīxī, summam faciamto sum up my words, to summarize my words

ut in pauca cōnferamto sum it up in a few words

vallum circumiciōthrow up a wall all around

vallum circuminiciōthrow up a wall all around

vallum exstruōraise a wall, throw up a rampart

vallum faciōraise a wall, throw up a rampart

vallum iaciōraise a wall, throw up a rampart

vallum scindō fossāsque compleōbreak down the wall and fill up the trenches, demolish the wall and fill in the trenches

vēla redūcōpull up the curtains, pull back the curtains

vēla removeōpull up the curtains, pull back the curtains

vellicāre, vellicō, vellicāvī, vellicātumpluck, twitch, pinch, nip, wake up, arouse by twitching, twitch in speaking, twit, taunt, carp, rail at

vellere, vellō, vulsī (volsī, vellī), vulsum (volsum)pluck, pull, deprive of the hair, deprive of the feathers, tear out, tear away, tear up, twitch, tear, torment

vēlō obdūcōhang up, veil

vēlō tegōhang up, veil

vēnditāre, vēnditō, vēnditāvī, vēnditātumoffer again and again for sale, try to sell, cry up, praise, commend, recommend, blazon

vēndere, vēndō, vēndidī, vēnditumsell, vend, sell up for money, give up for money, betray, cry up, trumpet, blazon, praise for sale

veniam ad decem annōswill come up in ten years

ventōsitās, ventōsitātis fwindiness, flatulence, ventosity, puffing up, inflation, conceit

ventōsus, ventōsa, ventōsumfull of wind, windy, like the wind, light, quick, speedy, swift, nimble, changeable, inconstant, fickle, puffed up, vain, conceited, empty

ventus incrēbrēscit (incrēbēscit)the wind increases, the wind picks up

verba faciō prō aliquōspeak up for someone, speak on somebody's behalf, speak in someone's place

verba novōapply new words, bring up new words

verba pariōinvent words, make up words

verberibus dēcīdōbeat up

verberibus in aliquem animadvertōbeat up as punishment, spank as punishment

vergiliocentō, vergiliocentōnis mpoem made up of scraps from Vergil

verrere, verrō, verrī (versī), versumscrape, sweep, brush, scour, sweep out, sweep up, sweep together, clean out, cleanse by sweeping, sweep along, drive, impel, sweep away, drag away, take away, carry off, obliterate, cover, hide, conceal

versāre, versō (vorsō), versāvī, versātumturn often, wind often, twist often, whirl about violently, shake, turn up, bend, treat, manage, turn upside down, discompose, disturb, vex, agitate, think over, meditate upon, reflect upon, revolve, consider, transact, carry on

vērvagere, vērvagō, vērvēgī, vērvāctumbreak up land, plough land for the first time after its lying fallow

via in collem fertthe path leads up the hill

viam aperiōpave a way, open a way, open up a way

apertāre, apertōopen up a way

viēscere, viēscōshrink up, shrivel, wither

vinclīs capiō aliquemtie somebody up

vinclīs et carcere frēnōlock up in jail, imprison

vīnum exanclōfinish the wine, drink up the wine,

virgae ulmeaeelm sticks with which slaves were beaten up

virtūtem prīstinam retineōnot give up his former virtuous way of life

vitia virtūtibus redimōcompensate for its faults with merits, make up for its mistakes with virtues

volūcra, volūcrae fworm or caterpillar that wraps itself up in vineleaves

volūcre, volūcris nworm or caterpillar that wraps itself up in vineleaves

volūcrēs, volūcrum fworms or caterpillars that wrap itself up in vineleaves

volvere, volvō, volvī, volūtumroll, turn about, turn round, tumble, roll up, roll together, form by rolling, roll itself round about, turn along, roll along, roll along, roll off, roll onwards, turn over in the mind, revolve in the mind, ponder, meditate, reflect upon, consider

vomitus, vomitūs mthrowing up, vomiting, that which is thrown up by vomiting, a vomit, a disgusting fellow, a puke

vomere, vomō, vomuī, vomitumpuke, spew, throw up, vomit, pour forth, empty, discharge itself

vomere, vomō, vomuī, vomitumthrow up by vomiting, discharge by vomiting, vomit up, vomit forth, throw or pour out in abundance, emit, discharge

vulnus coitthe wound heals up

vulnus pūrgōclean up a wound


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