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"care of plants":

1. Wörterbuch und Phrasen:

Lat. Fund; Deut. Fund; Engl. Fund;

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  aliquid care constataliquid cārē cōnstatetw. kommt teuer zu stehen
(alicui - für jdn.)
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Hauptquelle: Lewis and Short
accūrātiō, accūrātiōnis fgreat care, accuracy, exactness

accūrātus, accūrāta, accūrātumprepared with care, careful, studied, elaborate, exact

accūrāre, accūro (adcūro), accūrāvi, accūrātumtake care of, to do a thing with care, treat one carefully, regale a guest

ad causam pūblicam accēdōtake care of the cause of the state, begin to represent the interests of the state

ad pecūniam alicuius aspīrōtake care of someone's financial affairs

adcūrāre, adcūro, adcūrāvi, adcūrātumtake care of, do a thing with care, treat one carefully, regale a guest

adsidēre, adsideō, adsēdī, adsessumsit at one’s side, stand at one’s side, aid, assist one in the office of judge, be an assessor, attend upon, take care of, be busily about a thing, station one’s self before, be encamped before, sit down before, besiege, blockade, be like, resemble

assidēre, assideō (adsideō), assēdī, assessumsit at one’s side, stand at one’s side, be at one’s side, aid, assist one in the office of judge, be an assessor, attend upon, take care of, be busily about a thing, be assiduously engaged about a thing

dēpōnere, dēpōnō, dēposuī, dēpositumlay away, put aside, place aside, lay down, put down, set down, deposit, bearing forth, bringing forth, lay up, lay aside, put by, give in charge to, commit to the care of, intrust to, give up, resign, get rid of

ipse vīderithe may watch himself, I don't care about that, it's none of my business

pānicula, pāniculae ftuft, panicle on plants, tuft of thatch, tuft of reeds used for thatching

sēcūritās, sēcūritātis ffreedom from care, unconcern, composure

sēcūrus, sēcūra, sēcūrumfree from care, careless, unconcerned, untroubled, fearless, quiet, easy, composed

sēricāria, sēricāriae fslave who took care of silk

siliqua, siliquae fhusk of leguminous plants, pod of leguminous plants, carob tree, carob, St, John’s bread

silva, silvae fwood, forest, woodland, plantation of trees, orchard, grove, a growth of other plants, bush, foliage, a crowded mass, abundance, quantity

sollicitūdō, sollicitūdinis funeasiness of mind, care, disquiet, anxiety, solicitude, forethought, duty, responsibility

spadō, spadōnis m (σπάδων)one who has no generative power, ßimpotent person, castrated person, eunuch, unfruitful plants, seedless plants

stephanos, stephanī mthe name of several plants

stirps, stirpis flower part of the trunk of plants, stock, stem, stalk, root, plant, shrub, shoot, sprout, race, family, lineage, offspring, descendant, progeny, source, origin, foundation, first beginning, cause

supellecticārius, supellecticāriī mthat have the care of household stuff, that have the care of furniture

thryallis, thryallidis fname of two different plants, plant, called also lychnitis, ear-shaped plant

trigōnium, trigōniī ntriangle, name of two plants

tuam amīcitiam amplectorit means a lot to me the friendship with you, I care a lot about friendship with you

tuērī, tueor, tuitus sum (tūtus sum)see, look upon, gaze upon, watch, view, see to, look to, defend, protect, look at, gaze at, behold, watch, view, regard, consider, examine, care for, keep up, uphold, maintain, support, guard, preserve

tuitiō, tuitiōnis ftaking care of, keeping, guarding, preserving, defense, protection, preservation

tūtēla, tūtēlae fwatching, keeping, charge, care, safeguard, defence, protection, office of a guardian, guardianship, wardship, tutelage of minors, keeper, warder, guardian, protector, remedy against, cure

tūtēlārius, tūtēlāriī mone who has the care or custody of a thing, keeper, warden, curator

umbilīcus, umbilīcī mumbilical cord, middle, centre, projecting end of the cylinder on which an ancient book was rolled, projection in the middle of plants, small circle, index on a sundial, kind of sea-snail, sea-cockle

unguis, unguis mfinger-nail, toe-nail, claw, talon, hoof, nail-like spot of plants, kind of shell-fish, hook, white skin on the eye

ūrēdo, ūrēdinis fblast of plants, blight of plants, burning itch

valētūdinī cōnsulōcare for his health, take care of his health

valētūdinī dō operamcare for his health, take care of his health

valvolae, valvolārum fpod, shell, pericarp, valvules of leguminous plants

valvolī, valvolōrum mpod, shell, pericarp, valvules of leguminous plants

vehementer est prōvidendum, nē opprimāmurhave to take care of themselves enormously

veterīnārium, veterīnāriī nplace for taking care of diseased animals

videant cōnsulēs, nē quid rēs pūblica dētrīmentī capiatthe consuls may take care that the state does not suffer any damage (SCU)

vidēre, videō, vīdī, vīsumreflect upon, see to, care for, provide, take care, see to it, make sure, reach, attain, obtain, enjoy, go to see, visit

viridia, viridium ngreen plants, green herbs, green trees

2. Formbestimmung:

Wortform von: care
[12] Vok. Sgl. m. von cārus, cāra, cārum
teuer; lieb und wert; hoch im Preis; geschätzt; wert;
[21] Imp. 2.Sgl. Prs. Akt. von carēre, careō, caruī, caritūrus
bin entblößt; enthalte mich; mache keinen Gebrauch; entbehre; ermangele; verzichte; vermisse; bin frei; bediene mich nicht; bin ohne; halte mich entfernt; muss meiden; entsage; bin leer; bin ledig; bleibe fern; muss verzichten; besitze nicht; habe vergeudet; wohne nicht bei; gehe verlustig; habe verloren; gehe nicht hin; muss entsagen; misse;
[21] Imp. 2.Sgl. Prs. Akt. von carēre, careō, caruī, caritūrus
habe nicht;
[21] Imp. 2.Sgl. Prs. Akt. von cārere, cārō
krempele; kämme;
[80] Adv. von cārus, cāra, cārum
teuer; lieb und wert; hoch im Preis; geschätzt; wert;
[80] Adverbcārē

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